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  1. I have had no interest in any tracking device to this point. Most seemed like more hassle than they are worth to me. I would love to see some reviews on this once people start using it. A device that is unobtrusive without having to fiddle with during a round is right up my alley. I am also curious about the weight of the device since I carry. The weight may be worth it if can help my game enough to allow me to offset this by carrying fewer extra balls.
  2. I did a putter fitting a few years ago and tried an Edel round grip (brushed tour wrap texture). Stayed with my same putter (Mizuno Black Carbon mallet) but switched the grip to the round Edel with extra wraps (use oversize grips on my irons). Favourite grip I have tried. No problems with rotation possibly due to my grip. I use a conventional grip but both index fingers are pointed straight down in line with he shaft. This seems to keep my wrists more stable and may be the reason the round grip works for me.
  3. I play with the kids at Don Valley. Course is kept in good shape and only a few minutes from my house.
  4. My usual drinks are whiskeys neat (scotch, rye, bourbon in this order. Good all year long. This winter I tried Chartreuse Green, a vegetal liqueur made by French monks. Neat over ice is OK but much better if put in hot chocolate. Something completely different and I am glad I tried it.
  5. I had a putting green installed in my yard last fall while I redid the landscaping. I purchased The Perfect Putter and Dead Zero putting disks based on an article on this site. The green is over 50' long with a few breaks and I want to practice breaking puts and hoping the Perfect Putter will help me to understand them. The Dead Zero disks are for extra targets on the green. I also hit a couple of Evnroll putters at Golftown and am thinking of getting a putter fitting at a location near me who stock these putters.
  6. I only walk and carry my bag even if a cart is included in the green fees. I won't play courses that do not allow walkers.
  7. I have been reading the site on and off for a couple years and finally joined. I am 46 and been playing for 18 years with less than 80 rounds total for my life with most of them the first 4 years when I had more time. Last year I got my daughters (10 & 12) interested in golf and signed them up for lessons as well as finally taking a few myself. They like playing so time for me to take it more serious and actually practice. I have always shot 95-110 depending on the day and my goal this year is to break 90 and play mid 90's consistently by the end of the season. I think the information available on this site will help me achieve my goals.
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