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  1. Looking like being a fantastic last day. Hoping the Aussie fans keep the pressure on but also keep it nice! There should not be abuse, but nothing wrong with good spirited sledging.
  2. Sounds interesting, I had not heard of it until you mentioned it but I went and looked it up. I could use more speed as I am not very long. Don't know whether I could justify the price along with a new driver which I am considering at the moment. Will be interested to hear from anyone who tests it with before and after speeds.
  3. Congrats on breaking 80, sounds as if you are progressing nicely. Looking forward to more updates when the weather over there allows you back out consistently.
  4. They are all great, tough choice. Well done all of you.
  5. I would take consistent distance every time, but being a 21 handicapper I tend to struggle with the general concept of consistency!
  6. Michael, Australia 21 Ping i210 140m
  7. Excellent review, I had not actually heard of the No1 grips but I would certainly consider getting them after reading this. I will be interested in how they perform in the wet, so please keep the information coming.
  8. Mick Close

    Mick Close

  9. Had a bit of a day out today, will really help with my aim to get to 18 before the year end. Had the 1 wipe but overall really good for me. The new ping i210's are starting to feel very nice and I am getting better at selecting the correct club.
  10. Have just received the first set of new irons I have ever owned, have always had second hand gear before. I bought the Ping i210 irons 4 through U. Got them with Dynamic Gold s flex. Had one round so far and managed 34 points so not too bad, need to work out the yardages as these have a more traditional loft than my old Shark irons and I found a couple of shots that I thought I struck well came up a little short of what I expected. Love the look and feel of these irons so looking forward to hopefully getting my handicap down. Am aiming for 18 by years end!
  11. Michael, Somerset I currently use either or both a rangefinder or gps. I have the Precision Pro NX7, also sometimes wear Garmin S10 watch.
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