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  1. Figure since a lot of us are doing basement practice this is a good bump! May even be some deals to be had out there now that they are a season old!
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    Haha no custom. A product of boredom! And I'm okay with being a crazy dog person.
  3. Apolloshowl


    Surprisingly they do pretty well together. I will admit I normally do off leash for them. So much easier and better for them!
  4. Anyone from Zurich area? Doing a big move from Canada to Switzerland when this all dies down for work and would love to meet a few new spies to help check out some of the localish courses as well as maybe a bit of assistance for help with the language.
  5. Even with the change that was made the Mavrik was clearly a standout driver throughout the whole bracket. It produced some crazy good numbers early and often. The Cobra was more consistent in that it was always at the 320ish mark. The Mavrik had higher numbers and was just better... I was rooting for the Cobra but alas it didn't pan out and managed to take out the g410 so over a TON of fun to watch and glad to see how it all panned out in this golfless time.
  6. I went through every shaft possible for the i210 fitting a couple seasons ago, definitely wish I had given graphite a little more of a look... Very happy with my choice but I think given another chance I'd look at their graphite offerings ...
  7. My condolences and sorry for you loss The way you describe her, she sounded like such an amazing person. It's never easy loosing a loved one, regardless of age or sickness. thank you for sharing her story and trusting the MGS community by posting here.
  8. All of Nova Scotia has been mandated to close courses (not that many if any would open due to still having snow) Hopefully May sometime.
  9. Wow... Amazing..good luck to all and for those chosen have an amazing time reviewing these. MGS is knocking it out of the park this year.
  10. Apolloshowl

    Apollo, Fender and Oliver

    Thankfully Lys works for a vet so the bills aren't much, but she is still very much a puppy and hyper at times. A sweetheart but will always be a good until she grows up. They are great company during these bizarre and strange times.
  11. So much of this bag I like. Nice setup for sure! I have a 2 iron crossover as well and love it. I actually used it as part of the 4 club challenge and had some amazing rounds just using it off the tee. How do you like the shape of the putter? Definitely agree with it being soft. Just a great feel overall!
  12. Apolloshowl

    Apollo, Fender and Oliver

    Allyssa and I have 3 wonderful dogs Apollo (mini husky), Fender the Dalmation (8 months old) and Oliver the Chihuahua (6 years). Hope everyone enjoys some photos!
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