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  1. Wow, signs of fall were in the air today while playing in Bozeman, MT. I had several shots that found the rough and the beginnings of leaves. I had trouble finding my white color ball. Do any of you switch to colored balls during the fall to help with seeing them? I switched to an optic yellow but promptly parked it in the creek.
  2. What made you choose MPC over Club Champion, True Spec, or others? Look forward to hearing how it goes.
  3. Two immediate thoughts I have. First, he dosen't want to deal with the distance debate and changes at the rules & equipment level. Second, guess what he plans to do with his spare time... course design... so he'll take care of the distance thing indirectly .
  4. It's the Payne Valley Cup (not Open)...oops'. Looks like a fun course. They just showed a time lapse video of the 19th hole being built. It wasn't even there two weeks ago... crazy! They aimed for it to be the "best 19th hole on the planet" and I'd say they did it.
  5. This has been a fun format and mix of players to watch. All for a great cause on Tigers newest public course. Anyone else catching the action? https://www.news-leader.com/story/sports/2020/09/22/tiger-woods-missouri-golf-course-paynes-valley-cup-opening-scoring/5829007002/
  6. This was a topic on this No Putts Given Podcast. (specific comment at 38:05). The negative is related to ball being wet. https://mygolfspy.com/warning-are-you-playing-this-golf-ball-noputtsgiven-38/
  7. I think Poulter, Montgomerie, Sergio and a few others are asshats at times, but I'd play a round and have a beer with anyone before deciding not to a second time. I've had a fair number of folks surprise me over the years.
  8. Come on Rev, who dosen't want to experience golfs equivalent of a trip to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory... at least once.
  9. Are you trying to tell me something? I fit solidly into the "you've been fit but are second guessing the results" situation. Perhaps had my fitting been at a True Spec or Club Champion, I would have already moved towards lessons, but I have suspicions. I may very well end up spending $400 to find out my arrows match me as good as any other mfg./model... but it will be worth it to me just to eliminate that gnawing doubt. This is a really good article and Matt makes many solid points about the fitting process. With my last decision being where to do the fitting, I found this statement worth note. They have everything TS has plus they carry Wilson - and I'd really like to see how the D7's compare.
  10. I'm laughing only because I just had a "stinker round" a couple weeks ago. The round felt worse than the 91 result. Of course I was playing from the blue tees (71.5/130/6678), trying to keep up with the pro who was getting ready for the weekend event (73.9/135/7053). At the first tee, I almost said "oh what the hell, I'll give the TIPS a try"... glad I reconsidered . His drives were easily 2x further than the average 21 yards/hole difference in distance.
  11. Also be careful of bug spray around watch faces... experience talking. Heat some distilled water (natures solvent) and see if this will remove it. It might take several or more applications to soften it up and break the bond.
  12. This is what I first noticed as well. I recently played 18 with a pair of younger guys in Elko, NV and one was 99% arm swing...and I mean way upright and rigid lower half. Most all of his shots were thin and slices. He asked for advice so I gave it. By the end of the round, he was getting his belt buckle most of the way towards the target and, while still pushing balls right, getting lots more distance and much better contact. Since you're just getting started and haven't ingrained swing habits, it would be of benefit to take a series of lessons from a highly reviewed instructor. This will help you understand swing fundamentals and, likely, keep you on the right track. Good luck!
  13. And here I thought it was a seal. And they all look to have hues of the i500's... which brings up a question... who was the first mfg. and which model was the original "players distance" iron?
  14. Well, in spring 2019, I was fitted for irons and changed my 30+ year in the bag PE2's for G410's. Seeing about a 5 stroke improvement and think it fair to split the gain between the new arrows and simply playing more since retiring. I had a really bad experience with lessons in my early 20's; pretty significant swing changes that just did not work out. Very well known and competent instructor, and I spent a lot of time trying to make it work. Big time frustration. It is my belief that lowering one's handicap, short of near full time commitment to lessons and training, follows an asymptotic curve the lower you go. Going from 8 to 2 is, for most players, WAY tougher than going from 25 to 15. Once I complete my full bag fitting this winter with a top end fitting facility, I will turn my investments to lessons. First I want to assure myself I'm playing the best clubs/shafts for me... and I have a gnawing belief I'm not. But yes, to Tony's point and as highlighted by the video @GolfSpy Strokershared, lessons are the better investment if you're confident in the sticks your playing.
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