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  1. GolfSpy Meyer

    Hilton Head Island

    This is awesome, I'm heading there in the spring for a family vacation. We were going to do Sanibel in FL this fall, but with the red tide issues going on it's not a place my youngest son can go visit. So Hilton Head in the spring it is. Not sure if I'll get to golf or not yet, but at best it's gonna be one round with rental clubs. So if you have a recommendation I'll be watching this thread.
  2. Official Forum Member Review - Bridgestone Prototype Balls This one's a little different for the forum. Bridgestone approached us a while back to pick some testers to test, review, and give feedback on 2 new prototype golf balls. We selected 6 guys to help us out and here we are. Keep in mind when reading these reviews that this a prototype ball. Bridgestone will be using the feedback and the final retail release may be different than the balls being reviewed here. Camcmart Stage 1 Stage 2 DawgDaddy Stage 1 Stage 2 kardboard.kid Stage 1 Stage 2 Zylem Stage 1 Stage 2 Apes44 Stage 1 Stage 2 TSauer Stage 1 Stage 2
  3. Looks amazing so far, keep us updated and if you have time maybe a layout of how you built the whole thing?
  4. GolfSpy Meyer

    Has MGS been reformatted?

    The Facebook button was made smaller on the desktop version and hidden on the mobile version. Is this still a big issue? We had a facebook button in the same place on the old version of the forum and nobody was complaining then.
  5. GolfSpy Meyer

    Has MGS been reformatted?

    The button was made smaller on the desktop site and removed from the mobile version.
  6. GolfSpy Meyer

    Has MGS been reformatted?

    We're always listening
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  9. GolfSpy Meyer

    Has MGS been reformatted?

    Not sure if anyone has changed their usernames, but with the forum makeover both the desktop and mobile login username is your current screen name. Previously if you’d changed screen names you still used your original one as the login username. Not sure if that helps anyone but it was the reason I had issues logging in to the app post update Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. GolfSpy Meyer

    My (dare I say it) X-MAS list

    Yes it's too early, but I'll play 1. Pit Boss Copperhead 5 pellet smoker 2. iPhone XS Max 3. New Ogio Silencer golf bag 4. Welding gloves 5. New blacksmith hammer
  11. GolfSpy Meyer

    Where is the best place to buy aftermarket driver shafts?

    If you've been fit a bunch of times in the past you start to get a pretty good idea on the profile, weight, flex etc that works with your swing. Without getting fit you might have a decent idea if a certain type of shaft will be in the ball park or not. As for best place to buy that's kind of a hard question. There might be the best place to buy that gets you exactly what you want, brand new with zero chance of a counterfeit shaft, but it's gonna be more expensive. (i.e. purchasing from your fitter, golfworks.com, dallas golf, diamond tour etc) Then there's the best place to buy to spend the least amount of money, but you may run in to counterfeit's, unknown tipping, questionable pulling technique's etc (i.e. ebay) The sweet spot between those two for me is buying from the classified section on here or golfwrx. You can still run in to issues but in general the communities are self policing and don't tolerate shady sellers. After you get fit and narrow down what shaft you want it may be easier to recommend a specific place to get the best deal.
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  13. GolfSpy Meyer

    Toe hits with my irons

    You can get a rough estimate on swing weight without a scale, just google for the calculations. But always best to check on an actual swing weight scale. Quick and dirty check for comparison is grab both 7i’s and balance them on a finger and see if the balance point is roughly the same spot Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. GolfSpy Meyer

    Toe hits with my irons

    How does the swing weight match up?
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