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  1. I am mostly biased toward Titleist. My driver, fairway wood, irons and golf balls are Titleist. My hybrid I went to Tour Edge and love it. I have 2 Sub 70 wedges and love them as well and my golf bag is Sub 70 but I also have a Titleist staff bag. Overall Titleist brand is still my favorite.
  2. I walk the majority of the time. I have a motorized push cart which is great for walking. The course I live on there are a lot of walking golfers which surprised me a little. Even see the young kids out walking with their push carts.
  3. We recently moved to a golf course community and our house is on the course. We did not join right away as we were still getting settled in our new house, but we have since joined. The advantages that I have seen so far in joining a club is that I can use the driving range and practice area at anytime. I can just walk onto the course and start playing from the tee box we live on. I do make sure I am not cutting in front of groups especially on busy days. I will sometimes go out early in the morning or late in the evening to play 9 of even just a few holes. That has been the main advantage I have seen since joining the club. The others would be the club house for lunch, dinner and special events. The pool and tennis courts as well as pickle ball courts. I walk mostly so I am not paying a cart fee unless I would ride. However if I did not live on a golf course I would not be joining a club, but since living on the course there are advantages to joining a club.
  4. I have always been a Titleist fan ever since I bought my first complete set. Pretty much a Titleist loyalist and just love they way they play
  5. Yes, I still like to walk as its great exercise and overall a better experience with golf. I do still ride from time to time but plan to get more walking in this season. I got a new push cart for last season and this season I got my cart fitted with a battery powered motor. Looking forward to a lot more walking again.
  6. I had a bout of golfers elbow this past summer. I did a lot of research of the causes and remedies to treat it. First time I had ever had such pain like this in my right elbow area. I rested between rounds by playing and practicing less which did help some. I used Ibuprofen before rounds which helped some. But ended up doing stretches on both arms before a round that specifically stretched the elbow area. This helped tremendously in almost eliminating the pain during a round. I also started incorporating rotator cuff strengthening exercises into my workout routine and that has helped as well. I figured the injury to my elbow was from all the years of pitching and had finally caught up to me. And maybe it had a little something to do it, but my hopes is that with the winter off and continuation of the stretching and strengthening exercises that I will be good to go come spring. But I will say the stretches before a round or practice helped tremendously.
  7. Wedges I have replaced probably after 3-5 years based on wear. As far as my iron set I just replaced those about 2 years ago after 16 years of using my previous iron set. Just never found any iron sets to play as well as my old set till a couple years ago. Don't get caught up in what the industry says of how often to replace irons. They are trying to sell equipment. If your irons are damaged or worn then by all means replace them if you wish.
  8. I will usually play a ball till either I lose it, it gets badly scuffed or worn out to the point it looks dirty and less bright than a new ball. It's not like we are getting these balls for free like the pros soI'm more apt to play them till they are lost.
  9. I would go the EZ-GO electric route myself. We are looking to move to a golf course community as well and would definitely look at EZ-GO electric first. I will walk mostly but will still get a cart for those hotter days that make walking rough.
  10. I use my driving iron off the tee only currently on 400 yard or less par 4 that may also have a narrow landing area. The trajectory of my driving iron is like a stinger and gets plenty of roll. I'm still working on hitting it off the fairway or under trees to get out of trouble. I do like using it now that I have one.
  11. If someone has a driver less than 5 years old I doubt you would see a difference in how you hit the ball. Will be interesting to hit this driver as a demo to see how it stacks up against my current TS2 driver. I have noticed a few recent winners on tour have the new Titleist driver. Will definitely demo the club soon when it comes out in the fall to the public.
  12. I do not play with a 6 degree gap between wedges. Pitching wedge to 48 degree wedge is a 5 degree gap but then go 52 degree to 56 degree. Six degrees is a lot to me between wedges.
  13. Anything from a 100 yards in takes practice as it requires finesse and touch to hit good pitch and chip shots. For me I use my 56 degree wedge from 110 yards and in. But I also practice a lot with my wedges to develop that touch. I would say start with a pitching wedge and move down from there and find which wedge you can rely on for the majority of your chips. But it will require some work at the range in order to do that.
  14. I played Kelly Plantation for the first time on Monday May 9th, 2022 after going to Destin area the last 16 years. I would not pay more that $100 to play there and that is why we played mis afternoon when the rates were cheaper. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The course was in good condition, but you could tell they had recently sodded the tees. Enjoyed the round playing with my sons and brother in law. Glad I finally played Kelly Plantation , but might pick Regatta Bay over Kelly next time.
  15. I replaced my Vokey wedges last season and replaced them with Sub70 wedges. Worth taking a look at them if you aren't brand specific. I really like my Sub70 wedges as they provide the spin I need and they were cheaper than the Vokey.
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