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  1. So does that mean these are worth more than $8.99?
  2. There’s always hair on my face but it’s kept trim. The bushiest was when I was acting in a passion play as a Pharisee. Such fun role! From back in 2014.
  3. @sirchunksalot - I think you gotta real thing going on here. We’re 9-10days away from starting and we’re already on page 3. Wait until November 1st gets here!
  4. Nice going. BTW, I come up with 33.63 instead of 36.37. Has to do with your handicap? Not sure how that works here. Now that you did the math, I will too. Just for fun since we don’t begin until Nov 1. =46-((117/113)*(18/2))+(72-69.3) = 39.38. I think I can do better with a little practice
  5. I only used my 2 iron once, wasn’t exactly flushed and only went a little over 180yds. Not a club you can muscle! Be smooth I’m with you can finding a sand wedge, I really missed having something shorter than the Hogan Equalizer PW. Nice club but it wants to fly! And of course the weather is turning next week here. 21 for a high on Monday. Fingers crossed the first of November will be warm enough to let me get out and play
  6. Oy! Found that the Apex II’s do not tolerate anything less than the middle of the face. The lofts are 3-4 degrees less than my Wilson C300 Forged so I was planning on adding an extra club on every shot. Missing the sweet spot means I still came up short. Wow. Only a couple of shots felt good and those are the ones that reached the green. My no-name persimmon driver had the pulls. Towards the end I was able to get a little length and straighten it out some. The shortest club in the bag was the pitching wedge, I needed less. From 60-80yds out, I consistently flew the green, it ju
  7. We can carry but don’t need to actually hit the woods, right? Who needs a driver when you have a Hogan 2 iron? Playing 9 on Wednesday so I can see if the grips are playable or not. Apex II J, I still owe you a peek at the woods I picked up at Goodwill
  8. I ordered the insoles as well (thanks Amazon) I will do a lot of indoor range work this winter, with a launch monitor. I’m hopeful that the combination of numbers along with the visual of weight placement will teach me a lot. My biggest issue right now is if I start to use these right away or wait until Christmas
  9. If you can play there, you can play anywhere... It’s a place to have fun, not get serious on. Play winter rules, give yourself a good lie and swing away! Laugh, have some fun! Remember golf started in fields, not manicured lawns
  10. Played Wednesday at one of our better courses here in the Springs. Started off well with pars, a lone birdie and a double. Lost focus for a while kind of blew up for a bit. Still a decent score for me on this course. Slow as snot, the group two holes ahead were playing from the tips even though they didn’t have the game for it. Marshal just laughed when we suggested he should say something to them
  11. Tony / Colorado Springs, Co I’m a righty 1st choice - Driving iron, regular. 2nd choice - hybrid, regular. ~18 handicap-prolly under that some.
  12. Pulled the trigger as well. Early Christmas present . Looking forward to seeing this, I’m not a gadget guy but this has promise.
  13. Dang, wish I could have jumped in on that. I have a lot of respect for Mike and his thoughts. Lucky you!
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