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  1. My offer to take PREED and all the negative vibes that go along with having him on their roster still stands. Let's make a deal.
  2. Rafa shoots a 60 today... and still loses . What's with all the Reed and DeChambeau angst? A couple of years ago it was the Cantlay waggle that was in the crosshairs. I guess we just need tour villains?
  3. I think you should win simply based on effort .
  4. 222 yard 7i... nah, the excessive yardage debate is much to do about nuttin . The GC crew was showing another players yardage sheet yesterday and it looked like a 30-40 yard increase across the various clubs. I'm keeping count on how many times they show this shot and/or the plaque. Did he choose between 3 different clubs or just back n' forth between two?
  5. I think that's the temp they keep game time hockey pucks - might mask the "feel" part of your review. Have fun.
  6. Some days you just can't miss. Like Tigers in and out of the cup trick a week ago, some shots simply defy physics.
  7. Absolutely, why not. While I did no end up buying Sub70 clubs, my interaction with them was nothing short of A+ customer service. I suspect there will be be more and more golf equipment companies like this in the future. I did not yet view the episode... how'd I do?
  8. If that hat had the PING logo, it would be the bomb (or skookum in old school lingo).
  9. How are they in the heat? Looks like the dome is mesh/ventilated?
  10. Looking good Rick. That one dosen't look like it would be too floppy in a wind.
  11. OK, having now made a trade with @blackngold_bloodI now feel like I'm seriously in this game. I'm riding FIGJAM (you'll have to ask @Undershooter) all the way to the winners circle .
  12. I know but that was last week... wanted to give him a chance this week to earn his keep .
  13. CH3 overranked, underachiever... who wants him? Maybe a trade for HV3 and???
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