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    Rtracymog got a reaction from Bobbers in top three mistakes   
    Biggest mistakes:
    1. Not doing the ferrule correctly where it became scuffed and ugly. I needed to leave well enough along and I didn't.
    2. Relying on all websites to have accurate shaft info. Needed a .355 shaft for a wedge and bought a TT GS (which I found out was only made in .370), but the website (Hireko) was wrong.
    3. Aligning shaft graphics is tough. I thought I was on it, but it must have shifted while curing.
    4. Trying to take a tip off of a driver shaft without a shaft puller. Twisted it too much and ended with a very stable, but very short and light shaft.
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    Rtracymog reacted to Hoyoymac in BGT Zne Wedge Shaft   
    Put the new BGT ZNE shaft into play yesterday and was very pleased with the results. 
    Got up and down 80% of the time.  Shot 75, good for low gross.  Won two skins and tied for second in the points game.
    Chipping and pitching with it was outstanding, but I did not have any chances to use a full swing with it as I kept being either a little too close or a little too far for that yardage. 
    My feeling after using the shaft during a full round is how precise it is.
    Will play another round with it today. 
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    Rtracymog reacted to Hoyoymac in BGT Zne Wedge Shaft   
    Swing weight with the BGT ZNE shaft was good. No adjustments were needed when used with the SuperStroke Traxion Wrap Midsize grip which is light for its size.
    The overall balance of the club was excellent as well.  
    Will be putting it into play today for 18 holes of golf with our Men’s Golf Association points game.
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    Rtracymog reacted to Hoyoymac in BGT Zne Wedge Shaft   
    The Corey Paul wedge heads are very nice.  Great shaping. Traditional blade style. Soft forgings.  Raw steel. Very versatile sole grind.  Easy to bend.  Great feel.  I highly recommend them!
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    Rtracymog reacted to Hoyoymac in BGT Zne Wedge Shaft   
    Built up a lob wedge this week with a BGT ZNE 130g shaft and a Corey Paul wedge head.
    Took it to the practice chipping area and went through my shag bag filled with 50 Bridgestone Tour BRX balls three times.  
    Put it up against another Corey Paul lob wedge built up with a KBS Tour V 125g stiff wedge shaft that also has a ProSoft vibration dampener installed.  Grips were the same SuperStroke Traxion wrap black midsize.
    Also compared it to a cobra King Snakebite 58 with a stock KBS Hi Rev 2.0 Stiff shaft.
    All three wedges have similar lofts, bounce, length, lie angle and sole grinds.
    On the Chipping green the performance was good for all three.  Not a lot of difference except for the contact spot on the face of the wedge with the BGT ZNE shaft was noticeably smaller and more consistent.
    The feel of the BGT ZNE shafted wedge was very stable, balanced and contact felt crisp while also being very smooth and was my first choice based on feel. The KBS Tour V shafted wedge with the Pro Soft insert was a close second.  The Cobra wedge had a bit firmer feel overall compared to the other two but performed very well.
    Next I went to the adjacent range and started to hit partial swing pitch shots.  This is where the  BGT ZNE shaft started to show itself.  Consistency of start line, front to back and side to side dispersion was better.
    Full swing shots were even better.  I definitely felt like my start lines were better and I was just knocking down the pins with the BGT ZNE shafted wedge.
    Overall I was encouraged.  I will take it out to the course again next week for another practice round and then give it a trial by fire on the course.

