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  1. Another session in the books. I feel like this speed training is helping me control my swing better. This aid is so easy to use and at this price point I’m glad I got it. I hope my gains hold only doing dominate side swings. If they do, looking forward to the increase I have and pushing it further after the initial 8 weeks. Oct 21 Pre 99 100 101 101 100 1 112 111 111.5 2 111 110 110.5 3 108 106 107 4 103 86 94.5 5 101 101 101 1 115 116 108 116 116 113 Post 106 107 107 108 106.6666667
  2. So just saw another review for this that mentioned the forgiveness is low but when hit on the screws it is a bomber. Is this true for you guys? This sounds like an EF SZ without the front weight by that description
  3. That’s a beautiful track atleast
  4. Start of week 2. Same swings as week one. Tweaked my prgr setup after a suggestion from @twyatt700. These numbers are more realistic from what I see on the course. Was sub 40 again this morning. Getting used to the trainer. The screw pieces do seem to struggle going in the cold but that could just be my cold fingers. 10/19/2021 Pre 96 102 103 99 100.3333333 1 115 111 113 2 110 108 109 3 94 101 97.5 4 103 102 102.5 5 100 101 100.5 1 119 119 114 111 112 117.3333333 Post 107 107 107 107 107
  5. Jumbo bucket today. Used the prgr to see my distances. Pretty dead on. Was stroking my 7i ~165 with beautiful flight. Driver SS max was 107. Some hit on the screws. Realize I really need to let my trail atm extend through the shot or I lose them right. Also found my distance from the turf with the super. A couple at 245 total. Might need to play with the shaft a little. Started getting super tired and driver was not working when I was trying to play a simulated round on the range. Thinking I might try a lighter driver shaft (currently 75g rdx blue) for more speed and less fatigue. worked on some short sided chips as well as thick rough chip/pitches. Both worked well. Need the high bounce SW for thick stuff and the 58 works great short sided. Lag putting as well. About 6-10 within 5 ft with one holed from 40 ft. Decided to end on that note.
  6. All relative so small uptick. Slower today. I think some of the low readings due to prgr set up, I think I was too close to it today. Need to maybe fine tune things a bit. Love this as a trainer. Afterwards it makes the driver feel super heavy still. Like a sledge hammer. I almost feel amazed I can top 90 with it afterwards, yet again, there was a 100+. Pre avg for the week was 92 mph. Post workout avg was 96. Oct 16 Pre 90 94 90 88 91.33333333 1 79 99 89 2 72 69 70.5 3 50 64 57 4 77 77 77 5 72 72 72 1 83 82 79 78 74 81.33333333 Pst 88 95 102 97 95
  7. Since ditching Arccos, first round out was so strange. Luckily I had a free round of golf logix to use. I don’t know if I can go back to the good ol days, although my wife wonders isn’t that what makes you a good golfer, being able to know where you are reading markers and such.
  8. Warmer today by 15 degrees compared to Tuesday (balmy 48*). only a 1 mph gain from pre to post today. Granted one of the post swings I drop kicked so that really should count. Some could be prgr readings. If you take the fastest two it was a 4 mph gain. The weights seemed harder to use today. Don’t know if it was the dampness or what. As well I notice my driver feeling significantly heavier after the trainings. Thinking I need to put the stock 12g weight back in instead of the 18g I bought to add some forgiveness (max ls). Oct 14 Pre 92 95 99 95.33333333 1 96 105 100.5 2 96 104 100 3 106 102 104 4 96 100 98 5 93 96 94.5 1 112 100 111 110 106 107.6666667 Post 104 94 91 103 96.33333333
  9. I was in your same boat. I made things worse by tinkering and now am just focused on one setup and working on my swing. For me I was super heel despite playing a 44.5” driver. where are you hitting the face? I believe you are toe side and closed face, which happens to me as well. Be patient with lessons or swing changes. I have been working on mine for a year now independently and slowly seeing results with the driver. Another thing to try, this isn’t for everyone, but try to hit the opposite shot. A push fade. Learn how to control the face and your path to create these shots. Your brain will then start to calibrate. I did this a lot with my irons during the season and once my swing work goes another 3-5 months, will get back to those thoughts. A lot of this I got from Adam young and some swing mechanics from Monte S. Keep grinding. Golf is tough. Or come play a round with me, I’ll make you feel like a plus handicap based on my game
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