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  1. ugh yet another cool, wet grey dreary morning here, too .. after a nice day yesterday... .. where I did manage to get a 9 hole round in, and hope to again tomorrow afternoon (tee times booked pretty solid until 3pm!). Today's home project is trying to keep the wife's outdoor flowering garden aspirations in check .. she thinks we're gonna plant things now and have full grown blooms and lots of color next September... Hey whatever anything to keep her happy And hope everyone else, and their spouse or bestie or partner or significant other, also have a happy and fun weekend day today!!
  2. Got out for 9 today but did not play very well... Sliced a few tee shots, which I haven't done in a while, and also pulled one left .. so had to punch out of trouble a few times... Two of those rescue shots ended up being pretty good and put me back into good spots where I could make a shot to the green. Wedges were working ok and putting was mostly pretty good .. except for a 3-putt on the first hole where I pushed the second putt just enough to roll over the edge of the hole... So there are two very small water hazards on the Front 9 of my course .. I mean so small a large family of frogs can't all hop in there at once .. and yep I managed to splash a ball in each of them today! They were both short approaches, too .. and I have been starting to hit my irons better *on the range* .. just didn't hit either of those shots really fully, so yeah I have bit of a confidence / shot commitment problem out on the course... ... work in progress...
  3. cksurfdude


    Go Rangers!! (.. there is no such thing as The President's Cup curse....)
  4. In my garage I removed it on the side I set the net up on .. was actually pretty easy. (Tip: tag the wires on both ends before disconnecting).
  5. Got a Grayson polo as a gift (more than I would spend on myself ) and it does seem well made, comfortable and importantly for me true to size!
  6. Great topic! Exactly something I've been trying to work on. Think part of it is simply the literal nature of being a guy - having that tiny bit of recessive Neanderthal in us that senses we have a (haha) club in our hands and we see something within reach to smash All joking aside, it is a big mental hurdle to rearrange our thinking / our concept of where the real power comes from in a golf swing to propel the golf ball. I'm trying to remind myself on each and every golf swing... "Hit it better not harder" Or visualize this... ..and not this...
  7. There's a TM Demo Day this coming Saturday .. not sure what they have but looking for something "crossover" like to try to possibly replace my 5H....
  8. Read that this morning, too - really enjoy some of his strategy and mental game pieces like that one! One shot at a time....
  9. Thx! Actually planning on going to @Preeway July meet-up in Nebraska - includes Wild Horse which from just looking at the short flyover vid made me want to go!! But yeah would like to check out courses in SD sometime, too .. parts of that state look pretty nice for a visit! @Shank Aaron - Engineers is outside Roslyn NY in Nassau County and not too far from me. Is that May 8th? Do you know if they allow spectators? Anyway course has some crazy elevation changes and obstacles .. def do your homework on it in advance!
  10. So after reading your review I went and ordered a pair of the Rivet with the Enliven Golf lens. Did a custom order to get the black frame with that lens and, interestingly, from the look of the order confirmation, it comes in separate pieces as a pair of lenses, the frame, a pair of ear pads .. so a small bit of "some assembly required" maybe? Hoping they magically enable me to better track my ball ... on my not so hugely long shots ... but yeah the old eyes ain't what they used to be...
  11. Hahaha well Happy HAPPY Happy Mr GolfSpy Sam!!! #whatevertherealnumberis #whocaresanyway #aslongasyouarehealthyandhappy Cent Anni ..and yeah dude only women are allowed to be "39" for as long as they think they can pull it off...
  12. That's a bold move going "NFL" = No F***ing Logo!! But seriously very chill looking iron heads! Enjoy this one Spy-Clubbuilders!
  13. Well just as those weather people .. (can't say weather 'man' anymore not just PC but some of the meteorologists on TV .. at least around here on the channel my wife watches in the morning .. are female and kinda hot and one is like a fitness model and the other won some state beauty pageant in the past) .. so just as they said it's wet and grey and dreary here today... Good day for some indoor exercise and indoor practice - maybe fire up the ExPutt and work on some longer putts, and maybe whack a few into the garage net working on pressure shift and hands/wrists coming into and at impact. Looking forward to the intriguing testing opportunity announcement and to the community call later! Followed by, of course, happy hour and maybe date night with my honey Hope y'all make it a great day .. with whatever it has in store for you!!!
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