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  1. Randy Oregon Taylormade Corza Ghost Elevado Slant Neck. 33.5” if possible, otherwise 34”
  2. First Name/State of residence: Randy / Oregon Handicap: 17 Current irons in Play: Taylormade Speedblades with Steel FST 120 X-Stiff Flex The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 175-180
  3. Thanks. Just got fitted for everything. My swing speed was too fast for stock TM shafts and driver spin speed too high for my old driver (9.5* aeroburner stock stiff/ trying to sell this 3w, HL 5w and 3H if anyone interested ). Subzero helps a lot as do the stiffer and heavier iron shafts. Now trying to perfect my swing using The Efficient Swing by Monte.
  4. Ive been playing golf more recently and did a little in high school when my then future FIL wanted to treat me as his golf project. I've improved but still looking to get better. IF I could be more consistent I could be a solid 85-95 golfer although i did my first 18 of the year and shot a 110. Had three pars but had a horrible start to my day I love being outside and that the way you play is mainly in your control. The mental aspect gives me something else to focus on, which is a healthy break from reality Wanting to learn about the latest clubs, possibly be a tester and just be a part of a golf community Born in ID, raised in WI and now living in Beaverton, OR. I love playing Meriwether National but definitely like a variety of courses. Best is in the summer the weather is usually good. Worse is most driving ranges you hit off turf and either have to be either a member of the club or pay extra to hit off grass. Was not like that back in WI. I am an engineer Simple user name I use for other things. Nothing special
  5. Driver: Epic Flash SZ Fujikura Pro 65g X-Stiff Shaft 3 wood: Epic Flash SZ Hazardous Yellow X-Stiff shaft 3 hybrid: Taylormade M3 with 85g Hazardous Black X-Stiff Shaft 4-AW: Taylormade Speed blades with FST Pro 120 X-Stiff Shaft 54* & 60* W: Ping S Tour with KBS Tour shaft Putter: Taylormade Ghost Tour Corza with Fat Super Stroke grip
  6. Randy/ Oregon 2012 Taylormade Ghost Tour Corza Handicap: 22
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