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  1. Thanks for posting your experience, I appreciate knowing your thoughts.
  2. Just another dufus with an iPhone and iPad. Gimme, gimme, gimme! Oh wait, can’t say that How about, hi I’m a great person who would love to test this out! Nah, that doesn’t sound good either Let’s just say I’d like to throw my hat into the ring.
  3. We now have strokes gained metrics and we can compare ourselves against different handicaps. If I compare myself to a 10 hcp and see that I’m X strokes plus/minus from that average, can I roughly assume I’m X strokes away in handicap as well? I don’t carry a handicap and probably never will. Plus I’m too lazy to calculate it myself. I’m guessing if SS says I’m 1.5 away from a 10 hcp in SG that I am also 1.5 away in handicap as well. Roughly. Good assumption? p.s. - it takes me twice as many words to ask a question as the average person. That’s my handicap!!
  4. P-average here as well. Seems to match up to numbers I can count on in a good situation. Rough? Uphill downhill? Wind? Those are variables that will play in the club selection just like in the world without the p-average numbers. That said, are the numbers perfect? Not with me swinging the club! But I greatly appreciate having a better baseline than what I had before.
  5. I’m on my second season with a V3. No real complaints but having it be a tad bit smaller would be good. Maybe start computing handicaps, would be easy for them to add. I’m going to have to cut my sensor down as well.
  6. 127 into a slight breeze. Too far for a stock 52, too short for a PW. Yes, I have a gap. What else to but hit the 52 hard? Knowing that I pull the ball when I swing hard I aim right and let her rip. 18” short. No pics as we were all too busy talking about what could have been.
  7. 45th place, tied with a bunch of you guys at -1. If I’m reading this thing right. @jddaigneault leading at -10
  8. I played Saturday with three older folks. They were terrible! Every shot was 50-100 feet, even their putts! They were great folks and a pleasure to hang with. We had a good time on the course Enjoy the game, enjoy the people you’re with even if they aren’t very lovable. None of us have learned to walk on water yet.
  9. I’ve heard about gymnastics, equestrian, archery and now golf. It seems like if the kid shows an ounce of talent then the family, not just the parents, are all in. Even to the homeschool/online school level of commitment.
  10. 167 to a sucker pin just behind the bunker. Nope, no HIO today. Did hit it pin high to the fat of the green, easy par.
  11. Yes! Another meaningless entry into a contest I will never win!
  12. That’s so cool! Got any buttons left on your vest?
  13. A rare Tuesday round today at one of C. Springs nicer courses, and it plays tougher as well. Three doubles and a triple yet still shot an 85. More pars than bogeys, a good sign.
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