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  1. I bought a sleeve my last time out.  I am not a huge fan of the color orange on the ball, but I like the concept.  I also understand it's a little like the Callaway Truvis.  During my putting stroke, I try and stare at the back of the ball.  Having the X near the back of the line really helps me concentrate on the spot.  This is just my opinion obviously.  To each their own.  

  2. I'm ready to read the details of the test.  I'm more interested about the balls that produce the most side spin on the ball.  It's pretty amazing to hear that balls were flying so far off line from a robot.  I'm currently gaming the TP5, but I'm more than willing to consider something else.  I have no real brand loyalty anymore.  I was a huge Prov fan, up until I realized how much side spin the balls produced.  I know some of the factors are my swing that attributed to the side spin.  

    I also put a ton of back spin on the ball but come to find out it was my iron shafts that caused that.  There's so many factors that go into this game.  Another reason why you should be fitted for everything in your bag.  

  3. I'm currently having some troubles with my iron play.  Last year I bought some new shafts.  My previous shafts were for Ping S55 with CFS 1.5 extended.  The old shafts put way to much back spin on the ball.  Did I mention I'm 6'5"?  The new shafts were KBS 130 X.  I left them a half inch longer rather than 1.5.  I have a common miss where I'm hitting my irons off the toe and they feel like they're chunks.  The ball is barely going any where.  I don't have the money for a "proper" fitting, but I want to stop these nonsense shots.  I know there could be many different various reasons why this is happening, but would like some drills to help stop this.


    Any help would be greatly appreciative.    

  4. I have an Edel putter and I absolutely love it. Their fitting system is second to none. It’s very involved. Coming away you’ll be way more excited about what you’re getting and the prospects in improving your putting. I spent almost $500 but a putter you can keep for 20 years rather than a driver which you’ll have to replace in 5. Go to YouTube and check out some of the fittings.

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  5. Keep the shaft talk to the shaft threads, Men.  JK.  These look awesome.  I'm always willing to give a club a ride, if I get a chance.  I prefer hitting them outside rather than in bays though.  

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  6. In the future, I'd like to go to a fitting to fit me for the best iron and driver, no matter the brand.  Then once I know the brand, I'd like to go to their location to have the brand fit me.  After the last year and doing different testings with my own gear, I fully believe shafts should be a big part of the fitting process.  

  7. I currently use the round Edel Design Round Putter Grip.  It's a little different, but after using it, I won't go back to the older putter styles.  I have owned the Superstroke 5.0 and 3.0.  I also had a weighted one put on my putters.  I'm not sure if you can tell, but I was looking to find some immediate fix to my putting game.  

  8. I think the 785's look sleek and nice.  They look forgiving and always love forged.  I hope the forum will get a chance to test these bad boys.  Come on Srixon, do the right thing.  Let the regular joe test these things out.  

  9. I'm in the market for some players forgiving clubs and these might be up for the challenge.  I'll reserve my true judgement about looks until we get something more official.  I had some Srixon irons a couple of years ago and hit them well but thought the G10's would help me play better.  I hope Srixon provides some irons and driver's for Mygolfspy forum member's to test.  

  10. I hope I'm not to late, but I'm assuming I am since the initial post was in May.  I would strong suggest an Edel Torque balanced putter.  Their fitting system seems to be second to none.  Your eyes may be misleading you on where you think your putt is going to go.  Give the fitting system a try and I bet you'll be sold.  It's a little pricey, but it's something you could keep in your bag for 20 years easily.  I plan on it.  Sorry if people get tired of my Edel love fest.  

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  11. Yeah I've watched a lot of Fried Eggs Golf videos.  I love his videos.  They're all funny and strangely educational without realizing it.  I did watch the videos on the green build and their biggest cost was the mower.  They spent about $500 in total for the project. 


    He actually lives in Ft. Wayne and I moved to Muncie/Yorktown area, which is only 40-60 minutes from him.  I invited him down to play and he called Muncie lazy.  Not sure what that had to do with playing, but I'm determined to get him down here to play.  Also, would love an invite to Beverly's Hills.  One day maybe.    

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  12. I just recently purchased a home with 3.08 acres.  The house is mainly on the front portion of the yard and the back is mainly open to my imagination.  I'm interested in putting in a putting green in my backyard.  I'd prefer real grass turf rather than the fake stuff.  I live in Central Indiana so I'd also like types on good quality grass that will last the sucky winters.  I'd like a fairly sized green with fringe and a small fairwayish to chip from.   I also planned on having tee boxes throughout my yard to be able to hit into the green.  I know I can youtube some of this, but don't feel like there's super great videos on this.        


    Has anyone done their own green?  What were some of your issues you ran into?  What were your costs (if you don't mind sharing)?  Any tips for mosquito's?  My yard currently sucks with them, and would prefer not surrounding the yard with tiki torches.  


    Thank you for your thoughts and input.  

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  13. I have a dent in the toe of my 9 iron and I'm not sure where it came from.  probably because my miss is always on the toe.  I sent them a message and they told me I would need to send it back to have reviewed.  Sadly, it's the summer and would prefer not to be without one of my clubs.  I plan on doing it during the winter or be picked for the i500 club review and not have to worry about the old 9 iron.  

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  14. Mark

    M4 4 iron 19*, C-Taper 120 X-stiff 

    Ping E-1 4 iron C-Taper 120 X-stiff

    Ping S55 5-PW KBS C-Taper 120g x-stiff
    Your PING choice i500


    I would love to review the variances between my S55's and the i500's.  They look beautiful.  I definitely want to feel the difference in the off-center hits with the i500's since they are forged.      

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