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  1. Adam Flowers - Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have never used a GPS watch or device. I currently use the free version of the Golfshot app to determine yardages
  2. This was the test to decide... and I’m still mulling it over. I’m leaning Vice Pro if only for the slightly better 3-wood performance.
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm stuck here in Minnesota where it has been unbearably hot or thunderstorming, so I thought I would do a review of two balls relatively new to the market. I have chosen the new Titleist AVX and Vice Pro because I've been looking for a ball with low-spin off of my longer clubs but that also retains spin from the mid-irons down to chips. Also, I'm a sucker for how the dimple-pattern on the AVX looks AND for how sleek Vice's logo is. As you will see, the review consists of a variety of different shots that were tracked using FlightScope Mevo: 1. 10-yard Bump-and-Run (Closed-face 54* SW) 2. 10-yard Chip (60* LW) 3. 50-yard Pitch (60* LW) 4. Full 60* Lob Wedge 5. Full 7-Iron 6. Full 3-Wood (I know that the typical "driver" component is missing, but I haven't included it because I don't usually hit driver and instead use my 3-wood off of the tee. I hope this doesn't ruin the test for anyone!) So, without further ado, here are the head-to-head results for each ball (I hit many shots with each ball and only chose shots that that represented good/typical swings): 10-Yard Bump-and-Run AVX: Ball Speed Carry Launch Angle Spin Height Time Airborne Vice Pro: 10-Yard Chip Ball Speed Carry Launch Angle Spin Height Time Airborne AVX: Vice Pro: 50-Yard Pitch Ball Speed Carry Launch Angle Spin Height Time Airborne AVX: Vice Pro: Full Lob Wedge Ball Speed Carry Launch Angle Spin Height Time Airborne AVX: Vice Pro: 7-Iron Ball Speed Carry Launch Angle Spin Height Time Airborne AVX: Vice Pro: 3-Wood Ball Speed Carry Launch Angle Spin Height Time Airborne AVX: Vice Pro: Conclusions: Wow, what a similar ball! I really wasn't expecting so much overlap. There are a few stand-out statistics to me, though: 1. The two balls are basically identical on green-side chips. 2. The AVX launches consistently higher than the Vice Pro (except for the full LW). 3. The distance on full shots is generally comparable. 4. The Vice Pro spins a few-hundred rpm's more with the lob wedge, but a few hundred rpm's less with the 7-iron. 5. The Vice Pro carries farther with a more penetrating trajectory and less spin with the 3-wood.
  4. Congrats everyone! I hope you all enjoy them as much as I'm going t enjoy reading your reviews!
  5. How do you like the lightweight design? Unfortunately, us lefties are shut out by the X Series.
  6. This gapping makes sense if you hit full shots with each of those clubs; especially if you’ve had this gapping corroborated with yardage data. Personally, I hit full shots will all of my wedges, but I use 4 degrees of separation between them (except for the lob wedge which I keep at 60). As long as it’s not a pain to get them bent, I don’t see why it should be unorthodox.
  7. What I've always liked about the Apex Pros is that they feel incredibly soft and nice, but are not presented in an intimidating package. I was between the Mavrik Pros and the Apex Pros, and I only went with the Mavriks because I could use the extra distance. The Apex Pros are, to me, one of the few Player's Irons that offer soft feel and consistency in a confidence-inspiring package.
  8. My personal experience with a driver fitting has been negative overall. This is not to say that the actual fitting process or the fitter was bad, only that the ultimate outcome was me moving on from the fitted driver within six months. I recently got back into golf after not playing since high school, and, even back then, I wasn't a consistent or dedicated golfer. I worked on the range for about a month in order to get my swing back in sync and get used to hitting balls again. After I felt comfortable, I scheduled a driver fitting. I came into the fitting hitting the ball about 230 with a slice; I finished the fitting with a new driver that I consistently hit 260 with a fade. I was ecstatic with the results. Unfortunately, after taking the driver home, going to the range, and playing a few rounds, I just couldn't hit the driver. The results were nothing like the ones I saw during the fitting. I went back to the fitter, and they reassessed the fit, but I could not come close to replicating my previous results. I left with a new shaft and, still, poor results. After a few months, I moved on to a different driver that I could hit better and felt more comfortable with. All of this is to say: my main mistake in getting fit for my driver was not having a consistent swing. I was just getting back into golf and, although I felt my swing was consistent within a session, it changed between sessions. Therefore, my driver was fit perfectly for my swing on that day, but quite poorly for how my swing developed. After golfing for six more months, working on my swing, and lowering my handicap to 13, NOW would be an appropriate time for me to get a driver fitting. I made the mistake of thinking that the fitting would improve my game without a real understanding of the inconsistencies in my swing.
  9. Adam Flowers/Minneapolis, Minnesota I practice putting before rounds and after driving range sessions. On average, I'd say I practice around 1.5 hours a week. According to Arccos, I average 7.4 three-putts per round. The most intriguing thing about ExPutt to me is there is finally a relatively affordable home simulator that can be used inside an apartment! I recently moved into an apartment with no yard and not enough room for an extended putting mat, so this seems like the perfect solution for those living in small spaces.
  10. TXG just put up an early look/review!
  11. Here you go: https://golf.com/gear/wedges/cleveland-rtx-zipcore-wedges-first-look/ Not sure I love the look, but I'll give it time!
  12. I am loving the new TP5 Pix. As for as the actual ball goes, I love the compression: it feels like a great middle-ground between soft an hard. Feels like a rocket off of all club faces. The spin around greens is exceptional, too. As far as the "Pix" design, I have found it helpful in lining up putts; nothing revolutionary, but an easy way to judge the accuracy of your strokes (you still have to be able to read greens, though!). I also like that it is easier to tell your ball apart when playing in a group. I have found, however, that the patterning makes the ball harder for me to see in the rough! For only this reason, I am considering moving to the yellow TP5's.
  13. Could I get a "Broke 90" bade please? Hopefully I'll be back soon requesting the <80 badge! Thanks!
  14. I find the Winn Dri-Tac do great with sweaty hands!
  15. Any news on Cleveland updating the CBX wedge line? I think I heard something about them still planning to release them later this year. I currently game the 50, 54, and 60 full face and love them! Don't be dissuaded by the cavity-back design!
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