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  1. Snell MTB-x-Official MGS forum review by Bryan Pool It's been a little while since stage one went up and I have had a lot of time to test and review the snell MTB-x. Bottom line up front, these exceeded by expectations and they are going to be going in the bag full time for me. I tested against Pro V1, Bridgestone Bx330 which had been my previous gamer as well as the TP5x. I spent time around the practice green and the course. I did not spend time on the range because I didn't want to waste any balls. When I was on the course I played multiple balls and tried to hit a multitude of shots, working hard to eliminate poor strikes from comparison. I played a total of ten rounds, using multiple balls and comparing them against each other. I spent close to three hours just on the putting green practicing different lengths and types of putts. A quick overall for the Snell MTBx. If you are a mid to lower handicap player who strikes the ball well and is looking for a ball that will spin and stop on the green as well as roll pure on the green. This is a definite winner. If you are a higher handicap (15 and up) I would not recommend this ball to you. It is not forgiving if you mishit a shot and it's not going to stay online for you. It will spin sideways if you cut across the ball with your strike and punish you for it. Looks and Durability 11 out of 15 points I enjoyed the simple italic writing of "Snell" on the ball. The alignment aid for putting is not something I use but if I did I would say it's lacking a little bit. Durability was good. One ball can absolutely hold for multiple rounds as long as it does not come in contact with rocks or the cart path. I did see after any contact with tree trunks, rocks and the cart path the softer cover would have abrasions to it. Sound and Feel 10 of 15 points The Snell MTBx definitely lets you know if you struck it well or not. If you strike it well you don't even feel the ball come off the club. It feels just like you didn't hit anything. If you hit badly it will feel clunky and heavy. I found that if I bladed it especially around the green I heard dull sound and it felt hard. There felt like there was very little give to it. If I hit it well I heard a small "tink" sound right after I came through the ball. I do like a ball that lets me know immediately if I did something wrong through feel and this ball does that. With my previous Bridgestone ball it felt soft which makes sense because of the softer ball but it was also bad about not letting me know I hit it badly right away. On course Performance 33 of 40 Off the tee this ball immediately impressed. I kept track for first two rounds my driving distance with my current bridgestone vs the Snell. The Snell out drove the bridgestone by an average of 15.5 yards. I will say the bridgestone certainly has more forgiveness if you miss hit but if you strike the ball well and don't need that forgiveness than the Snell is the distance winner there. I enjoyed that the Snell also does not get high, it has a very low piercing ball flight off the tee. With my irons the Snell excelled again. One of the things I have had a complaint with the bridgestone BX330 is that I would hit a great approach shot and it just wouldn't hold the green. Even on courses where the greens were slower. The Snell did not have this problem. A few times with my wedges I even got back spin from the snell. On average my experience I could hit the snell and expect it to stop within 3-4 feet of the landing spot. I had one long hybrid shot from about 180 and the snell hit the green and stopped within foot just a couple of feet from the hole. that certainly impressed. The Snell can definitely get up in the air with the short irons and wedges but it still has a lower ball flight in the long irons and a middling ball flight on the mid irons. It certainly does not get up in the air as easily as some other balls I have played. Around the green and on the green is where I felt the Snell soared. Around the green with chipping it was very easy to chip aggressively and know I could get the ball to check up. The guessing game of will it check up or will it not was gone. I actually hit some chips short at the beginning of testing because I was expecting more roll out and did not get it. I would say that the Snell is right up there with the ProV1 and TP5 in terms of spin and stopping power around the green. It is way above the bridgestone BX330 in terms of spin and stopping with chipping and short pitches. On the green the ball rolled well. Although I give good old scotty cameron a lot of that credit I did not see any flaws with the way the ball rolled on the green. easy to control distance and the ball did not skip or hop off the putter it had a nice smooth roll from putter to hole. I do not personally use the alignment aid on the golf ball for putting. For some reason my eye is better when I simply stand over and use only the alignment aid on the putter and go. If I used