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  1. I try to read some of it everyday. I do good for a while, then I skip days. My intentions are good.
  2. I'll stick with my classy, uncool Mizunos. I have nothing against PXG, I just like Mizuno irons.
  3. First round of the year. It went poorly is an understatement...lol. I had the worst case of the lefts that I can remember... ever. I shot 93. Chipping was good. Putting wasn't terrible. Everything else went dead left... every time. Obviously a swing flaw right now. I need to get this fixed ... pronto!
  4. $125 for a piece of astro turf??? Where do I sign up!?
  5. I'm on the waiting list.................. waiting to see what the long term effects are before I think about getting it.
  6. My first round is usually the first evening of league.... April. I just go out and play and what happens, happens...lol. Last year I shot 37 on the front 9 first time out. Who knows this year???
  7. I love DST. I wish they would just leave it there.
  8. I don't think anything other than what Rev named, is an actual game changer. AI, materials, tech, etc ... are all game enhancers, IMO.
  9. As long as the clothes are clean and there are no holes in them, I couldn't care less what anyone wears on a golf course.
  10. I finally got accepted through Ohio Unemployment for the additional 11 weeks of benefits. I received 3 payments and then got a message that I was denied because I'm unavailable for work. Ummm.... I'm laid off! How is that determined to be unavailable for work? I have to repay the money. I can appeal the decision on line, so they say. There is no where on the unemployment site to do this, that I can find. You can't call because they are "not taking calls at this time, because of high call numbers, currently.... try another time"...lol. I can appeal by mail or by fax (who does that anymore). Well, how do you do that without a form to fill out? There is no form to copy on the site. This whole thing is a giant mess. The only recourse I seem to have is to pay back the money by check... which I have already used for mortgage, food and utilities. I guess they won't be happy until all of us are homeless and destitute. Great job Ohio/America! Sorry for the rant.... I'm just about at the end of my rope with everything I have to deal with right now.... I don't need this on top of it.
  11. I just wanted to make it known that My mom passed this evening. She had Pancreatic Cancer. She survived for six years with it. Her Dr. was ecstatic with her tenacity and drive to beat it. He said she is/was a miracle, and would possibly make into the medical journals for her survival longevity. She was 83. She was a wonderful mother and parent. I'm not looking for sympathy.... all of us have or will go through this. I just felt the need to tell someone.
  12. Career change?: Yes... unemployed for almost a year. If I was closer to retirement age, it would be a no brainer. Unfortunately, I have another 4 years at the minimum to work. If I say more, it will get political, so..............................................
  13. Goals.... same as always: have fun and try to get better. I doubt I will ever get better. I'm a solid 9 - 10 HC. I'm fine with it. When I stop having fun playing... it's time to take up something equally as frustrating...lol.
  14. I still play Mizzy MP64's. I love them! I will eventually get new irons.... just not sure when...lol.
  15. 1, 3, 8 also. I can do this without beer.... I think.
  16. I'm just a simple guy..................... Maxwell House in the coffee maker in the morning... I'm a happy guy.
  17. Just go to your local golf shop. I'm sure they have used equipment for the price range you are looking in. People trade in stuff all the time for the latest and greatest. I've picked up some pretty good stuff for not much money that was only a year or two old.
  18. If you are talking about the chair thing...yes. I have never seen a man that could do it, and I've never seen a woman that couldn't do it.
  19. I putt for Eagle quite often on my home course. There is a par 5 that should no way be a par 5. There is not really any difference in the hole from a longer par 4. It is straight up the gut from the tee. It takes a carry distance of 220 to clear the water. I'm on the green in 2 very often. I've probably Eagled it a dozen times or so. It's really nothing to be proud of. Eagleing that hole is like a birdie on any other hole. All it would take is to move the tee to another location to make it a legitimate par 5. That location exists. The reason for not moving it is because they/he doesn't want to piss people off.
  20. I'm a Titleist guy for drivers and wedges. I've never hit anything other than a Vokey. I have no desire to hit anything else. The Vokeys have always worked for me. That's really all there is to it...lol.
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