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  1. I'll be sending out offers likely this week too... Trying to package fowler and Fleetwood in a 2 for 1. I plan to hold onto Hovland, Spieth and Morikawa and prefer to keep Fitzpatrick and Hatton but they could be available depending on who is offered.
  2. Was a good read and no real surprises. I really do love the cobra irons and was happy to see they are doing well. At some point I would love to give them a hit and see how they match up against my i210's.
  3. Bubba's reaction trying to figure it out and how and the ripple effects it is going to have for the rest of the season. @blackngold_blood this is how i picture when it was accepted
  4. As the big trade just drops....
  5. The anticipation is already building. Better late then never I guess!
  6. Week 12 Recap: RBC Heritage Another week over and done with. Congrats to Stewart Cink in keeping the train rolling form his masters performance made for a uneventful Sunday in terms of the winner, but a great battle for positions behind him. This was a tough week for some of our previous leaders not able to fill full teams which led to some dropping down the order a bit. However it gave a chance for some new teams to shine! I would have to go back to the draft, but it certainly looks those autodraft with no presetup teams had a very good week this week... Our Highest Scoring Team
  7. Were you able to see it? I thought I opened it to everyone. Okay I have opened it up to everyone. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Z8ivU_adG-5XGeeY_KeLYO180vFuWDgov6tU_GvQSDQ/edit?usp=sharing
  8. Okay, it has been a lazy Sunday for me and I started working on a new project. I am still working on some of the formulas and how to combine some of the data but here is a start. I will do my best to keep it updated each week as well as change some of the point weightings as we get closer to playoffs as some of the values will shift. That being said if we have any google sheet pros or anyone has advice for values or really any feedback let me know. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Z8ivU_adG-5XGeeY_KeLYO180vFuWDgov6tU_GvQSDQ/edit?usp=sharing This is meant to help make some sense
  9. I've been following along this thread and there is a bit too much to unpack....EDIT: my original thought I found the answer for so this is basically a non comment.
  10. Yes this is going off topic... but what classifies as being too young to nap? Admittedly I am a scared of the answer....
  11. Exactly, potential is a aspect that is hard to quantify, but DJ and Rory and still DJ and Rory regardless of how their season is going. Top 10 guys are still top 10 guys and there are always those guys who are a cut above. Harris English is another who I would put in the really good, but struggling category. Hence why it is also good to take a look at the OWGR ranking as well and consider that in part. In the next month or so I would guess we start to see some teams ramping up towards playoffs and others looking at buying to just get in and secure their teams. We have a really good group
  12. With the last few comments being on trades and it seeming that there are a few more interested parties out there in the trading block thought it would be good to throw up 2 different screenshots from Fantrax. The first is the Top Players overall in fantasy points earned since our season has started. Although our playoffs and system has a lot of impact based off FedEx Cup standings this is a good idea of who the top players are so far and how they can be valued on a trade chart. The second is top per event, now this has a few odd names of players who have only played one event and done we
  13. Bye bye rory? That is my guess. I could see a few bigger names being switched around. A lot of good players on colder streaks and coming to crunch time for some teams to get wins.
  14. I know I shouldnt be surprised but I'm curious what big name will be added to your roster for next week!
  15. Watching the replay of Morikawa's round I can't help but think he could have gone at least 4 shots lower. Had several short putts that just missed. He is so talented and it'll be really scary when he starts getting those to drop.
  16. I wasn't thinking of hot hatches... Should have clarified 4 door hatch or wagon style cars.
  17. Slow start for the squad, but still nobody entirely out of it. Hoping for some low scores and dropped putts with 4 making the cut. Common Fleetwood turn it around!
  18. Awesome service and great post. Glad it all worked out for you and you have a nice new club!
  19. Buy one and take some sandpaper to the face! Start with 200 grit and work your way to 1000 and it will be nice and shiny haha
  20. Really cool insight and depth. I can only imagine having that level of perception with clubs... And the company to build all that for me. I know there are shapes and preferences I have, but they are no comparison to him or many others.
  21. Honestly any hatch... This is the car I bought when I moved here. Fits my partner, 3 dogs, golf clubs and more! 2010 BMW i116 and her name is Zelda. Few extra bonuses are if you have a clicgear or friends Clubs it's a quick fold seat down and your off!!
  22. Yes it is, probably hard to find now. But I remember testing it back when it released and almost bought it on the spot.
  23. At least you are getting a new sensor? I have had to get 4 to 6 new sensors from them for my set over the last few years. I didn't use the system that much last season, but I found the sensors would bug out if you tried to change clubs and so on, which didn't work out too well when I was trying to track different clubs for MGS testing. I plan on going through all of them this week to see how they are. The one good thing is they seem to know there are issues with them and are very willing to send out new ones very quickly. Even out of the box I had 2 sensors that were dead, but had new ones at
  24. Guess this means I should go pick up that membership and get out on the course a little sooner then expected. I'm defintely in.
  25. Congrats crew! Enjoy the experience and looking forward to the reviews! Love Nippon products and am eager to see how these work out for you all.
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