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  1. Mark Kelly

    Noblesville, IN

    My handicap is 5.4

    Ping S55 Maroon Dot Irons. Inch and half lengthened

    Strengths: I know I can hit a straight ball that has a consistent ball flight, unless one of my weaknesses come out.

    Weakness: My shafts aren't fit to me and I put to much back spin on my irons, so I lose distance when hitting into wind.  Also, I have inconsistent strikes on the toe that kills some of my shots...  

  2. Mark

    Noblesville, IN 46060

    Strenth's are small chips from off the green.

    Weakness is pitching from 120-45.  I am 6' 7" and I frequently descelerate on the downswing causing me to chunk wedge shots.  I previously hit the older model of the glide wedges at a demo day and loved them.  I am in need of some new wedges and looking for the next models.

    Specs 52SS/56WS/60WS/RH. 

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