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  1. Their is something to be said for buying a set of irons that you can continue to grow into because of your revolving game vs the set that is “right” for you at that time.
  2. You couldn’t be more correct. Hardest part during that fitting is imagining every club being the same length of the 7iron. Essentially you are just hitting the same club with different lofts. Pretty great actually! It helps with consistency because you’ve taken out less variables that you need to account for. Allowing you to set up the same with a reproducible swing because you’ve created that muscle memory.
  3. I even had a strong affinity to use sub70. The up charges were just killers. I was also in a weird predicament where this is my first time being fitted. Talking to Jason on the phone we had talked about adjusting lie angles. I ended bull up being fitted with 2 degrees upright. Maybe in the future I would consider sub70 because of knowing my specs but it would be a hard pill to swallow for a brand that at this time doesn’t have great resale value. knowing that the tech in golf clubs improves about every 2-3 years, is it safe to assume that they are behind the curve? Smaller com
  4. Will do. My swing speed is 88-90mph. I ended up going with the stiff flex. Looking forward to significant improvements
  5. Originally having tried over the summer in a set of rogue pros the S300s I contemplated not even playing stiff shafts. I though I might need to soft step or play a firm or regular shaft. Couldn’t believe the difference in shaft characteristics you could feel. Major difference with the modus 120. Definitely a friendlier shaft and I would say more forgiving with its balance
  6. More like a dozen every round it seems... Kirkland 4 piece ball that fell apart after 2 rounds
  7. I would say that the modus 120 allows me at least to have a better feel for releasing the club head, in comparison to the dynamic golf S300 which felt like swinging a sledgehammer
  8. I searched multiple locations and couldn’t find any that would do a full iron fitting. Only able to test out 6 or 7 iron like you said. Only thing I can say is that the timing on custom builds are closer to 4-6 weeks currently. I have read a few complaints on another forum about some poor quality control. But overall all mizuno orders have been positive for the 921 line from what I’ve read
  9. Things were definitely affected more than I would have thought. But at least where I live we are getting 2 feet of snow so I’m not missing much right now
  10. Considering all options at this point. Lucky enough to be able to tinker in a simulator at a friends house
  11. Great to hear. Gives me hope that everything is in stock. Any issues with your build? I read on WRX that a few members had some poor quality builds. Wrong shafts, poor gripping.
  12. Unfortunately I’m not. I just did an iron fitting at a local store and will most likely do a wedge fitting at some point next year.
  13. I have contemplated that idea a few months back. Glad that your brought it up. I was fingering at one point with a 52degree vokey. Wish I would have kept it because it would have filled out the yardages I was looking for. It would have put me at 50,52, and I could have re bent to the original 56.
  14. Everything is launching into the low 40s. Really no change at all in numbers pre and post bending. Club head speed is right around 90mph
  15. I wanted to look at ping or Cleveland wedges coming up. I feel like I make great contact with the vokeys and the distance just isn't there... The spin numbers almost seem to high in the 6500's
  16. I have a yardage problem between my sand wedge and gap wedge. My gap wedge is from the iron set, was cobra f8 at 50degreees, still waiting on my new set to arrive. My sand wedge is a Vokey SM7 it was a 56 but I had it bent to 54 to attempt to add distance, no changes after having it bent. I like hitting full shots with all my wedges, each wedge also has had other niches, like bump and run, high flops and bunker shots. my gap wedge carries 120 yards. While my sand wedge tops out at 95 yards carry and has a steep descent angle giving very little distance. In my opinion I feel that the gap is too
  17. Getting out there without a crowd can definitely help to make it more relaxing. Nothing more stressful than 4 some after 4 some on the tee boxes with big waiting times
  18. Inflammation is at an all time high. Look at the days across the bard for ordering new clubs, especially around the holidays it is going to put a dent in their sales. Golf may have just become the next big thing to be inflated I.E bourbon and boats
  19. Best of luck over the summer. Hopefully the virus is in check at that time so you have more options!
  20. Still 6 weeks during prime golf season. Is the biggest draw at your club the golf course?
  21. Initially this year I started with just using a range finder. Worked fine. I then started using google earth and the grint to look at GPS and course layout. I became enamored with using GPS. I plotted holes and had strategy going in to lost round. Sounds great, right?? It became a downfall of my game, it was frustrating knowing all the details of a course and not being able to take full advantage. Golf was becoming less enjoyable. Got rid of the GPS. Stuck to the trust range finder, playing courses and shots as I could view the directly. Scores were positively impacted as well. I know my story
  22. I’ve heard stories. Some sound more like business men than true golf fitters.
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