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  1. Good stuff! They have a Saxon vibe with their attitude and topic.
  2. That's all I play. I refuse to pay $50 for a dozen balls. I'd lose $500 worth of balls a year just at my home course.
  3. I'm a Cabinetmaker. I work/ed for an exhibit company.... we build trade show exhibits.
  4. I'm kind of in a country/ roots music mood tonight. I love the words to this song.
  5. I've been listening to this guy for years. His new album is ................. well... just bad ass. I am wearing old boots with high Cuban heels Our souls, they are worn and we stand here by grace My trousers are torn and my jacket is borrowed And I'm wearing my time behind the eyes in my face [Chorus] I am not looking for loose diamonds Or pretty girls with crosses around their necks And I don't want four roses or water I'm not looking for God, I'm not looking for sex [Verse 2] I've worn out my welcome in ce
  6. I'm going to preface this with.... I got up at 6:am. I made a pot of coffee. I made a 4 egg omlett with bacon, mushrooms, chalets, American and Gouda cheese. I watched the news for a bit and then opened my Bible and read for a bit. I let the dogs out and fed them. I picked my brother up at 9:30. We had a 10:am tee time. I had the round of my life on the front 9. I went par, eagle, par, birdie, par, par, birdie, par, par, bogie.... 3 under par 31 on the front. The back went a bit different...lol. It was blowing hard and misting the whole time. I went +7 for a 42. I ended up shooting 7
  7. I've never had anything other than Android, so..............................
  8. I knew it was coming. Drinking all day and then playing league at 4:00. I shot 47... +12...lol.
  9. I'm a little depressed tonight, so................... a little ZZ Top ... and a lot of Bourbon...lol. These are from my favorite ZZ album.... "Rythmeen".
  10. Well........................ I just went from furloughed to laid off. 28 years down the drain.
  11. I played yesterday morning with my brother. I shot even par on the front 34 and 42 on the back for a 76. It was 90* and we might have had a few too many beers on the back...lol. I hope my game continues like this, but we all know too well how fast it can go away!
  12. I shot even par 34 on the front 9. Shot +7 42 on the back 9. Too much beer and 90*...lol. I'll take 76 every time, thank you. It should have been 74, but, two lipped out pars....................... I'm due for a serious crash!. I haven't played this good, for this long, in a very long time.
  13. I agree. I'm wearing FJ DNA's with the PINS cleat system. There are very limited cleats available or this system. The cleats I have in them now leave marks all over the greens. It's embarrassing.
  14. A bit late in posting this.............. I shot a +2 36 in league Wednesday evening. I'm due for a serious Golf gods reckoning...lol.
  15. Just know that pretty much anyone that plays this game is not like that. I'm sorry for your less than good experience. Keep at it and I guarantee you will met a lot of good people. There are lot of good people on this forum... stick around and let us know how it's going.
  16. I shot 79 today..... 39/40. I'll take that every day. I've played better on this course, but I'll take any score with a 7 in front of it any day.
  17. I have always held the same opinion.
  18. My own opinion... nothing more. If you can hit the ball at least 230 yds. somewhat accurately off the tee, and you can hit the ball decently with irons and advance the ball............... play from where you like. I wouldn't play from the "tips" because I would rather enjoy the round, rather than chase the ball in bad lies and bad angles into a green. Distance has it's advantages on long holes... and not just because of length, but because of angles of approach to the green. If I was a consistent 260 - 270 yard driver... accurately, I would play from the tips... on some courses. That isn'
  19. I played well again on league last night. +2 for 37 on the back 9. Why do I get the feeling I'm about to pay the price the next time out?...lol.
  20. I'm with you on this. Brand new stadium and city... and I'm losing interest after being a fan for 52 years.
  21. I know a guy that was/is maybe 5'7''. He was/is a "legend" at my home course. He could/can drive the ball 300+ yards without even trying. He could drive the ball from sitting in a chair almost to the green on the #1 hole which is 305 yards. So..... I don't know...lol. Some people just have whatever "it" is to be able to do that??? I'm certainly not one of them!
  22. My girl.... before she was sober and got the boob job. And after the boob job..... sober was in the works.
  23. I decided I was tired of watching all the bad news on TV, so I went and played by myself today. I need to do this a lot more! It was relaxing and I was just about the only guy out there at noon. I got through 18 in 2 hrs. 40 minutes. I shot + 7 for a 76. It's amazing how well you can play when you don't have to wait 10 minutes on every hole.
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