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  1. GSwag

    On the road to Orlando

    Great, I'm so looking forward to my 200 yard best distance drive. But I'll hit every fairway.
  2. GSwag

    On the road to Orlando

    The tournament was Friday and Saturday, and we had perfect weather both days. We shot 92-85. 31st place out of 34 teams. At least we didn't finish dead last. I just don't have the distance of these young guns. When you are getting out driven by 30-50 yards on every hole those 420+ yard par 4s become borderline par 5s. And three of the par 3s were 190+. Not making excuses honestly, but the takeaway is that unless the yardage is less than 6,500 yards I shouldn't even bother playing in it.
  3. GSwag

    On the road to Orlando

    Give me my Cheesy Poos!!!
  4. GSwag

    On the road to Orlando

    which is way closer to the hole then you do.
  5. GSwag

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    I really haven't watched any NFL in two years, and the wife had it on today, and I see the miracle in Miami, and now I'm watching the Cowboys/Eagles game and I'm thoroughly convinced that the NFL is fixed. Philly throws to Goddart the TE and they call offensive PI when he scores a TD to tie the game late. They showed the replay and if there was any PI on that play it was by the Phantom Menace from Star Wars. Totally horrible call, and then they call roughing the passer on the next play when all the defender did was wrap Wentz around the legs to tackle him. This game is completely invalid. They might as well just call it a tie, because the officials have totally destroyed the legitimacy of the results, no matter how this turns out.
  6. GSwag

    College Football

    that's like a year old, fwiw. Not that it matters.
  7. GSwag

    College Football

    so he got $100k from Alabama instead of $75k from MEEEchigan.
  8. GSwag

    College Football

    boo freaking hoo
  9. GSwag

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    what the...??? This just happened in Miami. Patriots up 33-28 with 16 seconds to go, and are kicking off to Miami to end the game. The Dolphins run one play for a touchdown to win the game in a miracle play! I haven't seen anything like this happen in years! Unbelievable! https://www.nfl.com/share/32052020-2053-4e50-5939-373233363834 Don't worry Patriots fans, you'll clinch the division next week, after you kill whomever you are playing and Miami once again chokes away a game they should have won.
  10. Well, I actually emailed the FSGA and they answered with this... The ratings for OCN are outdated and not valid, you should not post those scores. http://www.usga.org/handicapping/handicap-manual-2012-2015.html#!rule-14397 14-2. Authorized Golf Associations to Re-rate Courses An authorized golf association must periodically review Ratings of courses and revise them as necessary. Newly constructed courses change rapidly in the first few years and must be re-rated within five years. An established course must be re-rated at least every 10 years, even if it has not been changed in any way. A course must no longer use its USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating if its ratings are more than 10 years old and scores recorded on that course may not be posted to a player's scoring record. Each course must contact an authorized golf association within its jurisdiction to schedule a re-rating. Thanks, Mark R. Boyko Club Services Manager Florida State Golf Association www.fsga.org (813) 868-5855 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. So I just finished playing the Crooked Cat course at Orange County National in Winter Garden, FL, and I went to post my round to GHIN on my iphone, and the course doesn't show up in the database, either by searching on Crooked Cat or Orange County National or variations of either. I know you can enter a score manually, which I did in this case, but I find it very curious that this course is not in the USGA GHIN database. In fact, the Panther Lake course at OCN is not in the database either. Anyone have any ideas as to why these two great and famous courses wouldn't be in the GHIN database?
  12. GSwag

    On the road to Orlando

    I don’t know how you managed a 73 on that track when half the greens there have undulations like this. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. GSwag

    On the road to Orlando

    I’m 51, and both players on the team have to be 55 or over to qualify for the senior tees. My buddy is 46 so it wouldn’t have mattered. This is by far the longest 6,700 yard course I have ever played. I swear it seemed like half the par 4s were 200 yards in or more on the approach, and three of the par 3s were 190+. The course feels much longer. Probably because holes 1, 10, and 18 are all very short and easy par 4s. The rest of the course is pure hell mentally. Long and nonstop frustration. Factor in the wind on this links style course that makes club selection a guess and it’s a brutally tough test of golf. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. GSwag

    On the road to Orlando

    The winter is long and insufferable. We’ll have plenty of time for you to give me some lessons on the golf course. [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. GSwag

    On the road to Orlando

    The whole course is a replica of St Andrews. The fairways will jedi mind trick you to death with pot bunkers everywhere. After today’s round I’ve hit the same fairway bunker on the par 5 15th hole that splits the fairway right at 260 yards. There are ao many holes like that where if I hit my drive at it it will find the bunker right in the middle of the fairway. But to be fair, the fairways are ridiculously wide. You can have 100 yards from left to right and a lot of holes that parallel another hole that is all fairway. There really is any rough, but tons of pot bunkers and fescue to mentally screw with you. Oh and did I mention that the greens are monstrously large, but have some of the most ridiculous undulations I’ve ever seen. We had four 3 putts today and a four putt. They are running about 10 on the stimp for the tournament and the pins are all tuckes in places that are just really hard to get close to. Good times! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy