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  1. I currently use the Golf Pride Z Cord and MCC Plus 4 grips. I will be switching to all Golf Pride Z Cord Align this spring though. I have always loved cord grips and Golf Pride makes the best cord grips. I do wish they would come back out with the older cord grips with the green grip reminder lines.
  2. I went from a +2.1 to a +2.4. Down .3 with the change. Non posting time here as well. It will be interesting to see how this goes playing in tournaments and how tournament rounds are calculated.
  3. Today I started my journey looking for more speed. I have my Super Speed training sticks and the radar all set. First session went well. Driver swing speed was 114 before the session. Right where I thought it would be. After the session I was at 126. Not bad. Not we have to build to that 126. The fastest I swing I took was at 133 with the green stick. I am excited to see where we are at come April. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Happy New Years MGS! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. I did this last year and I had so much fun doing it I am going to do it again in 2020. It is looking like 2020 will be an even better year than 2019. For those that are new here is a little back ground on me. A little bit about who I am. I grew up in western Pennsylvania playing a shorter course in the small town of Kane (Kane Country Club). This is a shorter (6000 yds) course but very tight and small greens. It was a great place to learn the game and grow up. I was lucky enough to play good golf in high school and earned a scholarship to play at St. Bonaventure University. I went on to have a very nice carrier there ( https://gobonnies.sbu.edu/sports/m-golf/2016-17/files/Golf_Career_Scoring.pdf ). I still hold the records for most wins (5) and lowest year scoring average at 73.0. From there I failed horribly at trying to play professional golf. I went out on my own didn't have a support team, slept in my car and never made a cut. I went back home with my tail between my legs and started over. I didn't play events for a few years as I was trying to find the fun in the game again and with help from my wife (she plays too) it has become a lot of fun again. I know I will never play on tour, but it is fun to try and play in these events. A fun note, I have 2 course records (60 at Urbana CC tie with Steve Stricker and Dylan Meyer & 61 at Kane Country Club) but I do not have any hole in ones. I am looking to come into the 2020 golf season stronger and bigger than 2019. I started the season at right around 170lbs. The lightest I had been in over 20 years. This was not good for the golf game and I quickly realized that with a poor start to the season. By the mid summer I was back up around 180lbs and playing much better golf. I am going to start the Super Speed program next week and hopefully that combined with some more strength training I will be ready for a great 2020. Below is a list of events I have already confirmed (with the wife ) I plan to play in. 2020 Tournament Schedule April 30 - CDGA Mid Amateur Qualifier May 11 - US Open Qualifier May 18 - 20 - CDGA Mid Amateur Championship May 23 & 24 - Lincoln Elks Memorial Day Tournament* May 28 - CDGA Amateur Qualifier June 6 & 7 - Naughtin Open* June 11 - IL State Am Qualifier* June 20 & 21 - University of Illinois Open June 22 - 25 - CDGA Amateur Championship July 18 & 19 - UCC Club Championship* July 21 - 23 - Illinois State Amateur Championship July 25 & 26 - Twin Cities Championship* August 11 - Illinois Mid Amateur Qualifier Aug 12 - US Mid Amateur Qualifier Aug 24 & 25 - Illinois Mid Amateur Championship (These are subject to change and dates may be added especially 4 ball events. * denotes events we have won in the past) In my bag for 2020 will be updated in April and look for more of the same as the @GolfSub70 irons and fairway woods will be in the bag for sure. Right now if this does not change and we play every round (stroke play round) possible it will be 25 tournament rounds in 2020. I am looking forward to another great year!
  6. Thank you to MGS for selecting me to test the golfballs.com AlignXL. My first impression is that these are awesome. I have always been a Sharpie user and I did not like having to reapply the line after a few holes. These look like they should stay on the entire round, we will see. I did get to play some golf this weekend in San Diego and I will be getting photos of the balls used up this weekend. In the mean time I have attached some photos of what the balls look like new and the letter from Brad with golfballs.com. Very nice touch.
  7. I got my Taylormade M4 in Feb of 2018. I have played this driver for the last 2 summers and I have really enjoyed it. I found it to be more accurate than my older Titleist. I might look around the market this spring again as this will be the M4's 3rd year in the bag unless I can find something that is better.
  8. Srixon 965 9 iron on the left Sub 70 MB 9 iron on the right. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. I think there is slightly more offset on the SUB 70 MB's vs the Srixon giving that look. I measured them where the face lines meet the top line on the toe.
  10. Josh - Champaign, IL Yes I use a putting line Blue Sharpie Snell MTB-X Yellow ALIGNXL Personalized FORE PLAY ONLY (Black)
  11. The top line on the SRIXON 965 is 5mm. The top line on the SUB 70 MB is 4.5mm very close, but the Sub 70 is thinner. You can see it in the photos. The Sub 70 also have a slightly smaller profile which is nice.
  12. Here are 2 photos showing the Sub 70 CB and MB irons vs Srixon 965 and 765 irons. The Sub 70 irons are on the left. Srixon on the right. Let me know if you have any more questions. The Sub 70 will be in the bag again in 2020! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. MGS thank you again for being the leader in golf information! My name is Josh Anderson and I have been a member on this forum since 2014. I am an avid member as well as an avid golfer. I try to play in as many events every summer as my schedule will let. Last year I tracked those events here on MGS and loved doing so. In 2020 I am looking to have even more fun doing that again and I have some very fun things planned for golf in my area of central Illinois. I grew up playing golf in western Pennsylvania and was lucky enough to play at the D-1 level in college. I had a very good college career at St. Bonaventure University and now I am still trying to compete with college kids on a weekly basis in the summer. I currently have a +2.1 handicap and I am looking forward to pushing that lower in 2020.
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