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    Rtracymog reacted to charlescooper26 in Best Launch Monitor for High School Golf Team   
    I am head coach for a high school golf team.  We have budgeted about $2000 for a launch monitor.  Does anyone have a suggestions?  It needs to be used by about 14 golfers.  Also, have to share it with both boys and girls teams.  Would we be better to purchase two monitors and go will a less expensive one?  We are using it for swing speed and to dial in the average distance for our clubs.  
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    Rtracymog reacted to McGolf in BGT Zne Wedge Shaft   
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    Rtracymog reacted to ZMendle10 in Wedge Stamping   
    I unfortunately haven't been able to as I previously didn't have the space. However I did just move into a new house two days ago with a workshop in the basement. I plan on turning this into  club building setup and I will be putting some wedge stamping equipment in there as well. 
    I'll be sure to post some updates as well as pictures once the dust from the move settles and I start getting some equipment,. 
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    Rtracymog reacted to IONEPUTT in BGT Zne Wedge Shaft   
    I watched that video with Ian and while he did hit the ZNE shaft wedge different than with the steel shaft, I did NOT see much if any improvement in his shots. Not straighter or better distance control. Just different not better. Not sure I saw a good reason to spend $180 on a wedge shaft for no improvement in performance. And I have 4 wedges in my bag now, so that would mean $720 for 4 shafts no including labor charges for those that don't do their own club work. So far I have not hit it enough in my 60* wedge to tell if it's any better than my steel shaft wedges. Time and more range time will be needed before I decide one way or another. 
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    Rtracymog reacted to PingMD702 in BGT Zne Wedge Shaft   
    I actually went ahead and got the 130 ZNEs installed on my 50,54,58 and I must say on full shots they are extremely solid! The weighting and the stoutness of the shaft feel great as the head cuts through the turf! When it comes to green side chipping and pitches, I like the feedback it gives. The way the shaft performs out of thick rough keeps the ball on my target line. My old DG TI S400 wedge shafts would get caught up in thick rough and my usual miss is left. For the ZNE's, it keeps it steady on whatever my target line is. With that said, I can definitely see people seeing this as a gimmick but for my personal game, I definitely am sold on these! Hope it helps! 
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    Rtracymog got a reaction from PingMD702 in BGT Zne Wedge Shaft   
    I was intrigued as well when I watch the TXG video. My problem is that I heard they don't work well (or there is very little benefit) when hitting full shots. I hit a lot of full wedge shots into greens, so I don't know if it's worth the investment. I would be interested to hear your results because I hit a lot of wedges per round!
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    Rtracymog reacted to dlow206 in BGT Zne Wedge Shaft   
    my small business has an account with BGT. anything you want me to try to figure out, let me know, i can ask.
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    Rtracymog reacted to PingMD702 in BGT Zne Wedge Shaft   
    Thanks for all the responses everyone! I agree that it should be installed in a versatile wedge like the 54 or 58! My buddy is giving me a deal on three of these 130 shafts for 360. I’m just unsure if the 50 really needs one. Also 130 would make the most sense since I’m playing s400 currently right?
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    Rtracymog reacted to McGolf in Srixon 2023 Zx7 & Zx5 MKII   
    My rep came by - the V sole is there but not as pronounced as it predecessors. The weight is moved ever so slightly with a cleaner bade. 
    The Biggest leap for them is the ZX4 this is a massive improvement to the clunky half baked version. It worked but just didnt look right to me. The new model is in line wit he ZX5 and 7 and looks fanatastic.
    The woods improved too. how much remains to be seen.
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    Rtracymog reacted to Superjoemofo in My first restoration project: 1981 Titleist Tour Model blade irons   
    This is the putter I just restored myself... it's always fun to bring something back to life!
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    Rtracymog reacted to McGolf in Shafts and iron distance   
    [email protected] or [email protected]. We just had two from Louisville this last weekend
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    Rtracymog reacted to gmmiddle in Shafts and iron distance   
    McGolf is highly recommended.  He did a great fitting for me, very comprehensive.  Watch his Youtube channel.
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    Rtracymog reacted to RenoLaw in SOLD: Garmin R10 Launch Monitor   
    Found it pretty solid for a $600 LM. Used it indoors and out. Outside was definitely better as it can watch the ball flight longer, it was acceptably close to a Trackman and Flightscope X3 that I was on outside given the price difference with those. I have decent swing speed (over 110) and inside it did well up to driver, but driver was questionable. I was hitting into a net in my garage and never bothered to really dial in the set up to improve the driver readings (there's a ton of threads online on what you're supposed to do). Even then, still super fun to use with E6 (there's 5 free courses) and the Garmin app inside and the ranges worked well too. For the price I was happy, but ended up wanting the additional accuracy and data on the GC3.
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    Rtracymog reacted to McGolf in Shafts and iron distance   
    I might know a guy,,,,,
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    Rtracymog reacted to Tpoole22 in Uncut Linq shaft and UST headcover   
    Its not, sorry I forgot to close this
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    Rtracymog reacted to Tpoole22 in Uncut Linq shaft and UST headcover   
    Brand new uncut ust mamiya linq Gunmetal shaft 6F5 (70 gram XS). Headcover included. 125 shipped

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    Rtracymog reacted to AwCobb in P7MC with MMT105TX   
    Taylormade P7MC 4-P with upgraded premium Mitsubishi MMT 105TX shafts, BB&F ferrules,and Golf Pride MMC midsize grips.  
    Standard loft and lie, and as you can hopefully see in the photos the clubs are in excellent condition.

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    Rtracymog reacted to DawgDaddy in DawgDaddy's Deal of The Day!   
    Dick's has a one day sale that includes the Maxfli Tour and Tour X 48 pack of balls for $104.98

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    Rtracymog reacted to Bulldog in DawgDaddy's Deal of The Day!   
    Costco members can get ECCO Men's Biom H4 Golf Shoes for $132.99. Regular price is around $200.
    Costco ECCO Golf Shoes
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    Rtracymog got a reaction from sirchunksalot in Fall/Winter Golf Pants!!   
    When it's really chilly, I like the pair of Puma PwrWarm pants that I own. They are heavy, but very comfortable.
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