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Best putter grips for claw style putting

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I got the putting yips last year and switched to claw putting this year and have been much better but I don’t love how my superstroke 3.0 grip feels now that I’ve switched from putting normally. I’ve seen some grips advertised as being made for the claw but was curious if anyone has tried them and if they’re worth trying. Or any other grips that you think I should consider 

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Maybe read the test or reviews of Garson golf is, I myself do not use the claw grip, I have the Max from garson and with a prayer grip, before I did not have the Max I putted with the pencil grip, For me the Max gives a more relaxed feel than the Ultimate, I have not been able to test the Quad tour. 

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Hi, @Lacesr4suckers

I might be your guy 😉

I had the same issue - switched to the claw grip (taught it to myself, but it mostly resembles Justin Rose - at least the last time I checked) and that helped me literally stay in the game. I do very much like the SuperStroke Claw grips. I have tried both the 1.0 and the 2.0 with the 2.0 a little bigger as it fits my left hand better since I do play with mid-size grips on all my clubs. So, it just depends a bit on feel and how you normally like your putter grips. Smaller, thinner putter grips are simply bad for me!

However, when I went to get my current gamer (the glorious Evnroll ER2v for which I got fitted at their Carlsbad location back in April - highly recommended) at Golf Galaxy, I was planning to get the 2.0 put on, but they didn't have one. So, I browsed for a bit and landed on the Winn Dri-Tac Jumbo Pistol Lite. It is a bigger grip, but again, I really like the pistol shape for my left hand and the flat front for my right hand. The key for me with the claw grip is getting a stable left hand (whatever works best) and then a comfortable, connected feel for the right hand. I would highly recommend all three of these grips.

Hope this helps.

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The Garsen Ultimate worked pretty well with a claw grip when we were testing the Garsen grips. IMG_0585.jpeg.9ff4ee6a94de21ee7bb64e1137acb415.jpeg

The front half of the grip is flat then angled 45 degrees on each side, with back half of grip rounded like a half moon. 


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Couple guys I play with have hand tremors, which have led to yips, and have moved to a claw grip. One uses the Flatso from SS and the other uses the Flat Cat, don't know which model.

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I've been using the claw grip for about a year and a half now, and have oftened wondered the same question.  Here's what I've found for myself so far.

I'll second the SS claw grip.   I have the 1.0 on the putter I began the year with and found it real good, and have the 2.0 version on the Evnroll putter I switched toward the end of the season. The 2.0 is quite a bit larger and the pistol is more pronounced, IMO.   I've also experimented with the Lamkin Sink Fit Pistol Rubber Putter Grip and liked it.

I've also tried the Flatso, and the Flat Cat briefly, and did not like them, and/or did not find they worked well.  Here's why.

As Alfred said, the pistol grip is crucial for locking the left hand in for the smooth, stable stroke you are looking for, at least for me.  I was sure the Flatso grip would be perfect because of the wide, flat front surface, but turned out not so much.

Good luck with the stroke.  Distance control was the hardest part for me at first, but after adjusting to the claw grip, it's better now than ever.

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