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Sign up Closed: Maxfli Tour Series with MAX ALIGN Technology

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Maxfli Tour Golf Ball Member Testing


We are once again offering the Maxfli Tour series golf balls for member testing. However, this time around, there is a slight twist: Maxfli has added a new feature to this series.

First, let’s recap the Maxfli Tour X golf ball and its standout performance in the 2023 MyGolfSpy Ball Test.

Both the Maxfli Tour and Maxfli Tour X performed really well in testing. But the Maxfli Tour X  was recognized for producing a higher ball flight for high-speed golfers while also cracking the top-10 fastest balls for all speed categories and topping the low swing speed driver chart.

Maxfli also earned best direct-to-consumer ball and best DTC brand quality in our recent Golf Ball Quality Awards of 2023.

Despite that high praise and results, the MyGolfSpy Ball Lab results came back varied, with previous versions performing better. The Maxfli Tour series scored 89, 82 and 73 out of 100.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the new golf ball!

What’s Changed?

At the core, the Maxfli Tour and Tour X  remain the same, with the Tour being a three-piece ball and Tour X being a four-piece ball. However, Maxfli has added the following models with some significant claims.

Straight from Maxfli: “Center of Gravity Balanced with MAX ALIGN Technology, a patented balancing process combined with new MAX ALIGN alignment aid improves consistency and accuracy with a dynamic visual roll.

Consistent Performance, Hole After Hole: Experience consistent performance on the course with MAX ALIGN, designed to help you line up your shots perfectly.

Aim with Confidence: Gain the confidence to hit your shots with precision and accuracy, thanks to MAX ALIGN.”


What is being tested?

We are looking for 10 golfers to test, review and keep two dozen golf balls. Five selected golfers will test either the Maxfli Tour  or the Maxfli Tour X with MAX ALIGN Technology.

Want to be one of our testers and put their claims to the test?



*Registration closes Feb. 21.
*Testers announced on the Forum Feb. 27.
*This test is open to registered MyGolfSpy Forum Members in the U.S. only.



5 hours ago, Dweed said:

Would have loved to be involved but timing just sucks. I'm leaving for 3 weeks in AL to visit relatives and do some golfing. Would have been a perfect time but alas, obvious timing just won't work. Once back to MI in March it will be another 3 weeks before courses start to open.  Now I'm in a huge quandary. I was going to buy 2 doz of Maxfli before heading south but now I'm wondering if I need to wait until the results of the testing are published???? I love ya Maxfli but you're screwin with my head!!! Anyone know, are these commercially avail now??

While I was lamenting on timing, I forgot the most important thing. Good luck to all y'all on this opportunity and to the lucky 10 congratulations. I'm really looking forward to hearing your results. The obvious hit me in the face while I'm looking out the window at a 6+ inch fresh fall this AM. I'm going to AL to golf in less to 2 weeks....😁


My understanding is that the ball is the same as the current model (2023), just with a new alignment feature.  As a big fan of the 2023 models (both Tour and Tour X), I would HIGHLY recommend getting some for the trip.  You could always just draw an arrow on the ones you buy 😉

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3 hours ago, GolfSpy SAM said:

My understanding is that the ball is the same as the current model (2023), just with a new alignment feature.  As a big fan of the 2023 models (both Tour and Tour X), I would HIGHLY recommend getting some for the trip.  You could always just draw an arrow on the ones you buy 😉

@GolfSpy SAM, thanks for the info. I just looked them up and see they are offered on Dick's and GG sites.  You bet. I think I will for sure.

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I'm still on the sidelines.  Up and putting, but full swing is still a month off!!!

Take care of your knees, brothers and sisters!

Good luck to the testers, and can't wait to hear your take on these new Maxfli's.  I played Maxfly waaaay back in the day, glad to see them back in the mainstream. 

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I live in Colorado, but do golf trips during the Winter.  Heading to Mesquite, Nevada in a few weeks.

But, even when I'm home - I'm fortunate to have a golf launch monitor to run data-backed tests on.  Put me in coach, I'm ready to play!!

-- Peejer

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So much talk about the Maxfli ball range that I am really looking forward to the writeups, but unfortunately the testing opportunity is not available to us internationals.

Good luck to the testers and give us a good rundown!

Maybe I can get someone in the US to send me a dozen or two..

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Haven’t had enough time on the course with the maxfli tour, but It’s the ball I’ve been beating to death in the garage and it feels good off the putter. Curious to see the feedback on the align golfballs, but probably don’t need to test it against the ones I just stocked up on.

Will this be offered in addition to the tour and tour x or is it replacing them?

Good luck to those who signed up! 

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I play the Maxfli Tour X.  I've found the performance (for me) to be as good as any premium ball, but of course much more affordable.   Ironically one of the best features for me is the single black dot on the logo, which gives me something to focus on but is not an alignment aid.  I tend to overthink alignment lines on either my putter or the golf balls.  So I have a dot on my putter which I address next to the dot on the Maxfli ball.   Maybe the alignment aid would be good for putts 3 feet and under.

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I'd like another opportunity to test! I game the Maxfli Tour S and think this could be very interesting. I can tell you that my initial reaction to the alignment change is negative. Performance can change my mind!

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I LOVE IT WHEN THE MAXFLI GETS SOME ATTENTION! Been gaming the MAxfli Tour for 3 years or so I think and I love this ball.  Really great performance for the price.  I know the testers will like this ball, that putting alignment though might be a bit distracting but if it holes more putts nobody can argue with that! 

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Interested in the test and like seeing what other players have already noticed.  As a player who prefers yellow golf balls, I hope they include this into the ball line. Good luck to those that have signed up and get selected.  

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I've been using the Tour CG for the past two years - and prefer the 2021 version aligment aid.  This looks a tad busy for me - but happy to give it a shot ...

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Would love to compare these to my current ball; Titleist Tourspeed.  Heard good things about the Maxfli Tour.

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I have played the Tour version for the last 8 rounds and have loved them! I have a box of the Tour X sitting in my car ready to rock smh try out as well, but would love the extra alignment help. Found using the aid on the tee box has helped with my swing path also, and in hitting my targets... Why didn't I start this before, geesh... Will be very interested to see what everyone says about the larger size of the aid vs the smaller, and thinner set up on there now. 

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Maxfli has always intrigued me since Dick's took over the brand 15+ years ago.  I would occssionally pick up a dozen to see what they were all about.  What a great opportunity! 

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It would be great to have a cheaper alternative to the Titleist domination at the top of your results year in and out. I  started to play consistently with the pro V1x and noticed a difference off the tee. I’m interested in the results of this test and would love to help out! Thanks!

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