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  1. How I would love to have a set of these!
  2. Yes an oldy but a goodie! Ping i210 in the most wanted testing a couple years later and still not only relevant but doing very well! https://mygolfspy.com/2020-most-wanted-players-irons/
  3. Very interesting topic and yes I can definitely agree that I've had conversations with some golfers who are way better on the course, but I would say lack other knowledge. Whether it is different era's or just general schools of thought I've without a doubt got that feeling of you know nothing because you are not a such and such. With all that being said I can relate this curling as it is without a doubt more my expertise, but similar to golf there are different facets and knowledge can come from a variety of areas. For curling there is ice, tactics, technical and mental. I would say I am very
  4. Ahh nearly all of us picked Buffalo and they are down 10... yikes.
  5. Trades are and I completely understand why people can be hesitant to make moves. Nobody ever wants to loose a trade and even I lost biggish on one earlier this season. Its more trying to find what ppl prefer studs or depth. I will always be open for them, but may reign in my offers now.
  6. I only noticed because one of my matchups has those 3 players in their starting lineup... And bench players almost all on bye weeks which is rough going. Based off the last advise given against me ppl are listening. 9 plus trade proposals out 0 accepted and 1 counter think I've just about given up on the trade side with teams content with their lineups.
  7. Just a reminder to all that there have been updates to injury report and such. Make sure you have a full squad as best as possible! Key players who are out are Hooper, Michael Thomas, Joe Mixon and others.
  8. GolferKen has him in our division. Although he isn't someone I am running to get. Could be good for a week, but long term doesn't profile very high in my opinion. There are many others I would be targeting before him. Although its fantasy so goodness knows.
  9. Looks like Switzerland is headed for another mini lockdown and means that I think now is just as good of a time as ever to reup and fireup the Superspeed program again. Had a good break while things were picking up at work and busy, but lots of uncertainty and could be a lot more time at home again.
  10. Tua has been named the starter for the Dolphins! Bye bye Fitzmagic and thank goodness I used Miami in the Survivor when I did!
  11. Was it back to back or was there a season in between? I knew you had two titles, but I thought they were 2 seasons apart?
  12. Definitely second that.... except they are RH only.
  13. You say that and I got lucky this week for sure. Had a few trades gone through that I sent out I would have for sure lost both games this week. I will again apologize for sending out so many (I have a lot of down time at work) therefore I have lots of time to look at different options and promise I try to make or offer trades that I think are fair and not lopsided and use fantasy shark to see if they are close to fair. Either way still looking at making some moves and don't be shy! Remember top 6 in each division make playoffs so now is a good time for many to start making some moves to kee
  14. Definitely wouldn't say season is done with 2 games back of 500 and still half plus of the season left. Especially if we see a week 18! Yes Rodgers put up a big pile of nothing, but I'd wager thats not likely to continue. Also looks like you have a good few divisional games left to help gain some ground.
  15. Bucky Division, I need to move some players 2 for 1 options. Everyone except Murray is on the board. Send some offers along. Looking preferably at a running back upgrade, lets see some movement. Everyone is still in the division and some roster shakeups could move some teams into better contending positions!
  16. @GolfSpy STUDque Need to have a talk with that kicker of yours. Only player to not get double digits! Your team went off this week!
  17. Good luck to all this week... hoping to get at best a split this week with some key injuries and byes. The next 3 or so weeks are going to be the biggest test for my team with key bye weeks. Thankfully looks like all games will go ahead as scheduled!
  18. This has turned into a really good thread with a lot of great information and recommendations for anyone who is relatively knew to the community as well wanting to get more involved. Much of this has already been said, but for most ppl here it is the testing opportunities that bring them here and many don't give it a second thought as to how ppl are chosen and believe its more of a prize. Having been very fortunate to be a part of a few tests over the years, they are not prizes and are a ton of work (in a good way). I love doing them and honestly was never sure I would get a opportunity to,
  19. Shhhh! Dont ruin my pick lol I forget if this was asked or clarified but can we only use a team once?
  20. Anyone else think this is a pretty tough week for the Survivor Pool? Lots of decent matchups and very few if any I would say are a true lock to win.
  21. Very cool, always enjoy BH testing opportunities. Good luck to all those who apply and enjoy a incredible opportunity!
  22. Congrats all! This is certainly one to keep a close eye on as I am for sure looking for a new driver before next season starts up!
  23. Trade offers are out there in the Bucky division. Lindsay could be a great breakout starter for those thin at RB and Ridley is available for the right price too.
  24. Certainly can't hurt! @Apolloshowl for instagram.
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