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  1. Loch = Hole Weiss = White Gelb = Yellow Rot = Red Blau = Blue Herron = Man That should help. I don't think there are any other german words there to trip anyone up.
  2. Literally so many different directions to go with this. I am going to take out the most recent releases for these as I do think they have done a stellar job with their new releases of irons. P790 are an incredible club for so many, p760 are some of my favourites from a size and shape with some tech. Then some irons that really stood out to me at the time for where I was in my golfing game was the RSI series, specifically the RSI 2. I really wanted these irons and are one set that I never ended up owning, but really wish I had. However the set for me that takes the cake are ... drum roll please! Taylormade Tour Preferred MC 2014 - Tony Convey did an article on them way back in the day, however these were irons that just were stellar on all accounts for me and we even had a member review done on them way way back in the day! https://mygolfspy.com/2014-taylormade-tour-preferred-irons/
  3. The additional 4 shots for the course handicap certainly helped! Love how they do that here in Switzerland and makes it clear cut.
  4. As much fun as being on top of the leaderboard is, I am a bit nervous of being knocked out of it. However really hoping we see some more rounds! I won't be playing till next week, but hope we see some weekend rounds get submitted! ... Would love to be the first Mod to win a week!
  5. Count me as a second hand buyer for most things. Although I did get new irons they were sub70 so the price was much cheaper then others. I also normally go with demo drivers and such from courses or proshops as the values are often just too hard to pass up.
  6. I shared this story in the How Did You Play, but it is worth repeating. I have started playing with a guy who just started playing in August and caught the bug hard! We played 18 today at a tough course and because he can hit pretty long he joined us from the Whites (back tees). We played with another guy who was a 24 or so hdcp. It was a good litmus test for him. Anyway the first 7 or 8 holes were pretty good. Of course some horrific shots, but thats golf. The middle holes were a struggle with big curves on his shots, however come 17 and 18 he put it together and made a good bogey on 17 and made his first ever big boy birdie on 18. It's golf, its tough and sucks a lot of the time, but those small good shots and holes keep us coming back for more! (found out he went to his home course and range for 2 hours after to work on his game... guy is all in!) Edit: @Golfspy_TCB I had 4 Net birdies, not 6 sorry! I should have been more clear. Popped on 2 and had 2 other natural birdies.
  7. There is no question we are a much smaller community. Activity here is far lower. That has nearly always been the case. We do hope for forum growth, but it will take time still.
  8. Unfortunately not much we can do about the ads, however the banners you can remove by clicking the little X on the right. That will remove those entirely and the next time you are on the site they will not return.
  9. Best round in 2 years. Didn't quite break 80 (really really should have, but thats golf) and shot an 80. Plus for the first time in goodness knows when I didn't loose my golf ball! Was a tough track and we played from the back tees, but it was still a ton of fun. Played with a buddy of mine who is now using my old i210's and this was his 2nd time on a big boy course (need a official handicap to play on one) and he had a great front 9, but got a little tired on the back. However he got his first ever birdie on 18! Was such a cool moment for him. Hit a solid drive in the middle, went over the tree with a 6 iron and onto the green then sank a downhill 20 foot putt for birdie. The course was in great shape and is a really fun challenge. Lots of variety in the holes and good variety in the par 3 lengths. Greens were stupid fast and everytime I hit one slow it would still be right at the hole. Was good fun and hope to get back maybe for one more before the seasons end and finally crack 80 this season!
  10. I have two rounds to post. First one is from today. Golf Club Oberkirch CR: 72.4 Par 71 Slope 135 Handicap 11 Course Handicap 15 Score 80 Longest Drive 274 2 Actual Birdies and 4 Net
  11. I don't pay yearly for the service. However what is shocking to me is the difference in android vs apple.. Apple users it is far better than Android users. Like it is so bad for Android compared... Maybe I'm missing something but it is a shocking difference.
  12. I have another round tomorrow and before I go out I am going to repair all the clubs and go for it one last time! If it doesn't work I think I will just ditch the system and get a range finder or something like that.
  13. Glad I found this thread as I am looking at Vice here in Switzerland for golf balls. I likely prefer feel of others, however the value here is nearly too hard to pass up. Half the price of others easily... to be determined as it is the end of the season as well.
  14. There was a back end update that i believe made some standard (defaults) changes to this. As you said in a members profile notification settings all of this can be customized to a users ideal settings.
  15. Should also help with the sound as well which may be the biggest takeaway.
  16. Rumor is the Ping LST will have a carbon crown for the first time since the Ping Rapture driver.
  17. Until we are able to get some further permissions the MGS 2022 Theme is going to be offline as it needs an update and is won"t be compatible with the next update that is coming. Users of this Theme will automatically moved to the Blog Theme. Sorry for the inconvenience, however I will have an update soon as well as another 2 new features coming to the forum in the coming week!
  18. I know there has been a lot of discussion around hurricane Ian and my thoughts to all who were affected by it. That being said my wifes family in Nova Scotia were hit by hurricane Fiona and are now going on day 10 without power. I know there are a ton of others out there without power, gas is scarce right now, generators are being stolen and its just a complete crap shoot. Thankfully the bar they own has power, but well thats also both a good and bad thing haha. I also know of a bunch of supporters from Maine who have made the long drive up to help and appreciate all that. As or right now they are still looking at another 4 or so days without power. Just a crazy crazy storm for Canada and one that hasn't been seen in a very very long time.
  19. Will be pairing down some of the themes and discontinuing a few/updating the main blog theme. Some more features will still be added, but please don't be surprised if you see some go away for a period of time. The staple themes will still be available with those being Default MGS Theme Night Mode (traditional dark mode which has been around forever) MGS Blog (new default theme) And for those who really want extra theme access please let me know as none will actually be deleted, but instead removed from normal access (much like the Major Themes).
  20. Won't be long my friend! Won't be long!
  21. Another rain filled round and played awful. Just so bad, one of those days. Shake it off and on to the next one. Gorgeous course and quite tricky with a lot of side hill lies and the rough was essentially unplayable with it being as wet as it was.
  22. I have always been a big supporter of Arccos, but the last two rounds have me pretty bummed with so many missed shots and then not playing great having to go through and reload and recall and the crap shots I hit makes it even worse. So for the first time I am really and truly thinking about ditching the system entirely. I am going to reload and repair all the sensors and give it another go Tuesday. If that fails I do have a full set of unused sensors, but this may be my last season using Arccos. For reference I have never had a issue with them before. Their CS has always been great and I do like the system, but this has been a little much for me. I am going on year 4 or 5 with them and do hope things flip back to normal, but given the other options out there it may be time to branch out.
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