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  1. I always purchase balls from Lost Golf Balls. I have 4 doz. ProV1X's coming at $52 and change with shipping. I see no reason to waste a lot of money since I will inevitably lose them all in the course of a season.
  2. I honestly hate playing early in the morning. I don't like the wet, dewy conditions. I love evening golf. Actually, I'll play anytime except early morning, if I can avoid it.
  3. Thank you! I have 10-32 screws I'll try it and see if it's the adapter.
  4. I don't compete, so I don't keep a HC these days. If I had to guess what I am right now... it would be a big number.
  5. How do you get the screw out? Isn't it kept in place somehow?
  6. Thanks. I have the black. I tried to put the Phenom on and I can't get the screw to to thread in .I have no idea why. It feels like it wants to start cross threading after a few turns. I just put the Smoke back on.... I didn't want to risk stripping anything out. I might need to take it somewhere to get it switched out. I also tried to put the TS3 head on the Aldila RIP 60... same problem. I thought all Titleist heads and shafts worked with each other? My 913 head will fit both the RIP nad Phenom. I'm thinking something happened when the TS3 was originally installed and now that's just the way it is.... I think maybe both the shaft and head screw are messed up?
  7. The Smoke is the one that comes stock on the TS3. It's 60 and the Phenom is 70.... both S flex.
  8. Yea..... you guys are describing why I can't hit my driver this year...lol. I'm still going to change the shaft on my TS3 from HZRDUS Smoke to Aldila R.I.P Phenom. I hit this shaft wonderfully in my Titleist 913 D3. We'll see how it works with the TS3.
  9. I hope to try this as soon as it becomes local. It sounds interesting. Mexican Corn Whisky
  10. $90.000!?! I already paid for the milk jug once...lol. I'l take a pass on that...lol.
  11. My 12 year old faided out Raiders ball cap.
  12. I can do one myself for $5.00. No way I would pay $80.00 for that.
  13. Yep. Skip Bayless has the same job as Brandel..... to be controversial. I find no one more over bearing or with as big a mouth as Steven A. Smith.... that guy makes the channel change instantly...lol.
  14. They are out there. just do a search. I already broke my rule...lol. Done now.
  15. I'm going to bow out of this as of now. I don't know how to continue without getting political and pissing people off, so I'll just wish you all the best of luck and hope our country can get through this.
  16. I'll give you that. But... if this is too political, please MODS, delete it. I have no intention of going political here... just making a point. POTUS was in the midst of being impeached at that time. I'm sure his focus was on other things???? Coronavirus, although warned about, didn't seem too serious at that time.... on either side of the ailse? I mean................ go to China Town and visit.... it's perfectly safe???
  17. Everything I've learned about them is that they are the same as cast iron, just lighter. You season them and take care of them exactly the same way. I have a very good set of stainless pots and pans. I'm not a huge fan of them. I'd much rather use my cast iron... and hopefully my carbon steel when I get it.
  18. I really can't disagree with you. I don't honestly think there is a "right" answer. I am fortunate in that I am receiving my state unemployment and the fed. $600.00 a week on top of it. I also am frugal with my money. I can live 6 months and longer if need be. I would really rather be working and earning my way... and I feel I still should be. This could have been handled better from the start. As I said, certain demographics should have/absolutely stay home! The rest of us could/should have remained on the job. That is only my opinion, I understand that. This whole thing has been mishandled from the start. POTUS understand the economic destruction. The Doctors/medical experts are of a singular focus... and that is a good thing. But... they aren't concerned with the aftermath of this. They are only concerned only eradicating the virus. I respect that, but there is waaayyy more to it than just that. Maybe I'm in the minority, But I side with the "cure is worse than the disease" crowd on this. What will be the mortality rate of the by product of this? Divorce, mental health, suicide, drug and alcohol addition, domestic violence,etc...? I have no answers, either.... just opinions.
  19. I like him. He stirs the pot............. I can relate...lol.
  20. So............. really bored. I'm a huge fan of cast iron pans. I have a 13", a 12", a 10" square, a 13" griddle and a #3 tiny, one egg pan/s. My daughters gave me a Lodge Dutch Oven for Father's Day last year. I think it's 10 qts. I have always wanted to try Carbon steel pans. So I ordered 12.5", 10" and 8" Debuyer Mineral B pro Element pans from Amazon. I can't wait to get them and start playing ...lol.
  21. My ex was also a hair stylist. I didn't pay for a hair cut or beard trim for 30 years. I had sticker shock when I found out how much a #1 buzz costs...lol.
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