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  1. GSwag

    Help..I need a ruling over here

    I'll just answer this by sharing my story from a one day tournament last summer. I was about 14 holes into the round when I realized I had left my driver about 4 holes back. We were teeing off and I just said to my playing companions that I had to go get my driver. I didn't ask for permission, but I just apologized, took the cart and started my drive back to get my driver. A group behind us had picked up my driver, and it took me about 10 minutes or more to get my driver, but that's a $400 club so if you want to DQ me from the tournament go ahead. The end result was that I got my driver, caught back up with my group, and continued playing the round. It pissed off the guy in the cart with me, but I didn't see him offering to help me replace a new driver, so that's on him. There were no penalty strokes involved in this scenario, and everyone else seemed pretty understanding. As for cactus and a lost iron. I'd have just played on without the club, and bought a replacement at my next opportunity. Not worth killing myself to lose a fight with a cactus. That's too painful to even think about.
  2. So I am off from work on Monday, and figured it's a good opportunity to play some golf. But I pinged a couple of friends, and everyone seems to be working. So flying solo means I am on my own, but my motivation is only so so. I am tempted just to play the muni 5 minutes from my house where for $45 you get a round of golf, burger and beer. But I don't know. Golf is better with friends, so I'm just lukewarm whatever it is. I could also drive an hour or more to some better courses. Heck, I even thought of driving down to World Woods, and play one of the best tracks in Florida, but that's 4 hours each way, and without company on the course I'm not too high on that idea. What would you do with a day off and golf as an option anywhere you could play? Also don't know what @revkev or @fozcycle are doing, so their input might sway me.
  3. GSwag

    Bridgestone Commercial

    I liked it, and thought it was good. As for market share, with most pros sticking with Titleist it seems like it would have to be something earth shattering in ball development to get pros to play something else. Maybe if one guy (or multiple guys) continues to win with another ball, perhaps then you'll see an exodus from Titleist, but as it is, that mountain is hard to overcome. I thought Fowler switching to the Taylor Made ball was interesting, but again, it's just one guy. You need several dozen top top pros to switch to the same thing to see real traction from the sheep on tour.
  4. Skechers are the way to go. I have two pair that aren't water resistant or water proof, but if I need a pair of comfortable shoes, skechers are what I wear. They are miles ahead of anyone else, comfort wise. At least for me anyway.
  5. GSwag

    In the Bag..... for the moment....

    How do you like the Ping Sigma 2 Fetch putter? I was testing with this recently and almost pulled the trigger on it. Interesting that you have an x-stiff on those sweet irons. What is your swing speed for that?
  6. GSwag

    My Old School Bag

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's the guy who is playing older equipment with the super silky swing that I am always wary of betting with. When you find a comfort with a set of clubs there is not really any reason to upgrade them every time something new comes out. Nice job. P.S. Would have been nice to see your driver and fairway metals without headcovers, but no big deal.
  7. GSwag

    Launch Monitors

    I was watching a bunch of reviews of the SC200 on YouTube yesterday, and it really has me intrigued. For what it costs I'm really sitting here wondering why you wouldn't go for it and get one. Seems like a no brainer to me, and could really help put real numbers on my club's distances, versus just the assumptions I've had all this time. And the ability to take it on to the course, and use it in real time in a real round has strong appeal to me. And it would seem that all I would need to do this would be an open course on a practice round with no one behind me. I could spend a few extra minutes on a few holes and just let this thing do it's work and get true numbers to see exactly how far I truly hit my clubs.
  8. GSwag

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    Well said. It's sad that a generation of Americans known as "The Entitlement Generation" has shamed Kuchar into this madness. Everyone goes around saying, "I deserve this," and "I'm entitled to this." It's greedy, it's prideful, and it's self-serving. I also think there is a divide between younger people and older people in this debate. Maybe that's too easy to generalize or stereotype, but I heard a bunch of older people trying to figure out why people are making a fuss over this because they don't think Kuchar did anything wrong. And then I heard a bunch of younger people ripping Kuchar to shreds because he was "selfish" and "cheap" and "greedy". Perhaps it's not only an age thing, but I can draw my own conclusions on this from a worldview and political perspective as well. I also find it hilarious and so predictable that a group of people who go around shouting down anyone they disagree with by saying, "who are you to judge me," are always the first ones to line up on places like twitter and rip someone like Matt Kuchar to shreds. Sure, I get it, we can't judge you, but you have every right to judge everyone else. Yeah, I know, you aren't judging anyone. You just choose to call what you are doing something else.
  9. GSwag

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    I'll take it one step further. If I am a tour pro and saw what happened to Kuchar, I don't even play in a Tour event in Mexico, ever again.
  10. GSwag

