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    Stix Golf


    Good luck all. I'll be interested to read your results in the future on how they perform and how you determined those results.

    PING S159 Wedges


    Wow! Not only about this test opportunity from Ping but I'm actually using my phone to send this comment.  I will admit MGS has forced me to learn more about tech than I've ever used before. Good luck you all on this test

     I don't have ready access to any tech gagets to actually test numbers so I'm interestd in how you "feel" folks will develop test parameters. Good luck all. Waiting to read your results


  1. I am amazed at how many people have signed up already. Good luck to all of you Texans heading to Dallas to stand in line. OK, well four of you anyway. Good luck to you all. I'll be very interested to read about your results and how you actually determined what and how you were going to quantify "feel" . I'm not sure how you can get three different types of club heads to feel the same. This is going to be good I think. Good luck folks.

  2. 3 hours ago, GolfSpy SAM said:

    My understanding is that the ball is the same as the current model (2023), just with a new alignment feature.  As a big fan of the 2023 models (both Tour and Tour X), I would HIGHLY recommend getting some for the trip.  You could always just draw an arrow on the ones you buy 😉

    @GolfSpy SAM, thanks for the info. I just looked them up and see they are offered on Dick's and GG sites.  You bet. I think I will for sure.

  3. Would have loved to be involved but timing just sucks. I'm leaving for 3 weeks in AL to visit relatives and do some golfing. Would have been a perfect time but alas, obvious timing just won't work. Once back to MI in March it will be another 3 weeks before courses start to open.  Now I'm in a huge quandary. I was going to buy 2 doz of Maxfli before heading south but now I'm wondering if I need to wait until the results of the testing are published???? I love ya Maxfli but you're screwin with my head!!! Anyone know, are these commercially avail now??

    While I was lamenting on timing, I forgot the most important thing. Good luck to all y'all on this opportunity and to the lucky 10 congratulations. I'm really looking forward to hearing your results. The obvious hit me in the face while I'm looking out the window at a 6+ inch fresh fall this AM. I'm going to AL to golf in less to 2 weeks....😁


  4. Best of luck to the final four. It'll be fun but at times nerve wracking. I'll be very interested to read about your testing methodology. Not always easy to come up with quantifiable data.  Good luck you all.

  5. 8 hours ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

    Time to break the forum.

    First time we have had TaylorMade involved and truly so thankful! 

    Enjoy all and get your signups early as when this hits the main site it is going to pop off!

    You aren't just a kidding. Great opportunity for some folks. I'm not a TM fan but I certainly want to wish those selected a fun but busy experience. Will certainly be looking forward to those write ups for sure. Great job MSG. Hats off to you all. Good luck testers.

  6. Good luck testers!! Would love to try but just too much snow here. I'm sure I would loose all 12 within a dozen swings. Looking forward to hearing about your results. Have fun folks. I especially want to read your thoughts from the slower swing testers. That's my group.

  7. WOW!!. I'm nowhere near capable of understanding all of this. Totally mind blowing for me. Wishing all of you selected a heartfelt congratulations and at the same time, what a daunting opportunity. Really looking forward to reading about your experience. This is one I need to sit back and absorb your all's knowledge on.

  8. On 10/17/2023 at 9:05 AM, GolfSpy_APH said:

    Who is interested in testing some golf balls? 

    Please take note that unlike other testing opportunities no full review or writeup will be required. Participation is expected as well as feedback and participants will be required to a fill out a form upon completion of testing which we will then provide to Titleist. 

    Happy Testing!

    Holy whatever Robin used to say. 100 testers but over 10,000 have signed up!! How are you going to make a selection @GolfSpy_APH?? Yikes. Just taking the time to view contestants...Yikes again.

  9. I signed up as I'm sure I can complete the time period required. My interest, as a senior who is thick around the middle and frankly do not possess the ability to work out like those young'uns do. Walking and light exercise involved in yard work and home repairs. I cut the grass and maintain the lawn by hand (3/4 a). I still walk my 9 hole rounds.  As I get older, swing speed and distance have dropped. I can see the distance difference but only have a sense of SS by how I feel and seeing distance drop each year. This appears to be a system that I'm physically capable of doing and will measure and hopefully help me improve my SS.

  10. Got to say I'm curious as to how they perform. I'm somewhat, you know, skeptical if they can do what they say they can. Good luck testers, run them through the tests.  Have fun. Will be waiting to read your results.

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