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  1. I like playing without a golf glove so the best grips for me are Winn grips. Next season I will be putting Winn Dri-tac 2.0 on my clubs. They allow me to grip the club without a golf glove in most any weather. I like the feel of them and they are not hard as they have a little give to them.
  2. I have 4 brands in my bag. Driver, 3 wood, Irons are Titleist. 5 wood Patriot Golf wedges Sub70 Putter is Pyramid putter
  3. I currently have three pair of golf shoes that I use. My foot joys have the removable spikes as well as pair that has non removable spikes. I have a pair of skechers that only have the non removable spikes. If it's really wet out I will tend to wear my foot joys with the removable spikes as they do provide more stability from slipping. Otherwise I will wear the other two pair alternating.
  4. Fittings should be free if you are buying clubs that you are wanting fitted for. If your getting your current clubs you have refitted or tweaked then you should be charged.
  5. I have paid as much as $125 to play tour quality courses, but would be willing to pay to play Pebble Beach at least once.
  6. Have stand bag and 2 wedges from Sub70 golf and love them all. You can demo their clubs before buying them which is a great idea. Before spending several hundred dollars on a driver or set of irons you can try them out. Might have to demo a driver next spring myself. I also like that you can customize your shafts and grips. Definitely worth a look into Sub70 golf.
  7. Would love the opportunity to be a tester for the Maxfli Tour/Tour X balls. Have been a tester for several prototypes of the Titleist Pro V balls in the past and would relish the opportunity to test out the Maxfli.
  8. I have a stand bag and 2 wedges from Sub70 and couldn't be more happy with all of them. The wedges perform just as good as my Vokey wedges did. When I am in the market to replace my irons, driver and/or fairway woods I will definitely be looking at Sub70 equipment as they continue to improve and innovate.
  9. My first order from Sub70 was a stand bag about a year and half ago. The price was right and it had the features I was looking for in a new stand bag. Definitely cheaper than the other high priced brands. Absolutely love it. About a month ago I was in the market for new wedges to replace my older Vokey wedges. I looked at Vokey again of course but then looked to see what Sub70 offered. They had newer wedges that had been upgraded from their previous offering. I checked out the specs and compared them to the new Vokey wedges as well as price. I decided on the Sub70 52 and 56 degree wedges and couldn't be happier. As they continue to improve their other clubs I will definitely look into those if I am in the market to replace my current clubs. Sub70 definitely worth a look as they are cheaper in price but not quality in my opinion.
  10. Would definitely like the opportunity to test out Sub70 driver as I have 2 of their wedges which I like very much. Definitely would enjoy testing out their driver.
  11. I ran across Sub70 golf a couple years ago when I was in the market for a new stand bag. Looked at many different brands including Sub70 and compared them all from features to price. Sub70 had comparable features to other name brand golf bags, but Sub70 price was much cheaper than those name brands for a stand bag. I bought the Sub70 and was not disappointed. Just recently I was looking to replace my worn out Vokey wedges. Looked at the Vokey's again ,but also looked at Sub70 wedges. Read up on both brands newest wedges and chose the Sub70 52 and 56 degree wedges based on comparable features and lower price compared to Vokey. Have now played several rounds with them and I am not disappointed by my choice. They are every bit as good as my Vokey wedges performance wise and I saved money as well.
  12. Would love the opportunity to test out the Sot Scope V3. Looks like a better GPS than some.
  13. Would love to be an Arccos tester as I have tried several other app based tracking programs. Would like to see how Arccos compares to them in tracking my games stats.
  14. Have played Titleist for over 20 years, would love the opportunity to test these new irons for sure.
  15. Would greatly like the opportunity to test this product to practice my putting anytime.
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