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  1. Get those bridges going!! I see numerous patients each week after hip replacements. Looks like you are in the right track exercise wise. You should be more than ready when spring time rolls around to get back on the golf course as long as everything goes as planned. Keep up the great reporting on your progress!
  2. I meant to say there are a number of pros who have told the media they have bought out the last of a certain iron set so they could use them for the rest of their career.
  3. How about all the pros we are about buying the rest of a certain iron set out online and in stores so they can use it for the remaining of the career. I would understand that they tinker and adjust weighting and grind far more than the average Joe. I just can’t see everyone being that custom outside of the top 10-15 guys. Haven’t we already discussed that equipment standards have been pushed and there isn’t a whole lot more wiggle room to make wholesale adjustment
  4. Pretty sure I remember a story of someone breaking their putter in one of the Carolina tournaments and driving to PGASS to buy the same putter because they didn’t have any backups. I would agree more pros play off the rack vs insanely custom compared to the general public. Joel Dahmen bought his hybrid from eBay for a crazy cheap price.
  5. I’ll take my cast hot metal mizunos with their buttery feeling any day of the week. They still look pretty decent and haven’t worn as bad as my buddies forged apexs which look like they need to be freshened up. To me it’s about feeling, softer face where I can tell impact location is what I’m looking for. A forged face where everything feels the same is not for me, plus the wear and tear of cosmetics would likely irritate me
  6. Wish I could have entered but I have been away for a few weeks for personal and work related matters. Just started speed training last week and the suggestion of my instructor. I will be using the PRGR and the light orange whip. I noticed about 3 mph the first day during my lesson
  7. Lessons, lessons, and more lessons. I gave in myself this year and have opted for the pros advice. You already have the driver that should reduce slices. Consistency is about having a repeatable swing, hopefully a lesson or two can help correct some of the problems.
  8. I think it’d work even better with the studded wheels!
  9. It’s not from MGS. Need to use an ad blocker. Without an add blocker useless ads and plugs like this leak through
  10. Going to be waiting to test out the 932 line until early next year. Going through lessons to make swing changes and I’m back on my lifting program. Had a trackman session and I’ve lost about 5mph over the last year from cutting back on strength training. Going to piece everything together before getting some new sticks
  11. Tried to practice yesterday at the local golf dome and rented out a trackman hitting bay with 70 yards of length. The trackman was completely off. Swing speed was about 8 mph slower than usual and it kept ballooning spin number with my driver high than I’ve ever seen despite having a positive angle of attack and relatively straight ball flight. Spin numbers were close at times to 5-7k. It felt like a bit of a waste for trying to get solid data. The management at the dome had no answers either for how to fix it and by that time it was too late and I was too frustrated. At least I got some swing in with a controlled environment. Can’t wait to play Sunday in 30 mph wind
  12. I decided to take my new swing to the course today in a 20mph headwind. After topping 2 shots to start out and finishing with a 7 on the first hole, I got in a heated. My driver came out hot and the ball looked to be getting through the wind nicely. I finished 3 over the next 8 holes. The back was up and down. Good shots and bad. Some shots hit really thin or line drive wedges which wasn’t something I had seen before, thus the high and lows with swing changes. Finished with a 42 on the back, I had 2 holes where I doubled because I slapped it around a bit. All in all pleased with an 83 for using my new swing and also trying out my Scotty today to see if I could get any traction with it vs my spider. More than likely I will have the spider back in the bag but it’s fun to get it out every once in awhile
  13. Is anyone digging into house of dragons or the rings of power? Both are really good, house of dragons has an eerily similar feeling to game of thrones this early which is good but makes it feel deja vu. Amazon sinking silly money into rings of power is great, the creativity and fine detail into the show has been more than enjoyable. It’s surpassed my expectations early on
  14. I was taken back a bit. It’s not where I am terrible. I’ve broken 80 before and generally shot in the low to mid 80s. I will say the early returns paid off today. The driver was as good as it has been this year and that was in a 20mph headwind. The irons and wedges were good at times but the new swing also showed its signs of infancy. I am willing to give him a few more times but I have my options open. I wouldn’t say that he is wrong with what he suggested, I just think there is a better way to go about it.
