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  1. Played 9 in them tonight, very comfortable.
  2. Shoes just arrived today, they had some trouble with shipping to Canada. I ordered size 14, they fit perfectly. I wear size 15 in Nike Air Max 90 G I wear size 14 in Adidas tour 360 but could easily go size 15. Will take them out for a range session today and update.
  3. I ordered a pair last week, will post my thoughts when they arrive!
  4. I have a steep angle of attack and find that the higher bounce on my wedges help combat digging too deep.
  5. Only time I notice a difference is when it's wet out, wear spiked when its wet, spikeless when not.
  6. Those are too clean to hit!
  7. I use them to help with setup and alignment. And occasionally to poke geese back into the water.
  8. Still lots of snow on the ground and we are basically confined to the house for non essential travel. So I put together a makeshift hitting bay in the garage, helps to pass the time.
  9. I had a positive experience with the custom shop. It is pricey and like others said you may want to check the current backlog. You can likely call and ask.
  10. Wish I had weeds to pull, still 2-3 feet of snow up North!
  11. Working from home, trying to entertain the 3 year old, putting comps with the wife.
  12. Seiko 5 is an automatic with a clear back case. Pretty fair pricing, can be found for less than $200.
  13. Mizuno MP-33's, would love to still have those and my old 975D, probably couldn't hit either any good now though!
  14. " I will buy more for my golfer friends" sounds like a nice guy!
  15. I'm pretty jealous that a lot of you are already playing, I still have 2-3 feet of snow in the yard!
  16. I'm open to offers on this
  17. TaylorMade R15 rescue 19 degrees, Is used. Sole and face have some wear but the crown is perfect. Shaft is a Stiff Speeder 77, grip is a standard Lamkin Tour Cord. Doesn't come with original headcover, but will ship with the one pictured. Looking for $65USD, shipped in North America, shipping from Canada. PM for pay pal, not looking for trades.
  18. Nice looking setup, Weapons of Grass Destruction has me laughing!
  19. I understand the arguments for and against the $500 green fee. I bet at $500 the Pebble tee sheet doesn't sit empty.
  20. He was using a towel from Brough Creek National that looks like the one pictured, except more stripes.
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