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  1. I think... I think... I managed to hold onto 2nd spot. Unless I'm missing something which is possible my lowly 2 wins was enough to hold onto it. Webb making top 10 was great and could have got me 2 more wins had 1 or 2 guys at -13 not made top 10 OR had his -14 been close enough for top 5. Either way nail bitter right to the finish... Recap will be soon as long as this playoff doesn't take forever!
  2. Maybe you can bribe the Rapsodo Coach to recommend something new for you? He/she may highly recommend a new driver for the good of your golf swing and game haha
  3. I would wager with 70 teams we will have 5 divisions and likely a few different draft times like in previous years.
  4. Correct! But if you had a awesome week and somehow got into the top 25 you could earn some bonus points for the first round.
  5. Happy to see you guys get a deal done. I would recommend next time that most of the back and forth goes in a PM (private message). Not that there is anything wrong at all with how you guys did it! But will hide some of the information such as email and so on. Also great photos of the driver head. Cheers!
  6. The test is for the system or service itself. Unfortunately testers won't get to keep a free driver at the end of it. They will get a option to purchase the driver (I'm not sure how the pricing works if they are discounted X amount or what) if it works for them and because it is a season long test or service they should be able to test several of the new releases next spring!
  7. If Webb can focus on winning this week I'd be much happier haha
  8. Time to join in on the fun. I'm going start from my non box set of clubs. Driver -> Taylormade Burner 2.0 -> Taylormade R1 -> Cobra FlyZ Plus (still own) -> Ping G30 -> Cobra King LTD -> Taylormade M2 (2016) -> Ping G400 -> Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero 3 Wood -> Taylormade Burner -> Taylormade R15 -> Nike Vapor Fly -> Cobra F7 (Current) Utility/Hybrid - Taylormade Burner Superfast (still own) -> Nike Cover 2.0 (reg and pro versions) -> Cobra Flyz -> Titleist TMB 2 iron -> Ping G410 2/4 iron (current) 5 Wood - Nike Vapor Fly -> Callaway Rogue (still own) Irons - Cobra S3 Max -> Cobra AMP Cell -> Cobra AMP Cell Pro -> Taylormade Psi -> Mizuno JPX EZ Forged -> Ping i E1 -> Mizuno MP25 -> Cobra Fly Z Pro (still own) -> Ping i210 (current) Wedges - Ray Cook wedge set -> Cobra Trusty Rusty -> Callaway MD3 -> Cobra trusty Rust tour Black (still own) -> Ping Glide 1.0 -> Ping Glide 2.0 (current) Putters - Tommy Armour mallet -> Ping Ketch mid -> Nike Method Mod60 (miss it so much) -> Nike Counterflex S1-12 (still own) -> Ping Tyne (still own) -> Odyssey Stroke Lab 7 (current) Bags - Ogio Goliath and Ogio black stand both still own Gloves - Whatever is on sale and cheapest. I think I have preferred UA in the past though. Golf Balls - Too many, but TP5 and Zstar XV are current That was a nice little walk down memory lane!
  9. Hello all, We have got work back from the dev that the reported bugs are now fixed. I did go through and try to access reviews via notifications and recent and they all showed up as they should. I have also used past notifications and they went to the appropriate post (yay) and not the bottom of the review page (that was not fun on mobile, but is working as of when I post this). Signup Comments are still not working all the time for me, this seems to be a difficult fix and although we did have it working the other day it reverted back. So we are still on the hunt for why this is. Bolding of unread content. I'll have to confirm with @GolfSpy_CS but it appears to be all good on my end. There have also been a few things on the back end that have been worked out which is great. I appreciate everyone's patients with this as I know it hasn't been the most fun, but we are so close and we will start highlighting some of the past reviews to get some extra eyes on them. The first being Sub 70 Hybrid which will have a announcement highlight going up shortly. Cheers all and enjoy your Thursday.
  10. To answer a few of your questions: indoors and into a net is where the majority of my review will take place. As much as I would love to do a lot of on course testing and even at the range with some family things and work I'll have limited time to do that so definitely need to be doing most of it at home... this is also where a hiccup comes in. As you asked I was planning on using my ipad for this. However after looking at the website the net functionality is limited to certain devices and seems as though my ipad is just barely too old. Thankfully I'll have a iphone 8 which will work for this. I will try and use the ipad at the range and so on, but I believe the iphone will end up being the efault because it has the net functionality. (below is the compatible devices) As for the coach feature this is what I am most excited for. I have taken all of 2 lessons in the last 5 years and although I am happy with my swings form I know I don't aim correctly and am pretty closed. So I believe this will be very eye opening and lead to a lot more consistency in my game. For reference I have shot as well as 2 over (72), but have never had more then 3 birdies in a round. I use to score 76-78 with regularity at my old course and was disappointed if I was in the 80's. Since I haven't played as much I am happy with anything 85 and below, and even worse scores I know it's more just being from a lack of practice over the last season. Rapsodo is being kind enough to set us all up with premium accounts to get set up with coaches and we should have a great time getting to know our swings a little better and hopefully seeing some of that translate onto the golf course! 20181018_091403.mp4
  11. I've merged your podcast thread in with a previous one. If you look at the above you'll find all sorts of good recommendations. For my own choice I follow in the the NLU line of podcasts. Whether it is their Crash Course, Trapdraw or their main one along with The Golfers Journal as I am a subscriber to their content those are the golfing ones I listen to weekly. I'll also give the TXG crew a listen, but honestly haven't fallen in love with theirs yet.
  12. Poll is closed now that's why you can't vote. Not sure what the date was when it did, but it was I believe it was a day or two ago.
  13. Nope they continue right up till the final week of playoffs. However once playoffs start teams who do not make it have their rosters locked.
