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  1. Brad. Kitty Hawk, NC I have used an outdoor net years ago. Weather took it's toll on it after a rough winter. I did not have a launch monitor to use with the net. The only launch monitor available is at an indoor game facility near by. I would love to have an indoor net to use during the winter.
  2. Brad. Kitty Hawk, NC I have used a net in the back yard years ago. It was not adaptable for indoor use. It broke down due to weather conditions. I did not use the net with a launch monitor. They weren't popular and readily available at the time. The only launch monitors I have used are at an indoor facility nearby. I would love to have something like that at home.
  3. Brad Kitty Hawk, NC M6 current driver 8.1 HDCP 90-95 MPH swing speed TSi3 regular flex
  4. Brad Kitty Hawk, NC Taylormade M6 8.1 Swing speed 90-95 MPH TSi3.
  5. Brad Kitty Hawk, NC Currently using Taylormade M6. HDCP 8.1 Swing speed 90-95 MPH. Would like to try the TSi3
  6. Brad, Kitty Hawk, NC most putting practice is at the course before tee time. I have used putting mats in the past and have had some improvement. I would like to test the medium speed mat.
  7. Brad/Kitty Hawk, NC/USA My current putter is the Odyssey Marksman and optional PXG Bat Attack. I would like to demo the Ping Tomcat 14. From a looks standpoint it resembles a combination of the Odyssey 2 ball SRT and the Taylormade Spyder. There are no Ping dealers within 75 miles of me. The Tomcat looks to fit my straight back stroke and the heavier weight would probably help.
  8. Brad. Kitty Hawk, NC Currently playing Mizuno wedges. Would like to test the Cleveland in 54*/10 with midsize grip.
  9. Brad. Kitty Hawk, NC Do not currently use a GPS system. Currently use Bushnell Tour V3.
  10. Brad, Kitty Hawk, NC Would like to test a 460 model. Swing speed 90-95 mph.
  11. Brad North Carolina Hdcp 8.4 Ping G400 irons 7 iron distance 145-150 yds.
  12. Name/State: Brad/NC Hdcp: 8.4 Current irons: Ping G400 irons, regular graphite. 7 iron distance: 145-150 yards.
  13. Brad, Kitty Hawk, NC Currently play Bridgestone E12 soft, Tour RX or Srixon Q Star. Swing speed around 90 mph. We play all year 3-4 days a week. Would like to see what Bridgestone has come up with.
  14. Brad North Carolina Current putter Odyssey Fang 7H c/s. Would like to try the Frontline ISO. right handed.
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