the alignment aid on the ball though I would say the alignment aid on the Snell is lacking. I would most likely use a sharpie to draw a black line over the one that is there. Miscellaneous 9 of 10 I think that Snell as a company is doing the little things right. giving a discount for bulk ordering. Free shipping. Simple nice design. Multiple offerings. I gave them a 1 point knock because I would like to see golf ball companies say this ball isn't for you if. I will say this ball is not for the high handicap player or the weekend hacker. If your handicap is not below 15 or even 13 this ball is not for you. Your scores probably would not improve using this ball. Game bag or Shag bag 20 of 20 This ball is absolutely going into my game bag. This ball delivered more distance off my drives, great spin and stopping power on approach and around the green and great roll when putting. I am ok with the fact that it isn't the most forgiving ball. I have improved to the point where I can't use the excuse of its the ball or the equipment anymore. It's me, when I miss hit the ball it's going to punish me but I am ok with that and the benefits that it provides me outweigh the occasional miss hit that turns into a slice into the rough. Conclusion 83 of 100 points total If you take one thing from this review, TRY THIS BALL OUT! if it's not for you, hey at least you know. If it is as good or better than your current ball it's probably cheaper than your current ball. I would consider this ball a must try for anyone under a 15 handicap. For me I'm so glad I got selected to do this because Snell has earned by business. I hope anyone reading this found this helpful. sorry for the lack of pictures, I had a while bunch ready to go but they would not upload!
  2. I am really excited to review the Snell MTB-X. It is a different ball than I am used to playing, however it is a switch I’ve been thinking about for a while. Going from a Bridgestone B330 RXS which is a softer ball to something that is advertised as a firmer, higher spinning ball. I originally chose the Bridgestone after testing it against several Titliest and Callaway models. I liked that it was forgiving but seemed to hold most greens. However as I have improved as a golfer in my ball striking I have found that I want more spin and hold on the greens, especially on faster greens. I have been playing golf for about 7 years, but I have been playing golf as a serious hobby for the last 3 years. I play golf in south central Kansas, in and around Wichita. I love the game of golf, because no matter how many times you play, it is always a challenge against your best round, it’s a challenge to lower your handicap. It is also a great way to spend time with friends and to meet new ones. What I need from my ball is to hold the green. A few years ago I would have said I need by ball to be forgiving. Today I need by ball to have spin and to stop. So for me the most important thing is to have the ball spin, check up and stop both off my irons, wedges and around the green. I normally play a Bridgestone B330 RXS, I have played this ball exclusively for the past three seasons. Recently I have been thinking about another round of testing to see if this is still the best ball for me. This testing gives me a great excuse to buy a few dozen different balls and play around with them. I picked the Bridgestone because it felt good off the club, flew pretty well and had more spin than my previous ball. My current handicap is a 10.7 according to the USGA. That is down from 12 last season and 15 the season before that. I play at least 2-3 times a week during the golf season and practice both during the season and during the off season. My goal is within the next few years to drop down to 5 handicap. My typical ball flight is medium to high with a slight fade. Driver and irons are medium flight while my wedges tend to be a higher ball flight. When I miss my shot it’s left. When I miss I tend to over rotate and close my club face too much and I miss left. My golf game is pretty solid all around, but I have flaws just like very golfer. My putting is spotty most of the time. My driving is a strength, I am accurate and usually 280-290. My short irons and wedges are a strength of my game. However long irons could definitely use some improvement. As I move on to the official review of this club I’ll be trying out new things, trying to test the ball in every type of condition and shot that I can, so that should be an adventure. I’ll also be playing it against several other balls of similar caliber to see if it really is better or worse than they are and if buying direct is the way to go. I would love some feedback on what you all would like to see, I’m sure there are people who have creative ideas or have things they would like to see from a ball that I don’t, so feel free to share those with me and I’ll do my best to review those aspects of the ball. I apologize for the lack of pictures on this stage one, I’ll make up for with my stage two I promise.
