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    Christian Golf Fellowship is a Tuesday evening golf league that goes from when Daylight Savings Time starts in March, to the end of September every year. We shotgun start at 5:30 pm at Golden Eagle Country Club in Tallahassee, FL. $30 gets you range balls, 9 holes of captains choice golf, devotional and dinner. Come join us!
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  1. One question that was not asked in your survey was asking why you might not get a fitting. And honestly, where I live makes it very challenging to get fitted by a decent fitter, with a variety of options. I mean, we have Edwin Watts locally, and that's pretty much it. I would have to drive at least 3 hours or more to a larger urban area that has more fitting options, like Club Champion in the Orlando area, which is 4+ hours away. But the downside of all of this is that once you purchase new clubs, I'm gaming them for at least 5 years before revisiting a new club in whatever fashion. Especially with the cost of drivers and fairway clubs skyrocketing recently, I'd be hard pressed to purchase any of those new anymore, and I will wait for them to come to the 2nd hand market at a reasonable price to replace any existing clubs. So essentially there are a lot of challenges to golf club fitting that go beyond anything asked in your survey. It's almost like trying to get 3 buddies to all commit to the same date for a free round of golf. Someone always has an excuse and no one can ever seem to agree on a date to actually play golf, and that is hoping the weather works in our favor as well.
  2. Then she also doesn't watch any golf on TV then, or follow pro golf news, because with all of the rules infractions on the PGA Tour this year with caddie line ups, and penalty strokes, etc, again, she'd have to be living in a cave to not know. As for Siem, well, I'll just say that he's the type of guy I wouldn't be friends with, because he's probably always late, and the kind of guy that has ZERO attention to detail and is oblivious to other people's feelings or situations.
  3. My gapping on my irons is about 10 yards between each iron, so I'm not sure which company you are referring to (my irons are the PING G irons on my 5-9 irons). Here's a breakdown of what is in my bag, distance wise, with my irons: 3 hybrid - 205 yds 4 crossover - 195 yds 5 iron - 185 yds 6 iron - 175 yds 7 iron - 165 yds 8 iron - 155 yds 9 iron - 145 yds PW - 125 yds GW - 115 yds SW - 100 yds LW - 90 yds So beyond the massive gap between PW and 9 iron, most of my gapping is about 10 yards.
  4. I've played in enough tournaments to know how I would react to anything going on around me. It's like society in general now with pretty much anything going on. It's a free for all everywhere, and why should golf be any different. People don't want to be the tattle tale, or the one calling someone out for a rules infraction, which makes you look like a total a-hole to everyone else. So people just keep quiet and go about their business.
  5. This isn't even a local rule. This is a USGA rule that is for everyone playing the game. So how you haven't heard of this change for this year, again, she must be living in a cave.
  6. GSwag


    Well, at least we know why he plays golf for a living, and is not a doctor or lawyer.
  7. I’m gonna flip this topic around to give you another (mine) perspective on putters. I had used the same PING G5 B60 putter since I bought it wholesale back in 2003 until earlier this year, when I decided to tinker with several other putters I had sitting around. I putted with a modified TM Spider for a bit and decided it wasn’t the one. I bought used for $90 at Edwin Watts a Odyssey blade putter with a arm lock shaft on it and tried that for a bit and it just didn’t pass the feel test after a few months. So one day this summer I was rummaging through all the old clubs I have in my house and started practice putting with a 20 year old Tour Edge mallet putter. I took it on the course and tried it for a bit and said, sure, why not. I went to Edwin Watts and had them put an updated fat grip on it and here I am putting better with this old beat up thing then anything else I’ve tried recently. I mean, I paid $25 for it 20 years ago off of the clearance rack at some golf shop. The grip I just put on it cost more then what I originally paid for the putter if that says anything. But right now it’s not for sale. You could offer me $200 for it and I wouldn’t be interested. It ain’t worth even as much as the grip on it, but it’s found a permanent home in the bag. One of my most common things about putters I say is that you could put a 2x4 on the end of a broomstick handle and putt with it. Who cares as long as it works for you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. A rivalry in mediocrity in my opinion. Rory hasn't won a major in 5 years, and Brooks can't win a regular tour event more than once a year at best, because by his own admission, those events don't excite him, and he doesn't prepare for them. As much as I detested the dominance of Tiger, when he was in his prime, everyone else was playing for 2nd place. There is not a single player today that has that type of confidence to dominate, and can actually back it up with their play. Single biggest statistic that just shows you how incredible Tiger Woods was over his playing career, what was it, how many YEARS did Tiger go without missing a cut? That's dominance right there. How many cuts did Rory and Brooks miss this last year alone? Honestly, these two are a snooze fest in competitive fire. Brooks used to not say anything, and he was better off. Because now when he talks, what he says isn't worth repeating or talking about, because he's an average pro who happened to win 4 majors recently. And man, talk about a guy who has gone MIA. What in the hell is wrong with DJ? Man, if there was ever a player that should have at least a handful of majors, and should be winning at a regular clip, it's him. But he's simply vanished from the elite talk. Again, it just goes to prove that none of these snapper heads are even close to what Tiger Woods was, even on one of Tiger's "off" years. This is beyond stupid, and a ridiculous joke.
