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  1. Man you make me want to jump on this. You gaming the stiff or xs?
  2. I’m in the Portland area but likely a no go this weekend as I am battling an infected toe. Some other time for sure though. Welcome to the board!
  3. Sounds like you need a super hybrid!
  4. Bucky grad or fellow Wisconsinite?
  5. Changing up my ideal bag after thinking hard about what equipment I would really like based on many many reviews and discussions with fitters. Driver: Radspeed XB 9* with Project X Blue RDX X stiff shaft at 44.75" Hybrid: Callaway 17* Super hybrid stiff (staying the same) but adding in a possible 19* Hybrid for wet cold days or if i want to change my wedge setup, maybe a cobra or PXG. UI: Either Srixon ZX 20* or New level NU-1 21* dialed down a deg or maybe even the Cobra King utility with its adjustability could scream "YES!" Irons: Srixon combo: 4-6 zx5, 5-7 zx7,
  6. Thinking about a new top of the bag setup, but it will be pricey Radspeed XB 9* at 44.5" with the Blue RDX X-stiff Super hybrid 17* Stiff (dialed to 16*) Srixon ZX 3 UI (1deg strong) or Cobra Utility 3 with adjustable hosel (both would be with KBS tour Stiff steel) My wife may kill me but I think this could be a great top of the bag setup for me if I can unload the current top of my bag... ....again, just a dream...
  7. I have a goal to retire at 55 (god, 24 years from now) if I can so I can still enjoy my kids and be more active. Will see how my company’s stock does to see if that will be plausible. as for you, do what makes you happy. Like others said, you don’t get years back and a little less money shouldn’t matter as long as your state of mind is better. Good luck!
  8. I want to know what job a 13 yr old has to buy shiny new toys
  9. Looks like these are available via utry on global golf, this is tempting
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