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  1. 15,000; I should probably diversify my interests a little.
  2. Being that those are relatively unique items I would suggest that you try the Cameron Collector forum: https://www.cameroncollector.com/.
  3. Here's an old PXG press release (2021) that lists winners. Not their first PGA win. https://www.prweb.com/releases/pxg-professional-golfers-clinch-10-victories-on-tour-this-year-837324756.html
  4. Lucky situation for them and the people that can go to the store. I have never seen a golf store that has complete demo sets (4-GW) for people to try out. The only sets that you can try any iron are used sets.
  5. Amazing the impact wind has on our shots and probably one of the weaknesses of shot tracking systems since wind generally isn't factored into our distances; just like elevation isn't factored. Your example makes it even worse as you have travelled to different locations and courses where wind is the courses primary defense.
  6. Page 24/25 description. Ben Crenshaw said hold it so lightly that it basically falls out of your hands. Tiger then says he holds his putter at a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 which is tighter than Ben but less than he used to use. Pretty drastic differences and just saying "light" is a confusing and basically meaningless description. I don't consider 5 light. And why do what Tiger does? Does that make it the best? Why not do what Crenshaw, Nicklaus, Faxon, Locke, Roberts, Hogan, Jones or a host of other players do?
  7. No one questioned the intangibles associated with being a good putter like the mental aspect. The discussion was about how you evaluate if someone putting well; how do you measure state of mind without a player telling you their mental state/commitment for each putt? @Jim Shaw goes based on the notion of they won the tournament or finished top 5 so they had to putt well. His sample "data" is personal observation of who he felt putted well or who he felt made "clutch" putts. Basically a subjective observation on who does or doesn't putt well partially based on how many wins they have. Lets look at Brad Faxon; who many consider to be a great putter, but he didn't win a lot and lacked in other areas of the game. My evaluation is more scientific and based on actual putting performance numbers beyond total number of putts. Stroke Gained is the accepted industry standard to evaluation actual performance. If we look at the event from this past weekend, Jim would say that the top 5 finishers were the best putters. If we look at the data, we can see that they weren't the best and only 1 was iranked n the top ten putters for the week. Found this information from a putting instructor that communicates putting performance: Mexico Open 2024 top-5 stats — putting brought players to the dance but GIRs won the day. Mexico 2024 top 5 65 made the cut, 67 missed, 132 total All stats ranks are out of 65 players. Knapp SG: Off The Tee 2.751 11 SG: Approach to Green 8.729 1 SG: Around The Green -0.082 42 SG: Putting 3.198 17th SG: Total 14.596 1 Valimaki SG: Off The Tee 1.898 19 SG: Approach to Green 4.162 12 SG: Around The Green 1.353 23 SG: Putting 5.183 9th SG: Total 12.596 2 Jaeger SG: Off The Tee 1.414 22 SG: Approach to Green 1.620 33 SG: Around The Green 2.336 14 SG: Putting 4.226 13th SG: Total 9.596 T3 Pan SG: Off The Tee 2.139 16 SG: Approach to Green 0.192 48 SG: Around The Green 4.401 4 SG: Putting 2.864 19th SG: Total 9.596 T3 Lower SG: Off The Tee 1.247 25 SG: Approach to Green 3.891 13 SG: Around The Green 1.538 22 SG: Putting 2.920 18th SG: Total 9.596 T3 For putting: Valimaki 9th 5.183 Jaeger 13th 4.226 (-0.957) 0.24/rnd Knapp 17th 3.198 (-1.985) 0.49/rnd Lower 18th 2.920 (-2.263) 0.57/rnd Pan 19th 2.864 (-2.319) 0.58/rnd So Valimaki putted a little better than the other four over the week. But Knapp putted better than Valimaki in R4 by net +0.43 putts. Valimaki putted +5.817 in R1-2 but then faltered in R3-4 -0.634. Knapp started out R1-2 -0.988 but finished +4.131 R3-4. Looking at combined SG Approach and SG Putting: Knapp +11.927 Valimaki +9.345 (-2.582) Approach play was the reason for the win
  8. No one will have all the irons for a fitting. Yes they have sets on the shelf for sale. But: Do you want them to tape the face or are you willing to buy a used set of clubs? Once you take that plastic off the head and hit it once it is a used club. Are you going to buy that prehit set that someone tried and didn't like? Are you willing to pay more for the irons since the stores have to purchase more clubs to be part of their fitting cart Yes, hitting every club would be nice especially if you want to do a blended set. But the logistics of making it a reality is difficult. The best way to accomplish this would be to go to the OEM official fitting center like The Kingdom, Callaway Performance Center, or the Ping Fitting Experience.
  9. Where/how did you compute that your current 236 average will become 206? Most predictions that I have seen will make your 236 average about 230.
  10. There have been charts posted that show a large jump in distance between 1992 and 2004 because of equipment...large drivers, titanium drivers, and switch from wound ball to multipiece balls. Since then there have been equipment limitations put in place (ball and clubs). Pro's are not gaining significant distance since equipment regulations were put in place in 2004. While the "center" of the face is limited, club designers have improved the performance for off center hits. You are gaining distance because of equipment and more forgiveness. Pro's are gaining distance because they are on average swinging faster.
  11. outdoors - tees to make the ball and putter gate. I'll put a ball on the line of a flat putt and work on aim/stroke to hit the ball squarely. indoors - use a couple of heavy objects to make ball gate. I'll use a couple of sleeves of balls to make the putter gate. roll the ball over a dime. I have a visio start line trainer and just putt tees upside down over the gate hole hit any object with a flat end and ensure it goes straight. All of these are done using different length strokes to make sure I can hit short and long putts with equal effectiveness.
