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  1. Tier #1) Koepka Tier #2) McDowell Tier #3) Vegas Tiebreaker) -17
  2. I watched the discussion today about the Callaway balls. The picture of the cut ball revealed and off-centered core but I noticed the the cover thickness appeared to be thinner on the left side versus the right side. Maybe it was an optical illusion but it sure appeared that way.
  3. Gil, AZ 12 HDCP Current set: Cleveland RTX 2.0, 52*,58*LB, 62* Favorite Wedge shot: Low running chip Love to test the Tour Raw 52* & 58*LB
  4. Tier #1; Koepka(-4) Tier #2; Kuchar Tier #3; Graeme McDowell Tier #4; Jim Furyk Tier #5; Abraham Ancer
  5. At the city courses here in Tucson, walkers are allowed any day at any time and it's ridiculous. Get stuck behind people who are out for a stroll and occasionally hit a golf ball don't belong out there. I know I'll infuriate some folks but get your butt in a cart, get to the ball, hit it, and move on. If you want to walk, go elsewhere. There's nothing worse than getting behind a slow walker who thinks they're on the tour and takes all day to shoot 100.
  6. Congrats folks. Hit it well and look forward to your input.
  7. Gil, Vail, AZ 12 Handicap, 101 Swing Speed Srixon Z565 w/Hzdrus Reg Shaft Sub Zero
  8. Gil-Vail,AZ 12 HANDICAP, 101 SWING SPEED Srixon Z565 G410 PLUS
  9. Gil Vail, AZ 12 Handicap Cleveland RTX 2.0 Desired set: 50*, 52*, 58*
  10. Gil Arizona 12 Srixon Z565's, 5-AW, Right handed, 1* Flat, Regular flex, steel shafts i500 would be my preference but I'd try either set Thank you for the opportunity
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