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  1. They feel great hitting them indoors. It will be nice to get them onto the course and see how they do. I am headed to FL to play this next weekend so I should have a good idea.
  2. Time for another update. I am not going to be anywhere close to 10,000 balls hit or putts, but hopefully progress is being made as we have our first tournament of the year on Feb 15th in the Tampa area. I have hit over 3328 5' putts making 3269 of them so far. I have also hit over 5170 shots this winter on my skytrak. My swing feels really good and I have been able to hit outside a few times at heated driving ranges. I am really looking forward to the next 14 days as if I play well I should get about 90 holes of golf in and 72 of those being tournament rounds.
  3. Here are some photos at address. 60* 54* 50* Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Ill try and get some today.
  5. Just got my Sub70 JB wedges in! These are awesome! I can’t wait to try them on the course. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. With December now in the books I was able to get a little more practice in. I hit over 1900 balls, made 1570 of 1580 5' putts and was able to start getting back into shape. I expect January to be very similar. I have hit over 3900 balls so far this winter and over 2100 putts. I will be very interested in seeing how the game comes out of the winter. I should be able to play a round or two in Feb if not more than that.
  7. When the game is headed south do not say a word unless they ask. Best to just stay quiet and let them figure it out. Maybe chuckle if they have a good club throw or two.
  8. Once again here we are getting ready for another season of tournament golf. 2020 was a challenging year but we did come away with four wins and a top 10 in the Illinois State Mid-Amateur. I am looking forward to a few more events in 2021 and hopefully a few more wins! Schedule so far: Date Tournament Location Holes Score Feb 15 April 29 Gasparilla Invitational Qualifier CDGA Mid-Amateur Qualifier Tampa, FL
  9. Studies have shown that for amateurs distance is key to lower scores. Yes putting matters, but right now distance is king. I saw from some good sources on twitter the other day that hitting the ball 350 yards is better for your scoring than having every 12' and in putt be a gimmie. That was even for tour pros, so if I am doing anything it is getting longer. I have the super speed sticks and just purchased the Super Speed C Counterweight club to add in this winter.
  10. One month in the books. I know I said full on Bryson would be nice, well a trip to the Dr. for a physical and that will not be happening. Good news is I am down 8 lbs. Now with my job I travel a lot and it is impossible to practice every day. But I was able to get some really good days in and workout almost every day. In November I was able to hit 1390 quality practice shots in the garage and hit almost 1000 5' putts. I hope December lets me practice a little more but I am on the road for work 10 of the next 12 days and then hopefully done for the year.
  11. As the weather gets colder here in the Midwest I know most of us are looking for the next warm day to golf and some of the members hear have already moved to indoors. I wanted to share my goals for the winter season to come out playing my best next spring. I am fortunate enough, one to work from home normally and two, have an indoor space to hit balls and practice putting. Over the next 151 days (April 1, 2021) my goal is to hit 10,000 quality practice shots anywhere from 50 yards to 215 yards LW through 5 iron. And make 10,000 5 foot putts. This averages out to 67 shots a day and 67 putts
  12. How many of us will be playing winter golf and be able to use this watch all winter? I know I will probably get a couple of rounds in between now and March, but no more than 10.
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