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  1. Have played Titleist for over 20 years, would love the opportunity to test these new irons for sure.
  2. Would greatly like the opportunity to test this product to practice my putting anytime.
  3. Greatly interested in this testing opportunity.
  4. Have used Arccos for about 15 rounds so far. Have had some recent issues with missed shots but add them after my round. Will definitely clean my sensors and microphone on my phone to see if that helps with missed shots.Only thing i don't like is the putter sensor counting my putts off the green which inflates my putting total per round. Have to figure out a way to still count the stroke but not as a putt. Other than that I like the stats Arccos records as it has been a help for improvement areas and also gapping of each club.
  5. Would love the opportunity to do testing of Titleist golf balls and contribute in some way in helping Titleist to manufacture a golf ball for many others.
  6. This would be a great opportunity to test some great clubs and compete in some challenges at the same time.
  7. Bryan Indianapolis,IN I walk 90% of my rounds on flat to hilly terrain I currently use a TGW Tour 3 wheel push cart
  8. The old Top Flite balls would have to rank near the top of the list. Couldn't imagine going back to a hard ball after playing Pro V1 for many years.
  9. Bryan/ Indianapolis Iphone 11 IOS 14.2 Mostly indoor but some outdoor as weather allows. Will be using a net unless weather permits to go to the range.
  10. Bryan Indianapolis,IN Titleist ProV1 Played Top Flight for 10 plus years when I first started playing golf. So I am very familiar with the Top Flight brand. Would love to test out the new version.
  11. Bryan, Indianapolis, IN I have used a net but not with a target like this one. I do have a launch monitor to use with a hitting net.
  12. Bryan, Indianapolis,IN. Right handed Hybrid- VKTR+ 18*- Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff Driving Iron- UiHi 18*- KBS Tour V Stiff 2 handicap Currently play a long iron
  13. Bryan Indianapolis,IN Titleist TS2 9.5 2 handicap 115 TSi2
  14. Bryan/Indianapolis Handicap 1 Current wedges played are Vokey Wedges Like the finish and reviews I've read so far about the wedges
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