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  1. How many of us will be playing winter golf and be able to use this watch all winter? I know I will probably get a couple of rounds in between now and March, but no more than 10.
  2. Well the 2020 competitive golf season has come to a close here in Illinois for me. I paired up with a good friend to play in a 2 man better ball event this weekend and we had a great weekend. We shot 64 - 64 = 128 (-16) to win by two shots. We both played well at different times which is key in these events. I finished the weekend with 9 birdies and an eagle. Not a bad showing at all. It was really nice to get this team win and finish off 2020 on a good note. The season was for sure a weird one as to where and what to play. But we had one of the best years in terms of finishes.
  3. I was able to break away this last weekend and go play in a two day event over in Lebanon, IN. The first day we played the Golf Club of Indiana and the final round was at The Trophy Club. I had never played either course, and let me tell you I would go play either one again. I had been hitting the ball decent the last month and the game traveled well with me to Indiana. I was able to shoot -1 (71) & -1 (71) = -2 (142) and come away with another victory in 2020. That makes four in the season shortened by Covid. I have another 2 man event in two weeks and that should finish out the year
  4. I will say that after this weekend of golfing I really do like the watch, but I do not know how accurate it is. Multiple times when I would laser a flag the yardage to the green would be way off (by 10 or more yards). I will try to get some photos of when this happens (hard to remember sometimes when playing). Everything else about the watch is great. Played 36 Friday, 27 Saturday and 18 on Sunday. Battery was almost gone on Friday after two rounds, but I charged the watch that night and it was ready to go Saturday morning. There are a ton of features on this watch and I feel it needs to
  5. Sorry I have been MIA. I have played 36 holes with my watch and it died sometime after the 36th hole. I do notice that it takes a little longer for it to get yardages especially if I am riding vs. walking. I will laser the flag and then look to see front and back and sometime it takes a few seconds for the watch to catch up. I also think the screen resolution setting has a lot to do with the battery life. Try adjusting that down and see if it helps at all. I will be playing (hopefully) 90 holes from Thursday to Sunday this week so we will see how the watch holds up. I really like how e
  6. I am going to get a couple more rounds in this weekend with the watch. A course I have not played all year so hopefully the watch is on point. Can cut some corners
  7. I will be playing the next two evenings. I will try to get some more photos of the watch. Is there anything anyone wants to see about it?
  8. Monday and Tuesday were the Illinois State Mid-Amateur this year. It was held at Edgewood Valley CC in the Chicago area. I had never seen this course until a practice round on Sunday afternoon and I was glad I played it. The golf course was not overly long but the greens were as firm and fast as I have played in a very long time. I had a 7:39 tee time off of the 10th tee on Monday morning for the first round. I got off to a slow start being +2 through 4 holes but did not get upset with the start knowing I had some holes I could make birdie on coming up. I was able to get it back to even
  9. I was able to play 54 holes the last 2 days with the watch. Monday I was able to get 36 holes out of the watch. On my 51st hole it flashed the low battery but it was able to finish the round and died after the round when I was getting a drink. I have not worn a watch for a few years and I really like how this feels on my wrist. My initial thought was it felt heavy. But when it is on my wrist it feels very light and I do not notice it. My only error, and this is user error is that I had it set up to receive notifications. Lucky it never buzzed in my back swing. Yesterday was only 18 holes bu
  10. Playing 36 tomorrow with the watch. We will see if it can go all day. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. I got to play a round of golf yesterday with the watch. I can say it has a lot of features. It did take it a while to find my course (3rd hole) but after that it worked very well. I will get more in depth as I am playing the next 4 days. Taking today off as work got crazy.
  12. Got my watch today! It’s going to be a busy week. 7 rounds in my next 6 days. This watch will be put to the test! Also want to give a shoutout to SkyCaddie. I guess I had 3 accounts. One for an older watch, one for my Skytrak and this new one. I now have them all in one place and if your on the Skytrak / SkyCaddie platform give me a follow. JoshAndersonGolf. Customer service online chat was great! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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