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  1. Corporate gift. Worth not quite a dollar.
  2. Interested in the 201 irons and looking for feedback. I can purchase just the heads as I don't care for their graphite iron shaft offering of the Red Atmos shaft. Takomo translates to "forge" from Finnish.
  3. When I play, I hit my shot when ready. I don't wait for my playing partners to be quiet as a church mouse. If they are talking in the background, I don't care. Does not bother me. I believe the whole you-must-be-quiet-before-I-hit is garbage. MJ, Bird, and Kobe, can hit a clutch free throw and ignore the fans why can't my playing partner do the same? Get to your ball, ignore the surroundings, play your shot. Being quiet is overrated. #16 at the Phoenix Open is proof.
  4. I can get used to whatever I am hitting...maybe with the exception of the original Big Bertha irons. Logo up or down, does not matter.
  5. Similar experience as I had. I think it was a Titleist 905 driver that was in the LGS used section. There was also another 905 and comparing the two, identification of the counterfeit was very clear. Transition from the head to the hosel was not even close. I'm talking not even close as in I'll never get to date, marry, have kids, and live out the rest of my life with Charley Hull not close. Brought both clubs up to the counter and said that you have a counterfeit club. His only response was guess that is why it has not sold yet.
  6. Word on the street is the Steel Fibers play stiffer than expected/stated. I am looking at a set of Maltby DBM Forged heads with the Recoil shaft.
  7. I had the R1 that ended up with a dent on the face by the toe (a friend did it...honest) and I contacted TM, said no dice as it was two years past warranty but they did send me a 25% off code to redeem on a new club.
  8. Exactly what I do without even thinking about it.
  9. I always carry a wet towel to clean between shots. Any remaining dirt when I get home gets a toothbrush and water. Simple.
  10. I am a rocker at heart but listen to a lot of music. I may go from Iron Maiden to Johnny Cash. Came across a band called Airbourne from Australia. Another band with Australian roots is AC/DC and you can certainly tell that Airbourne, in some of their songs, is heavily influenced by AC/DC. https://youtu.be/FlPalDkWsuA
  11. Hard to believe he passed away over 5 years ago.
  12. Swapping out my Aldila DVS S for a UST Proforce V2 R shaft. Back issues are forcing me to slow it down and reduce my swing.
  13. So am looking at selling two putters which could cross the threshold of $600 but damned if I can produce evidence of what I paid. Wonder how that will work.
  14. No picture but I use a Bandon Dunes tool. Has a nice engraved wood handle but can't remember the type of wood.
  15. Carried a 60 for many years but never felt comfortable with the club. I could hit it but just did not like the outcome. Had the 52/56/60 combo but then went to 50/54/58 to better align with my PW loft. My 58 is my go to club 90 yard and in for most shots.
  16. Loft is more important to me than the club name. Ben Hogan did it right several years ago when they loft was stamped on the club instead of 9, 8, etc. But they did not carry on with this as the public did not identify with a 150 yard shot needing the 42 degree instead of a 9 iron.
  17. How has the finish on the DBM held up with play? I plan on the TE or DBM in the near future.
  18. At 50 years old, I now have arthritis in my right knee and right clavicle/shoulder. On top of that, I've had two blood patches to seal spinal fluid leaks. I have decided to lessen the impacts on my body by moving to regular graphite shafts and shortening my swing. I have a set of Golfmsith P2 irons with Proforce XT regular shafts that I built for my dad which my son now uses to test out the graphite. I've already picked up stock Diamana Red R shafts for my hybrids. I do need to pick up a driver shaft (probably V2) as I have this in my 3W and really like the shaft. Wedges will need to be swapped out, too. Question to those that have done similar - how did the transition go for you?
  19. I carry the 50/54/58 set and the 58 is usually my go-to wedge. Second set in this configuration. Two sets ago was 52/56/60 and I never cared for the 60. Use what works for you.
  20. Me, too. I just put the ground coffee and water in the Smeg and push a button.
  21. Flange line only. Had a few Odyssey putters years ago (DFX?) that the site lines always looks skewed to me that when it looked like it was aimed on my line, made the putter to appear as if the face was open.
  22. Using the inflation calculator, my 1987 $300 set of 3-PW Titleist Tour Model irons would be $720 today. Today, a comparable set of 3-PW Titleist 620MB is $1400.
  23. Drivers: Muzuno Quad >TaylorMade System 2 > Callaway Big Bertha > Titleist 983E > Golfsmith Jet Stream Black Box > Adams 460D > McGregor MT 460 > Adams Fast 12 > Cobra FlyZ+ Irons: PowerBilt Levelume > Tiltleist Tour Model > Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro (this is from 1986 to present - 35 years!) Hybrid: Ben Hogan CFT Ti > Titleist 915 Putters: Ray Cook Classic > Ping Pal 2 > Ping Anser 4 BeCu > Titleist SC Studio Design 2.5 > Ping Anser BeNi > Titleist SC Studio Design 5 > Cleveland 11S/Titleist Studio Design 2.5 Wedges: Cleveland 588 and 900 > Ben Hogan Riviera/Colonial/Carnoustie > MacGregor MT DW > Titleist Vokey SM6 Several other drivers and putters I've tried but not in my bag for any length of quality time.
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