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  1. I have been a center shaft putter user for many years. I have even changed some putters to a center shaft after manufacturers say they won't make a certain model in a center shaft option. I just like the way it looks for my straight back swing path. Center shaft putters are face balanced and fit my swing. I demoed the Lab Mezz and was really impressed with the club but turned off by the price. I will stick with my Ping Tomcat converted to center shaft for now.
  2. I was fitted for the Aldila Quantum Sapphire and still have it. Currently I am playing the Graphite Design AD-IZ and love it. I haven't found anything to take it's place but am always looking for a contender. As stated on the shaft, distance and accuracy are it's best qualities. What more could you want except a little more of the same.
  3. Hands down, the Recoil 460 or 660. They are the best for me over the years.
  4. Leave the golf ball alone. Make fairways more narrow and the rough more penalizing.
  5. In no order: Lahinch Ballybunion Waterville Pinehurst #2 Doral Kingsmill Pine Needles Drumoland Castle Ballyhack Caledonia Golf & fish Club
  6. NO to the music. I go to the course to play golf, enjoy the outdoors and socialize with friends, not for a singalong.
  7. I use MyGolfSpy as my buying bible. Their reviews on products are the first step in considering something new. 1- Whenever I am thinking of something new, I try to look it up in MyGolfSpy online. If they have reviewed it, their review weighs heavily on the decision to purchase. The reviews are honest and straight forward. 2- MyGolfSpy reviews equipment from guys with different swing speeds and addresses questions directly, not generically. I can usually adapt the review to my requirements and needs. 3- I can't say that their reviews have helped me lower my scores, that is up to me, but the reviews have helped me in buying or demoing a product that I am interested in and I feel help me to enjoy the game a little more. 4- The purchases I have made after seeing the reviews is made with confidence as to what I can expect from it.
  8. I switch after 3 putts start creeping in too often. Sometimes I take a hybrid out of the bag and carry 2 putters. If the front nine is going bad, I switch on the back nine.
  9. I joined because of the information they provide. I am a golf nut and am always looking for information to help me with my game. Their equipment reviews are honest and cover just about any question you may about the item they are reviewing. Their staff is very knowledgable and seem to be always trying to improve on that. In short, I trust their reviews and rely on them when making a decision on a certain piece of equipment.
  10. I don't see anything to tempt me into buying a new driver. I'm fine with my 2 year old driver with an after market shaft. The new shaft was about 1/4 of the cost of a new driver. I believe that the industry has reached neasr peak level of limitations and new claims are so minimal that the cost does not justify any results which are probably also minimal.
  11. I have 6 different brands in the bag. Start off with a Titleist driver, Callaway 3 wood, Ping 5 wood then move on to XXIO hybrids. XXIO is the only hybrid I have confidence in. In the irons Mizuno is the choice. Taylor Made is the putter. They all hit a Bridgestone ball.
  12. I play in 2 different groups, one, the old guys and two, everything from 20 year old to 75 year olds. Group one plays as follows, age 65 or younger play back tees. Age 65 to 75, one tee up. 75 to 80, forward tees modified. 80 plus full "ladies" tees. The group two is strickly handicap and everyone has a legitimate handicap. They play a point system which is adjusted to the tees you choose to play. This is the fairest system. I am the oldest and probably the shortest but the point system allows me to compete with anyone with an honest handicap. Group one, I play the modified forward tees. Group two, I play the back tees. Group one is more fun and I play more irons. Group two is more honest and I play everything in the bag.
  13. I had a driver fitting. During the fitting I gained 15-20 yards over my gamer. I ended up buying the driver which cost about $800.00. The driver did gain me yardage but was not very forgiving, so the added yardage only showed up occaisionally. I went back to finding my own driver a year later and am much happier. The fitters generally use high end equipment that is hard to find on your own, especially high end shafts. In the end, the money I spent did not give me a reasonable return.
  14. I have a 15 way bag and I can always look to see if one slot is open to know that I have the legal amount of clubs. The other open slot is sometimes used for a test club, ball retriver or alignment rods. I'm ok with this bag. The clubs sometimes are a little cramped taking them out but the grips are somewhat protected.
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