  14. The only playoff prediction I'll make is that after next week I fall from the 2 spot to the 4 or 5 spot. From there last year I finished 5th after regular season and went on to great week 1 and 2 and cruised to victory and this season should be no different!
  15. I'll be the first to start this off with what may be a not so great question, but here goes. What is the most difficult soft good product to test and why?
  16. Week 26: St. Jude Invitational Second to last week of the regular season is in the books and although some things have been decided there is still one week left... but a little more on that later. Congrats to Abe Ancer on a playoff win! Is it just me or are we seeing a lot more playoffs for titles this season then previous years? We really should start the fantasy section off by giving a big CONGRATS to @blackngold_blood for winning the regular season. With a 12 game advantage going into the final week he can rest easy knowing he is safely into the playoffs with the most bonus points. However also the most to loose in the first week of playoffs Well done and congrats to all 64 (plus a few more who got traded before they made it to the weekend) players who contributed to your wins throughout the season. As for this week our high scoring team of the week went to @00sportsmanwith 255.8 points! That's majors level points. His team was lead by Burns, Hideki, Cam Smith and Hatton. Following very close behind was @STUDque at 253.95 points on the week. There was a total of 15 teams this week who broke 200 points which meant our league median was also solid at 167.9. Now onto the standings. There is 1 week left, 10 wins, about a B- field at best and lots of scenarios for both the 2nd all the way down to our 25th and final spot. Lets start at the top as we normally do. Although this is how it looks now, it will likely look a lot different next week. For starters I will only have 2 in the field which will cost me at least 3-4 positions... hopefully not more. Positions are so close and all depending on how teams want to play out the last week to make moves we could see some bold moves to move up the board for those bonus points. As for the cutline I won't say it is safe, but there is some breathing room. However once again the field okay this week and with a lack of true top end talent (a few big names, but not many) will decide a lot. In reality 28-33 should be pretty safe, but this is fantasy so anything can happen. There is a small 2.5 game cushion between 35-36 spots and I can't help but wonder first how there were so many ties this year, but also if that half game will come into play when the dust settles next week. Are there any teams outside the top 35 you would wager have a good chance at getting in? This is going to be a fun week and good luck to everyone. Make your waiver moves with intent and purpose as they could mean a lot more then previous weeks. Spend FAAB wisely as this is a situation where we could see some names drop in search of fielding a full team. I know my strategy and have my plan... do you have yours? Good luck all and thanks for participating. A few quick housekeeping notes that after the regular season ends although we will still have scores via Fantrax it does not update with our methods of playoffs and therefore is put together manually. Scores are still to be counted on Fantrax, but standings will not reflect there. It's been said a few times before but as a reminder. Top 35 teams get into playoffs. After the first week of playoffs 15 get dropped and we are down to top 20, week 3 (final week) will only have our Top 10 participating. POINTS CARRY OVER! and we will do our best to keep you updated with the current standings and how they are progressing. Finally if you are out of the playoffs, please be respectful as even though this is a fun league there is an amazing title on the line and we take this seriously. So if you are out please avoid making bad moves and putting the league in a awkward position. Thank you for participating and we enjoyed the work you have done with your team, but I would just suggest leaving the roster as is if you have no chance of making the top 35. That is just my opinion though.
  17. Although not entirely sure when the Rapsodo will be coming I will have another surprise coming that will have a large part to do with my review. Unfortunately due to family things going on and working flat out I haven't had the chance to get to the range or anything recently, BUT I did get to go by the local shop where they offered full use of their bay and GC Quad to compare and work with for the test which I am really excited about! We should also start seeing the other intros rolling in soon so be sure to keep an eye on the thread and give it a follow to be sure you don't miss any of the action!
  18. Intro's starting to roll in with our group here. Check them out as we have some brand new testers here which will have some great reviews coming of the Duca Del Cosma shoes!
  19. A 13! I'm speechless.
  20. You got the email because l had to reset the testers to allow for the leave feedback button to be accessible for testers. We had a bug that reset the testers on our end (this is why the emails came), but it was since fixed and my best guess is because this was one of the first tests it didn't get reset. So the email was me getting the test caught up, same with sub70 hybrid. As for the 2 reviews, it's because some of the reviews were done in comment not the proper leave feedback review area. Likely due to the reset bug we had. For those testers we would Look for them to copy and paste their review from there to the review section. As for the comments as you likely read in above comments and updates this is something we are aware of and are currently working on getting fixed.
  21. I really don't want to fire up this debate again but... InShot_20210808_150708529.mp4 There have been more and more players trying it and many not sticking with it because they are not finding the advantage. Xander won golf after going back to normal, Phil having it last all of 1 round. It's been said here and I'll say it again. If it truly was that big of an advantage everyone would do it. Armlock still is putting and clearly does not make putting automatic, it is still a skill and this is just another form of putting.
  22. I've merged your comment in with the Forum Testing Update where we are working on this.
  23. Had the same issue and reported it to the dev to sort away asap. That along with pre testing tab issues i have sent a video with everything that i am seeing in the hopes that it is easy to see and understand the issues that we are going through to ensure they are fixed properly.
  24. Appreciate the shout out! This has been a privilege so far and looking forward to seeing what the future holds with this site along with some exciting new content for our membership. We have a great passionate and respectful community that makes the "mod" work relatively easy which is all on you guys. Allows us to spend time doing enhancements and more time interacting with everyone which is great. Even as the newest of the bunch it has been a lot of fun working behind the scenes and getting involved to help continue help this site grow and I believe if the Tseries test is any indication we will have a lot more growth to come in the future!
  25. Maybe? I had him for 1 event and then shopped him. I got him in part of a deal where I was getting Cantlay then shipped him off with Fleetwood for Brooks.
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