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  1. I also gave up on the AVX.  To pricy and titliest free speech decisions are a no go for me.  The best alternative I found for similar feel is the Taylormade  Tour Response.  $34.95 per dozen.  According to the MGS ball test the Tour Response shows a peak height off a irons to be .5 foot higher trajectory at the mid swing speed. It also shows it to be slightly less spin of the iron and longer by 2 yards.


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  2. On 5/20/2020 at 2:48 PM, TCUFrog said:

    During round drinks: A good transfusion on the course can not be beat. Properly prepared (if you disagree with this recipe, I'm sorry for your tastebuds), it is double titos, 2 lime slices, splash of grape juice, rest ginger ale served on ice. Often times the halfway house will give too much grape juice and it makes the transfusion to sweet. If you're looking to sneak a couple in your bag on the course, the spiked arnold palmer is a great canned drink that's not beer. For a beer on the course, I tend to go for a light beer. 

    After round drinks: Winter post-round drinks, I usually go with a rye old fashioned. Some of my favorite rye whiskey's are rittenhouse, templeton, or angel's envy. For a summer post round drink, a good margarita on the rocks is a refreshing drink on a hot day. Always ask if the margarita is made with a mix, if the answer is yes order something else. 

    Cant beat a transfusion, but it must be made with welches grape juice.  The only issue I have is the two shots per dink.  It can catch up with you on a hot day quite fast.

    Most courses look at me like in drunk when I ask for welches in it.


  3. The AVX is a premium ball.  I played it for the majority of the year. It performs exceptionally well.  I wish it were a little cheaper.  Through the MGS ball lab testing, it showed me that the Taylormade Tour Response and the Maxfli Tour are exactly what I am looking for in less spin and softer feel and in the same category as the AVX.  As each can be had for $15-$20 less than the AVX I have made the switch.  I will definitely buy a sleeve and try them out.

  4. On 12/24/2021 at 4:33 PM, Peejer said:

    I took the new Titleist AVX prototype balls out for a spin today.  Overall, I was pretty pleased with them.

    I'll put them on my launch monitor over the holidays, but first impression was pretty good.

    These balls didn't spin too much, as is the case with the current AVX.  To me, they felt a little firmer than the current AVX's, as well.  As for overall distance, these prototype balls seemed a little shorter off the driver - but irons seemed to come up to what I expected.

    I swore of the current AVX's because of excessive spin of driver and irons, but considering the way these played today - I would play these balls, but not @ $50 a dozen!!  At $35-39 a dozen, it's a no-brainer.  If Titleist ever priced it there, they'd probably run Snell, OnCore and Vice out of business.

    -- Peejer

    It is interesting that you think they spin to much.  I play them specifically to limit the spin off of the driver and the MGS ball test data suggests the ball is a low spin ball.

    I will be looking to try a few of the new AVX balls when released.  

    I agree with you on the pricing.  Its one of the reasons I am leaning on switching to the Tour Response ball.  Similar low spin and much cheaper.

  5. White vs Yellow?

    I prefer to play a yellow ball if I can.  I have always wondered if there was any noticeable difference in performance between the two color options.

    I have seen that with the taylormade tour response and TP5 yellow offerings that the cover is more easily damaged by crisp iron shots and wedges.  But I have not come across a test by MGS that actually analyzes if there is any difference on spin, compression, ball speed, cover thicknesses, etc.  

    I played a Titliest AVX yellow for this past season. I think its cover was more durable than the white AVX, which leads me to believe that they have different performance characteristics.

    Has anyone else noticed any differences?

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  6. My how the times have changed.  2019 was when the OP started this thread.  Now you are lucky if you can even get a tee time at most public courses here in this state with its crazy population boom.  (Thanks a lot California)🤮

    I was able to join a Country Club this year the price for the initiation fee doubled by the time I found a willing party to sell a equity membership.  Now it has even went up from there.  

    I do however think this surge in popularity is not sustainable.  To many other things for people to do have opened back up and people will go back to those.  I hope the golf world keeps going strong because someday I may want to sell my membership when I'm not able to swing a club. 

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  7. On 12/14/2021 at 10:08 AM, silver & black said:

    Maybe if golf courses charged state minimum prices like 99% of most places that sell alcohol, people would be more than happy to purchase from them instead of "sneeking" in their own???

    We played at a course in southern Utah.  Copper Rock.  Great course and decent price $150 ish.  But they charged $47 dollars for a six pack of modelo.  That is ridiculous.  I get making a profit but that is gouging.

    One of the benefits of being a member at a country club is they are not trying to balance the ledger off of beer and liquor sales.

  8. On 12/7/2021 at 8:00 AM, cnosil said:

    Interesting article went up today on plugged in golf that talks about fitting vs lesson for new golfers.  Multiple things to think about when making that decision. 


    Great article.  I think it tends to support the argument that new clubs are beneficial. I don't think it supports a full fitting.

    I firmly believe that someone who just gets into golf does not benefit from a full bag fitting from a competent fitter.  I stand by my opinion that there swing will change so much in the first year that the specs will be different.

    I know in my particular situation I got back into golf seriously for the first time in 15 years.  I played three to four rounds a year before that and now this year I played nearly 100 rounds.  I know my swing is completely different than what I did at my fitting.  Luckily my fitting cost was free because I bought the clubs through the fitter.  But i simply do not buy the argument that every new golfer should git fit.  


  9. 23 minutes ago, dlow206 said:

    I agree with this. I also feel like people think that once they improve their swing, their current equipment is going to all of a sudden stop working. 

    If that's the case then any equipment should have little effect and not require a fitting.  Why would new "fit" equipment suddenly help their game then?

  10. What Adam and the rest of the "get fitted" crowd do not take into account is the fact that most new golfers have horrible swings or fundamental flaws in that swing.  It might be a quick back swing, to steep of a swing, etc, etc.  A fitting is not going to do that person any good if they actually play often and work on a good swing plane.  That's when they should get fit for new clubs. All the fitting in the world will not fix a bad swing and if the person gets a correct swing then they should get fit. 

    Hell I'm a prime example as I was fitted last December after playing maybe two rounds the whole year before.  I know that were I to go and get fit today after 100 rounds this year my results would be completely different, and the specs would be night and day different. 

    So to say fitting is this magical tool to help your game its not.

    If Adam really wants to help the average golfer he would be pushing for people to go get lessons first and after the golfer has established a good swing that is repeatable then, and only then should they get a fitting.  But then he would have to push for free lessons because it would only help the game of golf right?  

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