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  1. I buy blind all the time. I buy used cars because I'm not in to paying for something that will immediately depreciate. There are so many tinkerers out there that will be the new latest and greatest that I'm happy to try out a club for fractions of the retail price. If it doesn't go where I want to how I want it to, I put it in time out or I push it along and get another... I also started playing golf before the launch monitor where you either bought off the rack and played with it or you tried it on the range and then bought. I was the youngest of 3 boys and always played with hand me down clubs too. I don't doubt that there is gains in getting fit but, if you buy a wedge and want it to go 96 yards and you hit it 96 yards with the flight you want, play it... Didn't Collin Montgomery game a 5 or 7 wood that had a ladies flex shaft in it for years?? I'm a tinkerer and love a good deal so I can afford to Tinker...
  2. Clayton/Corinth TX 12 Callaway MD 4 and Cobra MIM I like the look of a raw wedge and I think in some cases you can get more spin
  3. 1. Clayton; Corinth, TX 2. I have a putt out, I putt on the living room rug, not a true roll at all 3. I've had the generic foam covered with turf that goes up hill to a cut out hole. It's long gone because it didn't seem true 4. I think medium would be closest to the greens I play
  4. Grew up playing Wilson Staff Blades, would love to test these... Clayton/Corinth, TX Low 80s, 12? 716 AP2
  5. 1. 12, Corinth, TX 2. 716 AP2, ~150 3. I know they are DTC with great customer service and beautiful looking irons...
  6. Wanted to jump in with a comment on my recent procurement and experience with Shotscope V2. I love the idea of tracking and also like the idea of yardage help with GPS. I've looked and followed all the GPS watches, iphone apps, Arccos, and Shotscope. I have an apple watch so I've become used to having something on my wrist at all times. I tried 18 birdies and the course I played had 3 9s, it started on the wrong course and I couldn't get it to change, etc... Too much attention, messing with my phone, etc, OUT... So I narrowed to Arccos and Shotscope. I read up and investigated all the stuff I could find here on MGS. I have to say I think I could go either way. I do like that Shotscope has GPS right there on your wrist. So fastforward I put them both on my Amazon list, ebay list, looking around for deals, etc. I go on Ebay and boom win a Shotscope V2 for $60 TMD!! Couldn't wait to get on the course!! Tee time lined up for this past Sunday. The one thing I was kind of worried I wouldn't like is the size of the watch. It is huge, but it's so light once you get it on your wrist you really don't think about it. It is so easy to use. Get it set up, upload course, turn it on and bang you are playing golf. I used it along with laser range finder and distances were great. It took me a bit to learn how to work the Hazards feature, but got that down. The only other thing I need to figure out is penalties while you are playing. However, went in after the round and edited it as I went. I have to say I'm really impressed and happy I made the plunge. Now I just have to save up for V3 when they come available and have worked out all the kinks, etc. Excited to see the difference in size. I'm thinking with a smaller size it could be the perfect GPS/Tracking tool for me and my preferences. Initially speaking I am very pleased with the V2. I'm fairly new to it and sure I'll learn some of the nuances and tricks, but honestly I don't really have any negatives on functionality if I had to nitpick I'd say the size of the watch is a little on the large and clunky looking. However, I don't think it was any issue to my swing. I also need to play around with the data aspect a little more, I suppose there is a nit pick here or there that could be brought up for them to incorporate, other than that I think it is a really solid device that does exactly as it is intended and is pretty easy to use. Thumbs up to Shotscope V2!
  7. Most certainly, I'd say the 4i is usually not one of those. Not sure why I always hit it so well. I think it's because as a junior I'd tee off with it a lot, so built some pretty good confidence. Also, the 4i in the AP2 has a pretty good sole on it which helps me get crisp contact and get it up in the air. I believe the confidence I have in it helps me to swing with a good rhythm which is another positive in it's corner. I think some of my shorter irons I should hit better get a little quick and cause my strike to suffer either fat or thin. I usually have pretty good rhythm with the driver too, but there are days I get quick from the top, get steep and either pop it up or hit an ugly flare to the right. Tempo and Rhythm are under rated in my opinion...
  8. Loving my 4 iron theses days. Been flushing it! Also love my 3 wood and 5 wood. 54 is good one too. Hard to pick just one, but will take the 4i into one club battle with me.
  9. I used to play Maxfli Noodles, surprisingly good ball for the price and goofy name. I’ve played Pro Vs and TP5s. Current gamer is Snell MTB-X and not changing anytime soon.
  10. Where is the cake I was reading about?? Also, I prefer cake balls. Oh and the Red Velvet ones from Bucee's, Thanks!!
  11. Here is Mr. Short Game's net construction video. I have the Amazon basics net that is like the Rucket, I think it's 9x7, paid $52 for it last year, seems like a steal now. Just be sure to start fairly close. first shot I hit was a pitch with a 54, over the net over the fence into the neighbors backyard. Luckily didn't hit it hard and no harm no foul, but it'll make you pucker the butt cheeks for sure...
  12. Some of the podcasts and such I've listened to through this pandemic have touted better rounds when the pins were not in because guys were just hitting it to the center of the green and not trying to be too precise. I use a rangefinder and currently researching GPS like Arccos and Shotscope because I like the tracking capabilities they provide. I think a lot of us would benefit from knowing front back and middle and hitting it to the middle of the green away from trouble and short siding ourselves. I'd love it if someone would get smart enough to put package deals together that you could mix and match with all of the above... I'm as guilty as any of always flag hunting, but I'd like to break myself of that and look for smarter shots. I think the key to shooting better scores is limiting the dumb decisions and play to smarter spots...
  13. I had Vice Pro Plus on my Amazon list, the neon red went down to $20 for a dozen so I pulled the trigger. It's very similar to the TP5s I was playing. I also play a Snell MTB-x. I'd say the durability was a little lacking on the Vice, but I was a little disappointed I didn't buy more at that price. I'd say I prefer the Snell over pretty much any other ball I've played which includes the Pro V1 and Pro V1x. I believe any of these balls are a good buy at $20/dozen...
  14. Does it vibrate when it locks on to the pin? Thanks in advance!
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