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  1. Hi, all I am wondering if anyone has done the 20 Minute Distance Fix that Clay Ballard of Top Speed Golf is offering. I am talking about the online version rather than going and doing it in person as it's a bit of a long way over there from here in Tasmania, not even to consider the travel restrictions. The guys gave it a shout out yesterday on No Putts Given in the distance fix session so it is obviously legit, but I am wondering if it will work for me remotely rather than in person. Any opinions and input would be welcome as I would really like to hit it a bit further, as I guess would most of us. Thanks in advance, Mick Close.
  2. Best of luck to all who enter. Can't put my hand up from here in Tasmania but really looking forward to hearing if testers think these can keep up with the big boys. Good hitting all and stay safe.
  3. Hello again everyone, after Golf Australia recommending all Australian course to close, and therefore my course Seabrook G C closing last night, I have just received another email saying that the Tasmanian Premier (= USA Governor) said that he regarded golf as excellent exercise and therefore as long as people only play in pairs and respect all other social distancing practices golf is fine. This means that my course re opens tomorrow. Unfortunately I go back to work for 7 days as of tomorrow so missed my game this time. I can only hope that the message is the same in a week's time. Not sure what other courses in Tasmania are doing at this point. Hopefully having a game in a week!
  4. Hi all, a quick update on my post a couple of hours ago, I have just received an email saying that Golf Australia has recommended closing all golf courses for a minimum of 4 weeks so there goes that game i was going to have tomorrow. Again keep safe everyone.
  5. Here in Tasmania our courses are all still open to the best of my knowledge. My home course, Seabrook G C, is open with a limit of 2 players per group. You fill in and sign your own card, announcing your score to your playing partner after each hole. Competition payment is card only, no cash. We only have a few carts but as most places a limit of 1 person per cart. Holes still at normal depth but pins removed and holes close to the centre of all greens. Happy and safe play to all.
  6. I like it, seems very helpful.
  7. Bad news for sports fans everywhere. The main thing though is to try and keep everyone safe and healthy if possible, many events cancelled or being held in closed stadiums here in Aus also. Best wishes to everyone and their families, we can only hope that this passes quicker than is currently expected.
  8. Michael / Australia 19 i210 145 yards
  9. Looking like being a fantastic last day. Hoping the Aussie fans keep the pressure on but also keep it nice! There should not be abuse, but nothing wrong with good spirited sledging.
  10. Sounds interesting, I had not heard of it until you mentioned it but I went and looked it up. I could use more speed as I am not very long. Don't know whether I could justify the price along with a new driver which I am considering at the moment. Will be interested to hear from anyone who tests it with before and after speeds.
  11. Congrats on breaking 80, sounds as if you are progressing nicely. Looking forward to more updates when the weather over there allows you back out consistently.
  12. They are all great, tough choice. Well done all of you.
  13. I would take consistent distance every time, but being a 21 handicapper I tend to struggle with the general concept of consistency!
  14. Michael, Australia 21 Ping i210 140m
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