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When is Hot tooo Hot (Callaway X Hot)

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Ok this is not an official review of the irons them selves but I did go and test them out at golf smith on their launch screen. I am being fitted tomorrow for irons so I wanted to know before going in which irons I might like.


The Callaway X Hot 6 iron was beyond hot. I have Callaway Big Bertha Fusions right now and I always adjust my 6 iron off 180 yds to start with. When I picked up the X Hot I noticed how good the club looked. I could do without the Red X but at least they toned it down a little.


On to the numbers.

This was with me warming up and I have not played in 3 weeks since my daughter was born. At first it was around 170+ and adjusting to the length, I need an 1/2"+ and I was just using the one their floor models. After about 10 minutes of hitting around 20 balls I found my groove and hit a couple of smooth ones. It went from 170 - 190 - 210 and then my longest which blows my mind was 230.


Granted this was off their launch monitor screen but it was complete butter and I knew I hit it well. But with 230 at a max distance on a 6 iron to me throws everything off.


What are your guys thoughts. How would you adjust if you all of a sudden had a gap like that. It almost makes me not want to choose those irons because of that reason.

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I would say it depends on how consistently you can hit it 230. If you hit a few 210 and a few 230 and a few 190, that wouldn't help your game much. If they are all 230 I think you could probably make adjustments to your bag (may get expensive) and just stick with the long ball. Seems like you should check out those new Adams Hybrids, may be able to get those out 300+.



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I have caught a few golf stores that have set the wind on the LM to anything from 5mph down wind to 20mpg down wind, I normally saw it in Martin's PGA Superstore in Myrtle Beach sitting at 10mph down wind and I always had to set it to 0mpg with them not looking.


It is a dirty trick some golf stores use to help market all the clubs in the store being longer then what you currently hit. Of course no one comes in their with their current clubs to test against so they buy it.


IF you got a 20mph tail wind I could see it flying about 25 to 30 yards longer then normal pretty easily. So at a 10mph wind you might be looking at adding 15 yards roughly. This could take the 210 carry of a 5iron out to 230 to 250 pretty fast.

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My Thoughts?


How would I adjust?


First, my thoughts. I wouldn't think. For me, that's deadly. I'd find the nearest Web.com event, show up on a Monday morning, pay the fee, and let em rip.


Regarding adjusting, I'd have a woody so big(well, a woddy equivalent to my 230 6i) that I'd have to buy a cup, because my boxers would do nothing to hide it.


This is just me.



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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: that was priceless

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Golf store LM are garbage I don't trust them one bit unless I kneos one one working there I do trust flight scope and track man though these have been my favorite but then again my coach and fitter us rthen and there is no messing with them. Bring your six iron in to the same store an double or in Rps case triple check ....classic!!!!

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Those distances seem all over the place. As far as 230 goes, if it was consistently that then that would be very good but if that's the distance you get with one hit and plenty of roll out, then it might not be practical to go off of that distance when playing.

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Jbones, damn man those meds are awesome.


I had no clue that there was even a possibility of wind speed in those launch monitors. Oh well I didnt purchase anything from them and I will actually be going to a range to get fitted so there will be no artificial wind.

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You have to figure the settings for the launch monitor are set in a regular setting for everyone. I've been playing in a virtual golf league for the last 3 months and I have to have my driver and iron settings toned down. I was hitting my driver nearly 400yds and my irons were 30-40yds longer than what they are on the course. I would say if you hit a club a consistent distance on a LM you're doing well. Swing speed, angle of the face of the club, how flush you hit the ball and the height as the ball hits the screen all make a difference and would make distances vary as much as they did for you.

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Sorry Jbones I meant RPJ II. Lack of sleep.


I actually finished my fitting on Friday and order a set of Adams CB3. The fitting was outside so it was easy to tell the difference between the clubs. Also I know there is talk about fitting whether it is useful or not. I fell so confident in buying those clubs that I know they are right for me.


If anyone is in the KC area I recommend going to Robin Nigros and ask for Dustin.


Testing was done on a flight scope as well.

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