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  1. I'm gaming the Tour Edge C723 with the C722 as a backup. Love both of these as I play around with different head/shaft combinations.
  2. The OnCore Vero X1 is my favorite, and trusted ball.
  3. I would love to test this driver against my new Tour Edge C723 and see how it stands up against a very underrated Tour Edge product. By the way, when MGS first came about I relinquished my spot as a tester for the new Titleist golf balls when I was chosen to test them and had to pass it up because of a scheduled surgery. This is just a part of why I became a member here. Classy site and testing data with classy members.
  4. I want to thank everyone for their Happy Birthday wishes. I don't know any of you but you were kind enough to send them. Class act from the members of MGS.
  5. I'm a fan of, and user of the OnCore VeroX1 as my everyday golf ball. In chillier conditions I'll use their Elixr model ball. I've tested various golf balls from a variety of manufacturers and these happen to stand out for me in terms of performance and my wallet.
  6. Other than the standard(if there's such a thing) PW, I game the Cleveland RTX 50*, 56* LB, and the 58*LB. Love them all. For me, I'm thinking about getting rid of one of my hybrids and putting in a 52* also. A lot of the games activity is close to the green anyway so why not put a club in your hand that you feel is the best for a given circumstance.
  7. I've been playing the Tour Edge C721 driver with the factory installed regular flex Ventus shaft. At 72, I put my ego aside and bought the Ventus senior flex shaft and the appropriate adapter and butt trimmed it down to a comfortable 44 1/2" total length. I easily added 10 yards to my drives with tighter dispersion. I enjoyed the outcome so much I'm going to toy around with other drivers I have to see the outcome. Try it folks.
  8. I play Srixon Z565 irons and Cleveland RTX wedges. I tested several iron brands and wedge brands side by side before making my decision with no preconceived preference towards any brands and these stood out for feel and looks at address. They have not disappointed. I'm not married to any clubs or brands so I'd say that I'd make a change to something that feels and looks better if I ever came across clubs that did that. Since I bought and game the Srixon and Cleveland clubs I'd use them as a baseline to see if something feels and looks better. New technology is wonderful provided it works better than what you have.
  9. Hey Golf Buddy, everyone sweats and everyone sweats at different levels. I imagine it depends on what you eat and drink the day/night before your rounds as it's happened to me as well. It also depends on the humidity level the day you're playing as well as the clothes you're wearing. Some fabrics hold the heat while others let the body heat wick, keeping your body cooler. It's obvious but staying hydrated with the proper liquids is key. Water and, for me, Gatorade Zero seems to work best for me. Stay away from alcohol and energy drinks and you should be fine. Play well.
  10. I hit 72 last year and playing from the whites. I finally left my ego in the car and moved up to the yellow tee markers and the game has become a lot more fun. Driver and iron on the par 4's and irons/hybrid on par 3's is now the norm. We all get older, and shorter so be honest with yourself and have fun with the greatest game ever invented.
  11. After every round I clean the clubhead and the grips with either Simple Green or Mean Green and a soft nylon brush. It's a surefire way of making the clubs ready for the next round.
  12. I've been using the Pride Professional Tee System tees for years now, 2 3/4" and use the yellow lines on the white tee to help in constant tee height throughout the round. That 1" yellow stripe helps bigtime in tee height and it allows for a higher/lower tee shot. They're wood and they last a fairly long time unless my swing gets too steep. I only use these tees for my driver shot as I can find broken tees on every tee box for my fairway or iron tee shots. Try these out as I think they're worth the cost.
  13. If you want to buy from a etailer or retailer and get a darned good golf ball go to OnCore and buy their Elixr balls. You can probably get their buy 2/ get 1 free deal. If this doesn't work for you look for my deals on ebay.
  14. I very much enjoy the testers feedback on their items. Some info will lead me to try certain things, others not.
  15. Aside from the PW, I game the Cleveland ZipCore 50*, 56*, and the 58*. I never liked the look of a 60* and lacked the confidence to hit it.
  16. Without question, the OnCore Vero X1 is the best ball I've ever played. My usual golf partner was so impressed with them he changed immediately from the Pro V1 to the Vero X1.
  17. I really enjoy watching and listening to Todd Kolb. The videos are concise and uncomplicated for us "senior/seasoned" golfers.
  18. GilB

    Seven wood anyone?

    I've been playing an older Cleveland Launcher 7-wood for years and would never, ever let that club out of my bag. I suggest you latch onto a new 7-wood the first chance you get. The ball flight will be high, long, and land softly. You may get differing opinions but I strongly suggest you give it a try. Posted just now I've been playing an older Cleveland Launcher 7-wood for years and would never, ever let that club out of my bag. I suggest you latch onto a new 7-wood the first chance you get. The ball flight will be high, long, and land softly. You may get differing opinions but I strongly suggest you give it a try.
  19. Obviously, we agree to disagree. When I first got on the site many, many years ago I was asked to take part in testing some new Titleist golf balls and I notified the administrator(s) of the test that I could not take part as I was having shoulder surgery and could not give the balls the test that was required. They thanked me and assured me that I would be on some sort of list to take part in a future test after I healed. I haven't heard anything since. I just figured they moved on and wanted feedback from younger golfers. After that experience I just read and enjoy the reviews from other testers on new products and concluded the senior experience is of no value in the testing process. That's just my experience and harbor no ill will towards anyone. Again, it's just my experience and we agree to disagree.
  20. I initially joined to see how well they would evaluate golf products without bias and to see if I would be selected as a tester for one of the new products. I'm impressed with their evaluations and disappointed by not being selected after all these years as a tester. I guess they really don't care about the seniors getting involved in the evaluation and feedback process. I'm not complaining, just an opinion.
  21. I'd like to see the testing include the OnCore Vero X1 and the Vero X2. The manufacturer markets them as the latest and greatest so let's see what the testing results conclude. Thanks for the testing.
  22. I had golfers elbow many years ago and it was determined from over-rotating my forearms. Once I gave my arms a rest over the winter months it cleared up and now I'm just fine. Don't over-manipulate your body doing things it's not meant to do.
  23. I start the new round with a new ball and if I didn't lose the ball from the previous round, that's my "water ball" meaning if there's a water hole coming up that'll be the ball for that hole.
  24. I'm 71 and golf was becoming less fun hitting from the whites so I had a little talk with myself and thought to put my ego aside and give the forward tees a try. That move changed my entire outlook on the game and my abilities. This forward tee move persuaded my playing partner to move as well but it took him awhile to move forward but we shaved several strokes off our scores and made this great game a whole lotta fun again. I strongly suggest you take the steps forward and once your buddies see your scores go down and how much fun you're having maybe they'll toss their egos aside too. Good luck and enjoy the game again.
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