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  1. Still looking pretty good over here in Tassie, (Australia), just finished daylight savings time so the colder weather will be coming. But I am expecting to get at least 3 rounds in on my days off ( I work 7 on/7off) as the forecast looks pretty good.
  2. G’day, my 5th tier selection is Angel Cabrera . Winning score -9 Really looking forward to seeing some great golf, not looking forward to lack of sleep!
  3. Best of luck to you guys, really looking forward to seeing your results. Good hitting.
  4. 1. Mick Close. Somerset, Tasmania, Australia. On track to play 60+ rounds. 2.Facebook, Michael Close 3 Handicap 22.6 and swing speed is approx. 95mph. 4. Ping I25 driver, attas5GoGo 6(s) shaft, 10.5 loft Cleveland Classic XL 3 wood, S flex, 15.5deg. Ping k15 hybrids - 3,4 & 5, S flex, black dot. Shark irons, 5 to S Ping Cushin putter. 5. F9 Driver, Black/Yellow , RH, 10.5, S flex, Hazardus Smoke 60 F9 Fairway, Black/Yellow, RH, 3-4, S flex,Fujikura Atmos Blue 7 F9 Hybrids, 2,3,4 & 5, Black/Yellow, RH, S flex, Fujikura Atmos 7 F9 irons, 6-S, S flex, KBS Tour 90, 2 degrees up.
  5. Again, thanks for the welcome. Forgot to say if you get back down this way let me know. We might be able to get a game in. I have promised myself a trip to Barnbougle and Lost Farm when I get back under 20!

    Regards Mick.

    1. tony@CIC


      No worries - fyi both my wife and I are high handicappers and both of us had our best games ever at Barnboogle! My "ultimate" trip, however, would be to King Island. And since my son-in-law is the ships engineer on the ferry between Devonport and Melbourne I might get a "lift' from him 😎




    2. Mick Close

      Mick Close

      Have been on the ferry a few times, it might be a bit of a swim to King Island though unless you could talk him into letting you borrow one of the life boats!😉

  6. Thanks for the welcome, my next job is to work out how to put my WITB with my profile like you have done, small steps!
  7. Thank you for the warm welcome.
  8. Hi all, as a new member from Tasmania Australia this looks like a good place for me to start. 1. I have been playing golf this time for approx. 8 months and am currently playing off 25 (24.1, look out 24!). I have come back to golf after a 24 year lay off. Really unsure why I stopped playing now, I think family issues, work and life just got too busy. Anyway back then I played in the handicap range of 11 to 14 and at a youngish 54 I have my sights set on trying to get back down below 18 at least. 2. What do I love about golf, so many things, it is just such a challenge. The feeling when you hit a shot exactly as you pictured it (no where as often as I would like ) is just unmatched to my mind.Of course some days I absolutely loathe golf but now that I have started playing again I won't be stopping again. 3. I am joining up with MyGolfSpy as I have been extremely impressed with the content and reviews that they produce. Unbiased advice is extremely hard to find and should be valued highly. I don't know any other members at this point but hopefully I will make a few new friends. 4. As I said at the beginning I am from Tasmania, I live at Somerset on the north west coast and at Queenstown on the west coast (home and work). My home course is Seabrook Golf Club at Wynyard. It is presently a quite challenging 16 hole lay out, we replay 10 & 9 as 17 & 18. I am also a member of the 9 hole Queenstown Golf Club which unfortunately, whilst a nice little layout, is not in very good condition due to a severe lack of members. 5. I think that the best thing about golf in my area is the great variety of good courses, the very welcoming members and the fact that we have a good enough climate to play year round. There is also enough variability in our weather and seasons to change the way courses play so it is not the same day in day out. Possibly the worst thing I think is that most clubs are struggling for members so in some cases this can really badly affect the courses. 6. I am an electrician at a copper mine. I work shift work on a 7 on 7 off roster which gives me lots of time with family and a good amount of time for golf. 7. I use my own name as my user name. Don't think I need to make one up, I'd probably forget what it was anyway! Hope this is okay and I am looking forward to meeting many fellow golfers. Cheers.
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