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  1. So far I added a PXG Gen 3 driver replacing my Cobra F8+. I was carrying an m5 3 hybrid, went to and old Adams 4 hybrid but now have a 7 wood in that slot. I ordered a Titleist 5 wood to try that in my F6 + 3/4 wood slot. If you aren't tweaking you are not golfing and some setups work better on certain courses. Got to just love this game.
  2. I'm a golf addict! I enjoy reading your reviews, posting occasionally and entering contestr. Even tested balls a couple of times.
  3. Jackie Monticello, MN I practice on the carpet or with an old mat. might as well put on the carpet 10 - 11 on the stip meter
  4. Can I get a Veteran and Donor badge please? I haven't donated yet this year but have in the past... Will soon, just moved near the 7th teebox at Monticello Country Club!
  5. Jackie/Monticello, Minnesota/USA Bettenardi Studio Stock #8 Hepler Anser 2 - It was reccomended in my fitting, I like the look and I have the new putter itch.
  6. 5.4 Monticello, MN My curreent Irons are Cobra King F8 One length I hit my 8 iron 130 yards. I know Sub 70's are made in IL and are using the factory direct model. I have heard nothing but good things about them. I am all for made in the USA if they can pull their weight!
  7. Jackie - Minnesota 6.4 Taylormade M5 3 Hybrid Cobra one Length 5 Hybrid hit it a few yards farther than the iron it's replacing, easy to hit, consistency and many tap in birdies.
  8. Bridgestone E12 Soft – Official MGS Forum Review by Jackie Santopietro Introduction Now that I have spent some time at the practice green and I have played 4 rounds It is time for me to let you all know how I really feel about the e12 Soft in a matte yellow. This is the very beginning of the golf season here in tropical Minnesota and we have had it all thrown at us during this stretch. This ball has now been tested in the wind, rain and even during some sunshine. Looks & Durability (12 out of 15 points) The ball has a nice look to it for
  9. Hello, I am Jackie an avid golfer from Minneapolis presently playing to a 7 HI. I have been playing golf for a very long time but was not that serious about how I played until I was in my forties. I play every weekend and love every minute of it. Nothing beats getting outside, enjoy mother nature and shooting my lowest score ever. I am an LPGA Amateur Golf Association member and play with the other women in the group on a regular basis in addition to competing in MGA events. The strength of my game has been my driving the past couple of years. 200 plus yards with a very high percentage
  10. - Jackie - HI 7 - B330 RX/E6 - I use the E6 in damp conditions to maximize my distance so I will say Speed I have been seeing the commercials and I have been wondering what the difference is. Now we will know.
  11. - Jackie - Minnesota - Regular Graphite - Your 7-iron distance 125-130 Need more of this distance thing... - Your first name - State/Province/Country - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup - Your 7-iron distance
  12. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Patrick Cantlay Tier 3: Zach Johnson Tier 4:Bill Haas Tier 5: Peter Uihlein Winning Score -7
  13. Jackie Minnesota Cobra F6+ Regular shaft 85-90 4.8 HI Preferred ST 180 12.5 Regular Shaft
  14. Hello Jackie Minnesota ​Do you use performance tracking? No Do you use a GPS watch?Yes Which ones Sky Caddie watch Thanks!
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