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Hey guys and gals!


I realize this may not be the best spot for this, but it seemed the most logical. Back in 2018 I, along with a couple of other folks, developed an app for Google Pixel called DUBL. This allowed us simultaneous use of both the front and rear facing cameras on a cell phone. At that time, only Google allowed such a thing. When iPhone released the 11 we were able to take advantage of this same code and move it over to the iOS platform. We launched DUBL a couple of weeks after the launch of the 11 and have other things in the pipeline. I took a video below a few days so that you can see its use. I’m certainly not trying to imply this is to be used 100% of the time, but a cool concept nevertheless. The current app is free on the App Store so please go download and give us your feedback. Thanks in advance for taking a look and helping out a fellow MGS member!


EDIT: Forgot to clarify - You’ll need an iPhone newer than the iphoneX for this to work.





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