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  1. Wanted to revive this thread since I am in the same boat. Just placed my order for some custom 2020 Forged Tec. I'm a higher handicap, usually shooting in the low 90's. But haven't been putting the effort into it. My kids are older now, so last year got back into golf. Decided to upgrade my irons and got these. I was fitted at Modern Golf for them and I hit them so well. The feel was incredible and the mis hits were still playable. As well the feedback was better and I knew exactly where I hit it wrong. So just wanted to see if OP has been able to use the clubs and what his thoughts were after a season.
  2. I was fitted into a HZRDUS Smoke Yellow for my Speedzone. It kept things in check for me. I use the 6.5, but also went to a 70gm shaft. I love it. I've never hit more fairways in my life (and added a good 30+ yds to my drive).
  3. First would be to hit my irons better this year. Just been having consistency issues with them. But I'm upgrading my irons this year, so I have high hopes for them. Second would be to consistently shoot in the 80's this year. Which if my first comes to fruition my scores should be in the 80's
  4. I'll be interested to see this year since last year the Apple Watch was only beta. Now they have fully released it, so it may be working better. I got a series 5 for Christmas, so I'm interested to get it into use.
  5. When playing in Mexico, remember it is important to follow Mexican traditions when playing golf. We made sure to follow the traditions.
  6. I play with a buddy who has had one for years now. He's late 40's, been using for years. I think it's great. I'm 42 and I keep eyeing one every time I'm at the golf store. But I just can't afford it. Putting money into new iron set instead this year. I like walking as much as I can. But sometimes when it's the guys, it power carts and beers style golfing.
  7. I am on their waiting list to get fitted this year. I originally called in February and was told it would be probably May when they could fit me in. We were in lockdown for Dec, Jan and Feb, so they have a backlog of appointments to get through. I wonder how they will get to the online fittings when they are so backed up. Or maybe it's a plan to do online fittings in case we go back into lockdown (plus the added bonus of fitting anyone, anywhere). It'll be interesting to see how it all works out for them.
  8. I'm thinking between a few balls this year. I might stick with the Bridgestone BRX again this year. I also tried the Vice Tour last year and found it quite decent for the price. I think I will also give the e12 contact a try this year.
  9. Played this weekend and had some fantastic weather. Friday was sunny and 25C (77F), but wet. Played Rolling Meadows. Greens were aerated and sanded, so took my 9 holes just to get comfortable on the greens. Not my best round, but OK. It had been raining all week and everything was soggy. On the 12th hole I thought my ball sat great on the green. Got closer to find out is wasn't sitting, it was fully squatting under the green. Played again the next day at Peninsula Lakes and the weather was 8C (46F), so a bit colder. But just got a new driver 2 weeks ago and it was the best I felt with it yet. Only missed 4 fairways and three of them were just barely into the rough (we won't speak of the 4th miss). Made a world of difference with the confidence level. Shot and 85 and I'm happy with that all things considered.
  10. Hi All, How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I've been playing golf for 25 years. But got into it heavy at first, but then the kids came and life got in the way. So for the last 15 years, I've played 2 or 3 rounds a year. Mostly just tournaments with friends. Back into it this year (thanks COVID!!) and working to bring my score down. I usually hover around 90 - 95 score, but investments in time (and clubs) has seen my score coming down this year. What do you love about golf? Love the ability to be outside with friends. But I love the joy of the sport as well and challenging myself to get better What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I've been looking at certain things on the web and I seem to come to GolfSpy a lot. Then I looked into the forum and saw lots of great potential. Where are you from? What is your home course? I'm from the Niagara Region in Canada. I don't have a home course. When I was younger it was Niagara-On-The-Lake Golf Club. But now I play multiple courses all over Niagara. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best thing is the playing golf in the fall in our area. The red/yellow/orange leaves in the background is stunning at many courses when playing in the fall. Worst part is the weather and being only able to play half the year. What do you do for a living? Sales for greenhouse supply company. This allows me to travel quite a bit, so I'm looking forward to using my renewed golf interest to play course in other areas of Canada, USA and Europe. How’d you pick your user name? I've been a keeper for soccer/football for many years, so easy to use that followed by my area code.
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