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  1. Good luck all you righties! I've fit a few guys into this driver and it packs a punch! Should be great to see how all the lucky chosen ones get along with it.
  2. Never left! Just had a change of name a while back! Time for a change and something fresh.
  3. Twitter is @Danbrookjamie Instagram is Apolloshowl
  4. It's going to be a lot of fun to follow along and I can definitely tell how excited both of you are to get it all started and going. Awesome to hear things are looking good so far! How do you guys like the stock GP Align grips?
  5. Well done so far! Great intros and stages ones... Pumped for the rest of it even if the flash hasn't been on the top top of my list
  6. I can't say I'm brand loyal as I have a tendency to go through periods where I like certain brands. Use to be Cobra then TM and now Ping. I have used many different brands in the past and do get tunnel vision quite often, but am more then happy to try new equipment from other brands. Hello Mizuno st190?
  7. My wife (who loves curling and the men's world final was on) even voted to stay watching the last bit of the golf because she wanted to see his wife's reaction haha
  8. Canadian!! What irons did he play? Was great to watch him close it out and had a crazy score card with 10 birdies, 4 bogeys (in a row) and some solid pars including a nice sand save on 14 I believe. Great reactions from the fans and simply some great golf.
  9. Apolloshowl


    Wow congrats that's an amazing accomplishment! Keep it up
  10. Love this thread! For me without question it is 14 at Lost Creek. This is the number 2 handicap on the course but without question is the hardest hole on the course. This is in part of the redisgn of the course many years back which converted two holes (par 3 up a hill to a blind green and a really long boring par 5) into this one hole. The change was made for many reasons and part of it was due to golfers hitting balls into the back yards of neighbors, but also because they went from 9 to 18 holes and this layout made a lot more sense. they took the tee shot from the par 3 and kept that as you will see in the picture below. Not the simplest shot to say the least. Landing area ranges from 150 to 225. Anything farther will run through the fairways and into the woods or a pond. However really you need to get it about 180 else you will still be blocked out by trees. Some could try and cut the corner, but I have rarely seen that play over well as it is very high to get over the trees and a long carry. Once safely in the fairway you have a simple 175 to 225 left into the green. Lined with trees on both sides a shot into the front left bunker is actually not the worst spot to be. All along the right is the gravel cart path and OB and green high on the left is a good little valley making for a near impossible up and down. Thee green itself is tough as well with two tiers and some tricky pin locations as well. Add to the fact it is raised a bit which makes running it up to the green a challenge as well. Par on this hole is much like a birder and birdie eagle. As I’ve only ever had one birdie and it was on a chip in. If im honest I would love to see the course push the green back another 30 or so yards (which there is a ton of room to do) and make it a par 5. This would make the course a 72 and add a second par 5 to the back 9. Even though they would be back to back. It would also cut down the walk so to speak to 15. With how it stands right now you finish 14 and walk 250 yards down the old hole to the tee box to 15. It would help with the flow of the course and I believe make for a great positional par 5 where driver (depending on player length) much more manageable and enjoyable.
  11. Looking like another 0-2 week as I've run into a couple of hot teams however! My Canadian did get a hole in one always a positive... Ish haha
  12. Rather then starting a new thread I figured I'd update a few thoughts on this as there are several different topics I'd like to touch base on. With my season at work being both super busy and not at all I decided to take on some part time work. I applied at the local golf shop and they thankfully hired me on the spot. I wanted to get more into fittings and club repair and making and they currently only had one main guy doing it all so they were more then happy to bring me aboard. So far it has been a awesome experience and they have been more then willing to work around my curling work schedule. By not busy at all is I am only doing one facility locally where as before I would be doing 2-3. And by super busy I have done more events which means being away for 2-3 weeks at a time which is great, but also the reason why I am down to one curling club.... Anyway I have got my certifications through all the manufacturers for fitting and have regripped more clubs then I can count. It's also given me the opportunity to try out many new clubs in our bay which has been a ton of fun and learn a lot about that side of the industry.... I can't wait for the summer to hit and to dive more into it all and be able to develop some of those skills and put them to good use! This is also where my second topic comes in...Which could fit in the What equipment are you thinking about thread. I love the new Ping Sigma 2 Fetch putter. We only have the one right hand in stock, but my goodness it's awesome. When I first saw photos I thought it was kinda gimmicky and just got worth the time to really look at, but after giving it a good few trys and looking at it more closely the thing is gorgeous and feels amazing. I have no need for a new putter, but this very well could be coming to my bag. It is much small then I thought and as I said is just stunning to look at. Finally the Ping g410 Crossover... I am very happy with my setup overall and don't expect to see many big changes other then that stupid spot between 4 iron and 3 wood. I think the crossover could be that club and the new 410 again looks the part and much better then previous models... Has anyone tried one? Unfortunately being a lefty we aren't bringing any into the store quite yet and if we do I'll be trying it immediately but even our fit cart doesn't have one. They do however cost a lot! For what is basically a big iron I'd be half tempted to just got i500 for half the price. Anyway thanks for listening/reading the ramble and when the weather gets a bit nicer there will be some nice photo updated of what is in the bag to start the season!
  13. This is going to be pretty incredible when it comes out. Can't wait to see where my gamer sits and to see what changes if any I should be making. I'm.guessing there will be some big suprises and a lot of ppl changing golf balls following the results.
  14. Another win for ping customer service! Seems surprising... Maybe that's where you were getting your crazy spin rates
  15. Great start all! Looking forward to stage 2 and seeing how they all play out for you.
  16. The other two are old roommate dogs. Jake being the big boy and iza being the littler one. Was a ton of fun having the three run around all the time.
  17. I'd say I'm sorry, but have to admit it happens all the time. You wouldn't regret getting one! And thanks he has definitely been my best bud and a great part of the family.
  18. They are a really nice breed... Here is a better size comparison. Definitely recommend giving them a look... A ton of personality and just a great pup. However they shed like crazy!
  19. Alaskan Klee Kai.... He's 6 and capped out at 15 pounds!
  20. Podcasts and lots of podcasts... Nearly all have been recommended through here, but when being stuck out back regripping clubs for hours it certainly brings some much needed entertainment to the day... I think we are down to 35 sets left to do!
  21. With the sun shining and the snow nearly all melted Apollo and I are ready for golf season!
  22. I like it, I think it is pretty spot on. Definitely something I'm going to share with a few others I golf with. One of which really should stay from a tee a little further forward in order to really help his game.
  23. The range is open! And courses are starting to open up week by week! Wonderful time of year
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