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    Christian Golf Fellowship is a Tuesday evening golf league that goes from when Daylight Savings Time starts in March, to the end of September every year. We shotgun start at 5:30 pm at Golden Eagle Country Club in Tallahassee, FL. $30 gets you range balls, 9 holes of captains choice golf, devotional and dinner. Come join us!
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  1. 18th hole at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club in Valdosta, GA. It is a dogleg left 386 yard par 4 finishing hole that has ruined many of my rounds. I’ve tracked 26 rounds since joining Kinderlou and I average 4.8 strokes on this hole and have never birdied it. And depending on the wind I’ve had anything from a 9 iron to a 3 wood into this green on the approach shot. The tee shot can be played anywhere you want as the fairway has a very generous landing area, but the further right you end up the longer your approach is into this hard to hit green. There are two fairway bunkers on the left that are strategically placed to capture any tee shot that does not carry at least 220 yards (uphill) which I have been in on multiple occassions. And if you end up in the fairway bunker you will not reach this green in regulation. The hardest part of this hole is the approach shot. Typically it plays uphill and into the wind, which always has you guessing at club selection. If you miss the green right you are short sided in a deep bunker that pretty mich guarantees you a bogey or worse. So most players will miss left, which is no picnic as there is a deep collection area that your ball ends up in that demands a challenging chip back on to this green which has a false front that will send weak chip shots right back to where you started from. I’ve never birdied it in 26 tries and I consider it a victory to walk off of this hole with a finishing par. In our weekly dogfight this hole is rarely birdied; but if it is birdied you are guaranteed a skin as you will be the only one birdieing it that day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Looking forward to testing these balls out. I appreciate the opportunity!
  3. Not that this is a contest or anything, but that wins the misery award for sure. I am too much of a wuss to think I can handle even a semblance of that sort of pain and misery.
  4. Who cares what they sound like. This is TV man.
  5. Well, the only way that happens is if someone gives it to me for free. That's how I ended up with an iphone, so why would an Android be any different. And yes, I have visual evidence that Siri is truly a ho here...
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Davis_Love_III Davis Love III has 21 PGA Tour wins, and is lifetime exempt. I don't know who is making the decisions at CBS, but I can think of at least 5 or 6 other women golfers who would make a better on air presence than Michelle Wie. Sure, why not. Let's make a list shall we? Blaire O'Neal Holly Sonders Anna Rawson Paige Spiranac Natalie Gulbis Paula Creamer I mean, some of these women on this list https://www.fanbet.com/sports-article/hot-female-golfers/ don't speak English all that well, but man, do we really care? This is TV - as in you look at it. As for me, all Michelle Wie says to me is "do not want"!
  7. I can't believe I'm making this argument, but take any college football team and match them up against Alabama on a neutral field, and I'd take Alabama to win that game. And if anything, I bet Vegas would have Alabama favored in any game, against any other college football team this year or any other. Next year Alabama will be a preseason top 3 team again, and probably #1. Saban doesn't ever rebuild, he just reloads. It's the same reason why I hate the New England Patriots, because you just get tired of seeing them win. But from a rational arguments stand point there isn't one team in college football that I start every season saying, "just give them the trophy again." except Alabama.
  8. Put the MIL in a memory care/assisted living place on Monday after she suffered a stroke a few months ago. Watching a 91 yr old woman slowly go downhill is not for sissies. My poor wife is an only child and devoting every waking moment to her mother now. All I can offer is moral support to her honestly. Life sure packs a punch sometimes, and it never seems to end. You go from living under your parents roof, to can't wait to live on your own, to getting married and having your own kids, and when will these little rugrats be out of my house to, man I can't believe they grew up so quick, to oh wow, the parental units are starting to deteriorate and require more and more of my time. And through all of this your body starts breaking down. You are invincible in your 20s; too busy trying to raise a family in your 30s; need glasses and have lower back pain in your 40s; to everything is starting to hurt, and I need more sleep in my 50s. Based on that trend I am so looking forward to my 60s and 70s, and God help me if I reach 80. Watching my parents, etc in their 80s I really wonder if I can stand the pain and trauma that comes with being that old. I do know one thing. The people that look like they have their lives all together on Facebook and have no worries are full of crap and faking it publicly.
  9. You know, after thinking about it some more, and taking my emotion and hatred of all things Alabama out of the equation, my gut still says to me that Alabama is still the best team in college football. They scored over 40+ points against their two biggest rivals and still lost. Yeah, their defense needs work, but put them on a neutral field against any other team, and don't you think Alabama still comes out on top? And not that I would ever become an Alabama apologist, but if you think this through rationally, I'd still put money on Alabama to beat any other team in the country, straight up. Saban is just too good. And I don't think Alabama has lost anything honestly. They just had some bad breaks against Auburn and a fluke 1 second field goal that shouldn't have been allowed at the end of the first half. Again, hate Alabama personally, and detest Saban with every fiber of my being, but looking at it rationally, they are still the best, and everyone else is playing for the scraps - including Clemson.
  10. What do the pros do? How much time do they devote to each specific part of their game? How many strokes do you hit with your "long game"? How many strokes do you hit with your "short game"? How many strokes do you hit with your putter? I played 9 holes Monday night. I shot 42, and had 21 putts. Based on that information only, and nothing else, what part of my game do you think I will be working on to improve that was 50% of my shots Monday night? It's a pure numbers game to me. 1 drive on a hole, 1 approach shot on a hole, and 2 to 4 strokes around the green, depending on where I hit my approach shot. The long game (and approach shot) is about course management. Where do I hit this for a good miss? Where do I hit this approach shot so that if I do miss I don't short side myself or give me an impossible up and down. Long game I take hazards and bad angles out of play. Short game is pure numbers and accuracy. Wedges around the green and putting are all about trying to get in the hole in as few strokes as possible. I just need my long game to get me there. Aside from all of that, because I have a very limited amount of practice time, I'm going to spend 80+% of my practice time on putting and chipping. The full swing comes and goes, but I can save myself a lot of strokes if I can maintain a good chipping and putting game.
  11. Not unless it's at a @ga_pike Georgia Southern tailgate.
  12. I'm sorry, all I got is 12 men on the field, and "DOINK!"
  13. Well, you see, she's his sister, and she's maybe 16, so.... well, you figure out the rest.
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