  9. I'm a #2, as I play on Saturdays mostly, with little time to practice during the week. I did enjoy my time in NC though, as I played almost every day. Hard to do that at home when the wife assumes you'll be home by 6:30 pm for dinner, and that is her love language (quality time). I also agree with the article that you should spend a majority of your time working on chipping and putting. When I go to the driving range, all I see mostly is guys banging drivers trying to get longer. I'm tempted to walk up to some of those guys and say to them, "I'll bet you $20 I can beat you on any par 5 just using a 7 iron and a putter", and see what their response is.
  10. https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/27860341/lee-ann-walker-adds-58-penalty-strokes-score-senior-lpga-championship Honestly, where has this woman been living, in a cave? How is she unaware of this new rule with all that has happened this year regarding this?
  11. Yeah, this is certainly "growing the game".
  12. Finish strong on the 19th hole, and all is forgiven.
  13. General: If it says PING on the label. Driver/metals: If it says PING on the label. Hybrids: If it says PING on the label. Irons/wedges: Irons - If it says PING on the label. Wedges - actually favor Cleveland on the lob wedge, but PING on the other wedges Putters: I've recently changed to a mallet putter after hitting a blade style PING putter for years. Although I can probably be convinced to try something else if the moment feels right. Balls: At the rate I am going I may never have to buy another ball for 3 or 4 years. Have four dozen Titleist ProV1 on the shelf, and another 4 dozen Srixon Q Star Tour coming, with a dozen Taylor Made TP5X coming. It's whatever I get a deal on, or get free from tournament money that goes on the shelf for future use. Gloves: MGGolf.com, because I am cheap, and gloves are throwaway items at best, and MGGolf.com is as cheap as they come and just as good as golves costing 4 times as much. Shoes: Skechers. FootJoy sucks, just FYI. Brands: If it says PING on the label.
  14. So my brother sends me a gift card from GoPlayGolf.com for my birthday, and it's supposed to be something you can use to pay for rounds of golf or whatever at any one of 5,000 golf courses. So I was up in NC, and I figured I'd use it for one of my rounds of golf while I am up there. Well, to save you some time, their system for redeeming this gift card for rounds of golf is so complicated and convoluted that I would steer clear of trying to use it towards greens fees or whatever. Essentially how it is supposed to work is that you fill out this long, complicated form online ONCE you have made a tee time, and then this company is supposed to call the golf course, and pay for your greens fees BEFORE you come to play your round. Well, not really knowing this, I called the golf course a few days before I wanted to play and made a tee time, and asked them if I could use this card towards my round, and the guy on the phone at the course said, "sure, we can use it." Well, I showed up the morning of, and it didn't work. My failure was the fill out the online redemption form, and submit it to this company so that they could pay the golf course. But seriously, who does golf like this? If you're like me, I rarely plan that far ahead with tee times, especially as a single. Normally it's either the day of, or the day before that I decide to play somewhere, mostly because I am always worried about the weather, and don't want to book a tee time if it's going to suck outside. The good news, if you want to call it that, is that you can redeem these gift cards for merchandise or Top Golf, or lessons, or whatever. So I explored the merchandise options online, and they take you to Worldwidegolf.com where you can enter the gift card to pay for whatever they have online. Not a total loss overall, but the card definitely is next to impossible to use towards a round of golf. Just thought I'd share my experience with the group here.
  15. Agreed. One course I've played several times where after I played it the 2nd time it dawned on me that every par 4 was driver, 6 iron. So I looked at the lengths on all the par 4s and they were all basically the same. I guess I overlooked that the first time I played the course, because otherwise it was a great course, but after playing it the 2nd time and realizing that was the situation I haven't been back to play it since. Variety is the spice of life as you say, and without it, it's somewhat boring.
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