  3. First off thank you to My golf spy for the opportunity. This is my second time reviewing a product for them and I really enjoyed the first time. If anyone would like to see things in my review or want to me to look specifically at certain aspects of the ball during my review feel free to send me a PM and I will do my best to make sure I get those things in. Looking forward to it as I'm sure everyone else is.
  4. Bryan Winfield Kansas 105mph Bridgestone b330 rxs No previous experience with snell
  5. Looks like a lot of people have already chimed in with good advice. Welcome to posting on the forum by the way. As someone who started this game as a 30 handicap I feel your pain. Finding an instructor is like finding a doctor. They all know more than you, but they aren't all right for you. They work for you, if you aren't getting results find another. You should always ask questions and they should never be annoyed or not be able to give you a good explanation as to why. As you learn the why you will pick up on when things are wrong and they should teach you how to recognize and make adjustments on the course. One of the best things I did was find a coach who also was my club fitter, so not only did get improve my technique, because he knew my game and my strengths and weaknesses he was able to help me build a bag that really maximized my strengths. He is brand agnostic and will bluntly tell me if he thinks a club is good or bad for me. If you can do that I would I recommend it. It's a long journey, enjoy it, even during the bad times, always try to have fun and find joy in simply getting a little better. I've been on the journey you're on, but it's your journey, don't compare yourself to your buddies, always compete against your former self. I'm down to a 12 handicap now. A spot that two years ago I couldn't have dreamed of, now my goal is to break 10. You will get there, keep pushing. Enjoy the game, enjoy the people who play with you. Good luck my friend, find that instructor who really clicks with you and let them elevate your game.
  6. I think we could have the debate forever. I also hate these debates that cross generations because you never got to see one against the other in their prime. Conditions change, the game changes. It's like mj vs Kobe vs LeBron. Brady vs Montana. Tiger vs jack. Were they all the best of a generation, absolutely yes. That said I want tiger to pass Jack. I think the chase is good for the game and to see golfers improve and grow the game is fun. Seeing tiger win another Masters this past weekend was so fun for be as a fan. Love him or hate him, tiger playing well is good for golf. It elevates the game and gives younger golfers a legend to chase, just like tiger chased jack.
  7. I'm not brand loyal at all. I am data loyal and I put alot of stock in what my fitter recommends. He also gives me lessons so he is really in tune with my game. I have a M2 driver, Callaway hybrid, Mizuno irons, Cleveland wedges and Cameron putter and play bridgestone balls. I've also never played better golf than with my current bag.
  8. I think the perception is absolutely true for most people. I think it's different for people who really get into research and follow equipment. I have nothing bad to say about titliest, I love their apparel, but I tested their AP irons and I tested several of their golf balls. They performed really well. For me it just came down to Mizuno irons played a little bit better for me and bridgestone balls performed better for me. I did recently get a Cameron putter and while it was fit for me and preforms so beautifully, I didn't get it because it was titliest, I got it because it was Cameron. I would test then again when it comes time to replace things.
  9. Well for me, when I did the putter fitting, I knew I was getting some back spin on my putts, especially on longer putts. This is obviously not something we want. So for me the fitting was about equipment but it was also about technique. My fitter suggested something with some slight toe hang because I do have a small natural arc in my stroke. He was also able to tell me I was setting the ball up too far back in my stance so I was hitting down on the ball causing some of the back spin issue. I also needed to step back from the ball slightly because I was hitting with an inside out stroke angle, leaving the face slightly open at contact, causing some right path drift of the ball. So the fitting for me did more than just suggest the best putter for me. It gave me some tweaks to my technique to practice that should all make a measurable difference. So when I say get fit, I mean to find someone you can have a real conversation about your game and who actually wants to see you improve and enjoy the game more. Not just sell you equipment. If they are just in it to sell you equipment, they won't be honest with you, nor will they put real effort into fitting you properly and explaining why they are making a certain equipment suggestion.