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    That's a hell of a generic judgment of others by someone who I have no idea who it is. But if you agree with his statement, that's pretty obtuse and letting emotions cloud your own judgment. And I can only speak for myself here, but this is neither anger or saying there is a right or wrong in this (well, other than what I just posted above). I just think people taking shots at Kuchar for this based on gossip on the internet and whatever miscellaneous 3rd generation facts they are reading or hearing about is incredibly myopic and cruel. And who the hell gives a crap who Brendan Porath is, let alone what his opinion is. I could call him a judgmental holier than thou prick based on nothing more than this tweet, but that would be defeating the point of this post.
  11. GSwag

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    This reminds me of the time when Hootie Johnson went to the media when Martha Burke started making noise about Augusta National not having a woman member, and how she was going to protest the club, and make a lot of noise. Think about it, if Hootie never said anything, including his now famous, "at the point of a bayonet" comment, do you think we would even know who Martha Burke is? Frankly, I think Hootie broke the unspoken code of Augusta National that Clifford Roberts used to employ to run Augusta National. When in doubt, ignore all criticism, and stay silent on everything outside the confines of this club. A) I think Kuchar is smart for not being on social media in the first place. Nothing good comes out of Facebook/Twitter/Instagram B) I think what Tom Gillis did by posting this thing on twitter in the first place is disgraceful. Not that I am anybody, but if I knew Tom Gillis, and know he did this sort of twitter thing with the sole intention of embarrassing a fellow peer I would not only blacklist Tom Gillis, but I would never speak to him again, and completely cut anyone off who associated with Tom Gillis. C) Michael Bamberger is a giant POS in general. He's the same journalist that called a penalty on Michelle Wie the next day, with the sole intention of having her DQ'd from a golf tournament. The penalty they ended up calling on her was a microscopic infraction of a bad drop that was centimeters closer to the hole that could only be determined by slow-mo video review. But you are going to wait till after she's already signed her scorecard, and she has no recourse to correct this for the tournament, and as such it's a guaranteed DQ off of an infraction that was so unintentional to be bordering on absurd? My point being that Kuchar has nothing to gain by speaking to Bamberger. Bamberger wants nothing more than to sensationalize a story and to make mountains out of mohills. And frankly, if I was a golf professional and Bamberger was in my path, I'd intentionally go out of my way to let everyone know what a POS he is, and to never speak to him about anything ever. Bottom line, like they say in the movie theatre, "silence is golden," and the less you say, the better off you are.
  12. GSwag

    Cut golf balls

    The White ball is non-conforming, just FYI. I tried their trial pack and wasn't overly impressed as these balls seem to wear out faster than normal. Just my worthless two cents. Whenever I plow through the other 7+ dozen golf balls in the house I am leaning towards Snell. I like the price and the way Dean Snell does things. And his balls are just as good as a ProV1, et al.
  13. GSwag

    Another mea culpa from Sergio

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Golf clap. Golf clap. Golf clap.
  14. GSwag

    We've all been here (bunkers)

    when did that happen? Looks like #10 at Riviera?
  15. GSwag

    Dream Tour Golf Job

    Perhaps before I say anything else I recognize that this thread is supposed to be fun and pick something related to the PGA Tour to work as. With that said, and saying this as someone who is getting up there in years, pretty much any job on Tour or travelling with it week in and week out requires a heavy commitment away from your family and wherever you live. Working in some capacity that involves being at every tournament would mean that you would be married to your job. Also keep in mind that while Tour players can pick and choose their schedule and can take time off whenever they feel like it, there are literally hundreds of behind the scenes people that are at every tournament and get very little time off. So unless you don’t care about a family and would absolutely love the Tour lifestyle of living out of a suitcase 40+ weeks a year, there are a lot more appealing career options out there. Now with that out of the way, if I could pick one job, it would be as Gary McCords replacement. First off, the guy is annoying as hell and never shuts up. I’m not even assuming I could, but for a fact KNOW I could do a better job then McCord does, and it’s not even close. How he keeps his job is a mystery to me. And before you dismiss my job, I actually have a bachelors degree in Broadcasting and at one time was training for this exact career. But like I mentioned above, I prioritized family and having a life over being a slave of a company like CBS or NBC who will treat you like a piece of meat and will chew you up and spit you out unless you somehow manage to make a name for yourself and are the next David Feherty which is truly like winning the lottery and all about who you know and being in the right place at the right time. Sorry to put a buzzkilll on this fantasy job thread, but having done my homework years ago on the industry I took a hard pass back in the 90s when I could have chosen to roll the dice on that lifestyle. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy