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  1. My brother texted and wanted to play this evening. I shot +4 for a 39 on the back 9.
  2. Very nice! I'm curious about the wood used for the far right one... Bubinga... Padauk? I'm a Cabinetmaker and I've used a lot of exotics over the years.
  3. Barkeepers is great stuff! I've used that method on a few things, and it works great.
  4. Naval Jelly. Apply with a brush... leave on 15 minutes... wash off...no rust.
  5. It's .... different. Not bad, just different.
  6. I'm in Prog Rock mode tonight.
  7. Tonight is Wild Ohio Brewing Black Cherry Bourbon Barrel Tea Beer. It's 9%. It's interesting...lol.
  8. What exactly wears on a wedge that it needs to be replaced after 50 - 70 rounds? if it's the grooves, I've never noticed a lot of wear after playing a wedge for 5 years. Is it the same for irons?
  9. I just shot 41 on league. Easily could/should have been 37. 4 birdie putts that just burned the edge. One really bad hole that I took a double on. The score didn't reflect how good I played. I'm pretty happy with it... other than the missed birdie attempts. The TS3 and I are becoming very good friends.
  10. I literally just finished watching that before coming here...lol.
  11. I will seriously consider Graphite in my next purchase. I'm getting older... and it's slowly sinking in...lol. I have bad shoulders and a not very good back. I want to play as good as I can for as long as I can,,,lol. My medical problems are not internal.... all are joint related, due to my endeavors in my youth...lol. I love golf, and I want ro enjoy it for as long as I can. I respect your opinion on the game and equipment.
  12. I have hit many graphite shafted irons over the years. I didn't find any of them to be suited for me. I will be 61 in September. I have lost distance in every club.... and I hate it! But.... I very well might look into Graphite in my irons when I purchase new. What the hell... driver and fairway woods are graphite???
  13. I have a new ... problem. I have developed impingement in my right shoulder. It doesn't affect the golf swing very much, but it sure does does hinder raising a cup of coffee to my face...lol.
  14. I'm thinking about purchasing more golf balls...lol. It took some time to figure this TS3 out and find my swing again. I don't think a dozen balls is going to last the rest of the season!
  15. Reminiscing of days gone tonight. Alice Cooper. Here is Black Widow...lol
  16. Definitely getting better. I'm playing more and figuring out how to swing again...lol.
  17. I might have to try the reading glasses for putting. It never occurred to me to even try it...lol.
  18. I played with my brother yesterday at my home course. I shot 39/39 for 78. He decided he wanted to play another 9 since we moved right along and finished in a little over 3 hrs. I shouldn't have. It was 89* and humid. I shot 46 on the 3rd 9. 27 holes is too much in that kind of heat.
  19. You all have a great day! I'll be at my brother's drinking copious amounts of Budweiser in red, white and blue cans. Brats, pork shoulder steaks and burgers are for dinner.... along with whatever else my sis in law decides to have...lol.
  20. LOL... try turning 60 and knowing you used to be able hit the ball that far. I'm down to 240 average, with a really good day being 250 +.The good part of that is my short game is getting better because it has to...lol Enjoy the length while you have it! I teed that up for you older guys to chime in and tell me the same thing.
  21. Driver and fairway metals are Titleist. Irons are Mizuno.... and likely always will be. Putter is EVNRoll.
  22. Well................ my brother and I just killed an 18 pack and a few shots afterward for 18 holes...lol. It was 90+ * today and the beer was flowing.
  23. I have scored very well at times, but I have NEVER had a bogey free round.
  24. Yea... I don't see how this is going to happen
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