  10. Best move I have ever made in terms of equipment was to find a club fitter who I trusted. He also happens to be my coach who has given me lessons so he really knows my strengths and weaknesses so his suggestions and recommendations were very informed and helpful for me. Sent from my Pixel 3 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  11. I would say that I regret not having every been fit for a putter but I just did this, this past week. Not an evnroll but I ended up with a new Scotty Cameron square back. I also got some really great tips to practice with my putting Sent from my Pixel 3 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  12. Great idea for a thread. For me it has to be a putter and two hybrids I bought from bombtech. I was new to golf and fell for all the hype. In fairness I'll say it is probably more that they weren't fit for me. Definitely didn't last long and I regret buying them. Sent from my Pixel 3 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. Welcome! We have a small group here from Wichita! Enjoy the forum Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. You know I watched a video by me and my golf coaches who were talking about this and they said exactly this, it's hard to hit it straight unless you are really good or playing a really short wedge shot. I took this into my thought process and really stressing working on hitting a fade that I control and a draw that I control. The draw is still a work in progress, but the fade is coming along nicely and I have noticed my gir especially on par 3s has gone up now that I'm not trying to hit it perfectly straight but instead controlling the curve on the ball flight Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. This season has seen my bad change immensely. Thanks to some lessons and discussions with my coach I stopped carrying a 3 wood in my bag. I've changed the irons in my bag from ping g20 to Mizuno jpx900, I've added a Callaway rogue hybrid to my bag as well as replaced my old ping wedges with Cleveland cbx wedges as well as changed putters to the Cleveland Huntington Beach 6. It's been a big year for my bag but that hopefully means that in the next few years it will be calmer Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  16. I just bought the jpx900 and they are already at a reduced price so they probably won't reduce more but I got them fitted for 100 a club Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  17. He is a big draw to the game for hard core fans and casual fans alike, which is why he is covered so much. I get the able your coming from because it does sometimes detract from the very talented young golfers who were getting covered while tiger was injured but it's just like LeBron for basketball or Tom Brady for football. Whether you like them or hate them, they attract people to the game. Plus if you're a hardcore fan you can find plenty of coverage of the great field of young golfers who are the present and future of the game Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  18. Alright, sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to your comment. First off to the argument, this is only what works for me and may not be for anyone else. It's just what I found works for me. I have what would be considered a huge gap in the bag. I drive the ball 260-270 consistently. My five hybrid goes about 190. I only carry 11 clubs currently but 2 more wedges are in the works. I simply going that I hit a 3w, 5w poorly and a 7w just as far as my 5h. So I just found that I didn't hit those clubs well and I just work my way around the course using those clubs. Ping G20 driver through wedges Bombtech blade putter
  19. Welcome to the forum, I'm around the Wichita area as well, enjoy the club Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. That really sucks, but remember this, golf fitters and golf coaches are like doctors, they know about the subject than you do and probably will help you, but if their bedside manner doesn't help you too, find one who does. Sounds like you still need quite a bit of work in your swing, which don't we all, but you're right, the equipment that fits your skill level will help. I would encourage you to think about this, at what point in your bag do you lose return on your swing. What I mean by this, is at what point does hitting a long club stop benefiting you? I carried a 3 wood and a 4 hybrid for a long time. For that time it hurt me, because going for the green from over 200 yards was not something my swing was good enough to do. My coach suggested I throw out the 3 wood and 4 hybrid and we going my point of finding return was my 5 hybrid. I now carry a driver and the next club is a 5 hybrid, which I hit about 200 yards, I added some more wedges father down in the bag and my scores improved. So think about maybe ditching those woods or really long irons if you aren't hitting them well enough to justify their place in your bag Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  21. This is no different from the NCAA tournament where you have teams playing minimal distances from home depending on their seeding. My question would be how long ago was the site picked, if it was a couple years in advance than I think there is no argument here, because when they pick the site they can't know who will be in the tournament that year Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  22. I use an app called mscorecard and it keeps track of my handicap and things like gir fir putts and chips, it's keeps it up to date and it's close enough to what I play to be reasonable Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  23. Good luck to those who put in for it. I know my skill level would be what these are assumed at but I just bought new irons so I'll pass and how that those who get them do the review process Justice Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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