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  1. I also would love to test this. I have promised myself to try some of the direct to is brands when I can but they are hard to get to try here in Tassie. If I don't get selected best of luck to those who do and can't wait to hear their opinions.
  2. Very nice job, not really up with the Euro Cup, but I am guessing from memory that you are supporting the Netherlands. Best of luck. Regards Mick.
  3. Welcome from a fellow electrician down here in Tasmania, just starting to get a little wet on the course here. As my birthday is on the 26th I am pleased that it is a special number for you. At 56 I am trying to maintain a 17 handicap, some days it seems easy and others not. Would like to see photos of your upgrades if you want to post them.
  4. Yep, happy birthday. Hopefully a year full of birdies and no lost balls.
  5. Would really like to be selected to give this a try, I have been fascinated by the one length concept for a while now so that is definitely the way I would go. Best of of luck to all who apply, I will be following this intently whether selected or not.
  6. Mick Close Somerset, Tasmania, Australia Odyssey White Steel 2 Ball Would love to try the Impact 3
  7. Just watched Bluey with the kids and decided that I am a bobo head for worrying about my golf. But I still can't stop snap hooking every 2nd drive!!
  8. Thanks for the input, now I have to try and find one to have a hit with. Unfortunately that’s the hard part at the moment. I will keep looking through. What did you think of the feel as far as you could tell?
  9. Hi all, I am wondering if anyone is playing the Cobra one length utilities. They are very rare here in Tasmania, that is I haven't been able to get my hands on one to try it. Iron wise I am playing the Ping i210's which I love but I am struggling at the top of the bag. Even though I am a 16 handicapper I play irons better than hybrids or fairway woods and have had a Ping G410 crossover in the bag since they came out but I am wondering if I would get more benefit if I was to put the 3,4 and 5 one length utilities into my bag just through the ( hopefully ) more consistent strike with the one length and then transition to my i210 6 iron. Any advice and experience would be welcome. Thanks, Michael Close.
  10. Welcome to a great community. Hope that you continue to enjoy your golf.
  11. Hi, they are on the shelf and in my pro shop here in Tasmania. I took one out on the range yesterday for a short hit (recovering from an arthroscopy on my medial ligament so not going hard), I was very impressed. Lovely feel and sound and from the limited number of balls I hit it performed really well. I currently am using a Ping i25 because nothing has worked better for me yet but I got a really good feeling about this driver. It was quite windy but the tsi2 that I tried had a very nice penetrating flight. I will be taking it out again next week when I get the all clear on my knee and comparing it against my i25 and also the new Ping 425 which someone else had when I was there hitting but looks sensational.
  12. Got my V3 last week, looks great and very comfortable to wear. Was disappointed to find that my course is not mapped so I have put in a request. Finally got on the course yesterday and hit play, only to find that even though I was standing on the first tee there was "no course within 1 mile". Hopefully the mapping will be done by the next time I get out so I can start getting some stats.and just maybe improve my game.
  13. That is awesome, well done.
  14. Hi, all I am wondering if anyone has done the 20 Minute Distance Fix that Clay Ballard of Top Speed Golf is offering. I am talking about the online version rather than going and doing it in person as it's a bit of a long way over there from here in Tasmania, not even to consider the travel restrictions. The guys gave it a shout out yesterday on No Putts Given in the distance fix session so it is obviously legit, but I am wondering if it will work for me remotely rather than in person. Any opinions and input would be welcome as I would really like to hit it a bit further, as I guess would most of us. Thanks in advance, Mick Close.
  15. Best of luck to all who enter. Can't put my hand up from here in Tasmania but really looking forward to hearing if testers think these can keep up with the big boys. Good hitting all and stay safe.
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