  15. So my game has been pretty up and down all summer. My irons, wedges, and putting have been pretty good for the most part but lately the last month or so my driver has been terrible. I used to be consistently around 250-270. Lately it has been 200-225, I have been battling a slice and even when I hit a good one there is a lot of spin in the high 3k rpm. So I decided to take a lesson with the head golf pro at my course. I never really thought much about my swing because I self taught myself a few years back and for the most part my swing has worked. But with my driver not responding and my game kind of stuck around an 8 index I decided it was worth a try. To give you some context, I have a very up and down swing with a very steep angle of attack, I really pull my arms in at impact closing my power zone. The fitter watched my swing a few times and he told me I don’t have too many options with where my swing is at. I can keep playing it, or work on some wholesale changes. So we started working on my stance to get my weight more on my toes and the ball aligned more in the center of the club vs closer to the hosel. After this we started working in shallowing out the club head. It’s a huge difference for my takeaway and backswing compared to where I was at. I had a few good shots and of course some very bad shots with my irons. Really only felt like I could hit my mid irons, long and short plus wedges were both very bad right now. Last thing we tried was the driver, I would say I don’t have a consistent swing because I’ve been tinkering so much over the last month. The driver was the best it’s felt this year and I was hitting massive drives. I have never been able to tee the ball up really higher than a 1.25 to 1.5in height until yesterday. It seemed to really stop the spin down when I hit a solid drive. Really nervous about the wholesale changes. I know it will take work but it was really frustrating to see the minimal progress. I just feel like with my hands that much lower around my shoulders I am going to thin or blade the ball vs high hands, but I made need to tinker a bit to find the right position. Hope to post some videos this weekend. I never thought my swing would need as much rebuilding as I am going to do. But I feel like it’s a necessary step going forward to push my game
  16. Ended up going low the following day for an 80. 37 on the front 43 on the back. I was really hot to start out +1 through 6. It felt good to get in the board with 20 stableford points on the front. Had I kept up the pace in the back me and my partner would have won that day! We only finished 3 points out of first.
  17. I picked a bad day to have a bad day. Member member fall tournament. 90% of handicap and I literally puke up and down throughout the day. I had a 46 on the front where everything went wrong. 4 3putts. Missed opportunities left and right even when playing smart. I couldn’t nestle a putt to save my life. Played better on the back for a few holes and then it started all Over again 52 on the back. I couldn’t catch a break. The other guys we were playing could do no wrong. Bad shots off the tee and they’d stick it to 2 feet. I could have probably played better with half my bag then using everything. Needless to say we’re the earliest tee time tomorrow and playing solo. Stableford format and we’re only 12 back so we have a chance but I basically took me and my partner out of everything with that performance
  18. Yesterday I dodged the urge to order a mizuno driver st a 220 with the hazardous blue shaft. Price drop just put them at $299.99. Really think for next year I want to go lighter head and shaft combo to pick up some speed vs my g425 which is quite heavy. Sacrifice some stability for distance
  19. Their are rumors that in pregame he has lengthened it to 70 yards in the pre season
  20. Looks like from comparing the Japanese site info to the table on mizuno comparing the iron size that they shaved off small amounts of the head length and offset for the hot metal pro
  21. Driver killing me off the tee last weekend. No distance and playing from bad spots. Irons and putter are performing well when setup to succeed. 93 Saturday and 94 Sunday. Yuck. Back to the drawing board for the driver. More than likely I am trying to hard and need to just stick to the basics
  22. Big week for the Browns. Finally draft a kicker that can absolutely boot the ball and it wins us the game! Defense and offense both tried to cough the game up in the second half after playing fantastic in the first. Just need to convert touchdowns vs field goals. The 2 headed monster of hunt and Chubb are well rested from last year and ready to roll!
  23. Rams tonight!! Hoping the Browns can start hot this weekend and ride the 2 headed monster of chubb on hunt to the promise land. Only 1 win on opening weekend since we returned in “99. Oh and were playing the web we traded a few months ago, talk about added drama.
  24. Got out today to play a few holes. Met another member in the range and he asked me if I wanted to play. Unfortunately I was only able to 6 holes before I had to leave. My driver was a bit better today and I really struck my irons well. Only missed 2 shots with my irons where I had to align my body to the right. Still having difficulty as I missed both shots to the right of my target, but it beats the bail out to the right that I was previously doing. Hit some big putts and was only +3 through 6. The fairways were wet so not a lot of roll in the drives which made the course play longer
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