  12. I still don't understand what you are measuring to evaluate putting ability other than personal opinion and that they finished well in the tournament so they must have putted well.
  13. How are you defining/measuring "best" What in your sample says player 1 was better than player 2? Or do you just say the player finished first so he putted best?
  14. You've also dismissed the putting ability that a former PGA pro that was thought to be a great putters considers to be the best.
  15. Why is lighter better and what is considered lighter? What does it improve? Won't mishits on longer putts cause the putter to rotate due to the lighter grip? Won't this cause the putter head to droop/torque down during the stroke?
  16. Explain what your sample measures for putting performance?
  17. Yes, a putter lie angle can be changed. The shaft isn't bent, the hosel is bent via a lie angle machine and bending bar. Most golf shops will caution you that the hosel could break from the process or based on how much you want the putter bent. Some will simply refuse to bend the putter. Putters can also be cut shorter. Some people will say you need to add weight to the head when you cut it down but that is really personal preference. Some putters have screw in weights to make this easier. You can also order putters from the OEM at most any lie angle and length you want. They don't make you a custom putter, they just adjust the stock club. I'd suggest finding a golf shop with a more knowledgeable club repair person.
  18. We have completely different views on this. Might be because you lean toward what players say/do and I learn toward what putting instructors say/do. Yes, professional players practice short game as much as long game; never questioned that. I simply said that they have built a way of doing things that may not be the "best" but because they practice the movement patterns daily they are able to repeat them. You view the best putters as those who win. Quite often but not always the person that putts well wins that week but that does not make them great or even good putters; it simply means they had a good week. I have no data to say they PGA professionals are the best 200 putters in the work; putting is a specific set of skills and across the world there could be an average person who is a better putter than PGA professionals. Looking at events back to the Sentry it is about 50/50 for the best putter that week to win the event. But I guess that depends on how you evaluate putting. You like to count total putts and making putts that you consider "clutch" putts. IMO, those are not good ways to assess putting ability since they are subjective or have shortcomings. I prefer to look at objective measures like strokes gained, total putting, or success rates from various distances.
  19. Of course there is a "reason". Some people agree with the reasoning and some people don't. Both sides will post information that show/validate their point of view. Maybe in 6 years when this goes into effect everyone will say that a big deal was made out of nothing.
  20. Warm, cold, wet, dry, windy, calm, or any combination that is what I have been doing for the past month and will continue to do for the next month. Lots of reading and lots of stroke and aim practice Why should they putt like Jack? what makes jack arguably the best putter ever? Number of majors? Why not Loren Roberts, Crenshaw, Seve, Watson, Woods, Bobby Jones, etc.? Maybe his putting was average but he was better at other aspects (re Scheffler). Jack was left eye dominant which probably impacted his putting approach, his open stance and binocular vision at setup was to help him see the line better, greens in his era were a shaggier and slower. Maybe he was just a good clutch putter and made the important putts but not a great overall putter. Don't have to be a great putter to win tournaments. What makes over the ball better? Aaron Baddeley is often considered one of the best putters in the game and is not over the ball. Does it make your stroke or aim better? I'm assuming that your instructor told you to do this to improve something. is putting like professionals a good idea? Couldn't it be said that pros practice for many hours a day and can better deal with doing things "wrong" because it is what they have always done and practiced?
  21. All depends on how you swing. With the hit approach, how you make sure you are accelerating at the right pace to control distance. My stroke is a little more gravity controlled so I try to avoid the subconscious swing a little harder since this is uphill or a little less hard since this is downhill. Just move the putter back and let it fall through the ball.
  22. You are basing this on a name and the consumer view that cameron's are somehow better than others. They look no different that any similar styled putter and I am not sure what you mean by their "simplicity is unmatched". I don't know what will cause you regret or not. You seem to be driven by the "status" that a Cameron putter carries. I say you need to decide what your goal is for the putter. Do you want your partners to see that you have a Cameron in your bag or do you want to find a putter that helps you shoot lower scores. Perhaps that putter is a Cameron. My regrets in the past have been buying Cameron's simply because of the name and the thought that the brand would make me a better putter. Then I learned more about putting and putting skills and realized that Cameron is just a brand that is no better than any other putter. At the end of the day, if you want a Cameron, buy a Cameron. Based on what you are asking, you will always have it in the back of your mind until you do.
  23. No different than any salesman in a golf store; they are often given incentives and perks to sell specific clubs from vendors. As others have already mentioned, read reviews, talk to the fitter in advance, and communicate goals and budget. It is in your best interest to become an educated player and not just go by what the fitter says. Why were some of your experiences better than others. What made the good ones good for you? For me, a good fitting is based on continuous communication.
  24. No one knows what the loss will be; there is only speculation. I haven't seen any actual ball data and if you have please provide the reference. Todays manufacturing processes are better and therefore their are smaller error tolerances which means equipment is more consistent and better. Two clubs from the era you are referring to could perform significantly different. Comparing a player hitting a modern club versus a random 90s era club shows nothing as that persimmon club made today would be significantly better. The point people are making is that there is no reason to roll anything back. They don't believe there is a problem with the game and equipment has already been regulated. They also believe that once rollback starts they will continue to rollback other pieces of equipment. The increased distance over the last 20ish years is more about the player than the equipment. Pre 2000/current equipment regulations is was more about the equipment.
  25. Yep, that math and geometry thing. The farther you get from the point of impact the wider that 1* angle gets.
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