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  1. @RickyBobby_PRand @cnosil And some others are right. What ever can get you closer to the hole more often and has the look that helps you align the best and feels best in your hands is what you should go with. I have three putters including the one I’m testing. When all is said and done, I am gonna keep the two that gives me the best distance control and then rotate based on greens or what I want to use that day. It’s all personal preference. You won’t find some magical putter that helps you sink everything. If that were the case pros would avg 18 putts a round. Take your time. Test some things
  2. @azstu324 @Sluggo42 @GolfSpy MPR @808nation awesome group of testers. Should be a fun one. Untorque yourself
  3. Interesting. I tried yesterday with no luck. Hmm
  4. Their sim dhy is also not available for customization and such
  5. Roster is set for the weekend. Hopefully my secret weapon works…
  6. Shot 45 on nine today. Had I not had three driver obs would have been a 39
  7. Haha. I’ve hit the garage opening mechanism several times
  8. I’m in. Hopefully my fantasy players don’t let me down!
  9. I wish I woulda grabbed him. He’s been tearing up the euro tour
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