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  1. I find this to be correct unless I take too long to start the back nine. I also have found that if I choose the wrong nine for the backside, I have to “end the round “ and start a fresh round. I was worried about this, I’d have two nines instead of eighteen. My fears were unfounded, SS combined my two rounds even when I goofed it up on the back nine. Good job SS!
  2. I cannot answer your first question but on the second, I find that it doesn’t take much of a practice swing for the watch to pick up which club is in your hand. That said, when I grab one club and then decide to use another, I give it an extra few swings. The watch will also show you which club it thinks you’re getting ready to use. Good for those times when you’re not sure if has detected the right club.
  3. On Black Friday I bought an Alphard Golf eWheels for my Sun Mountain Micro Cart. I’ve only been able to use it for one full round but having the ability to just walk instead of pushing was a revelation. I watched my random guy I played with push his cart, you could tell at times it was a bit of a struggle. I just walked. I don’t think I’ll be going back to a regular push cart.
  4. I played at Ocotillo in Chandler this past Friday (https://ocotillogolf.com). First time playing in the Phoenix area so I have nothing to compare it to but it’s a beautiful course. Greens were a bit beat up from players not repairing their ball marks but they rolled fine. Tight course, lots of water, tough sloping greens. It’s not easy but I enjoyed it. I think the resident price is $79.
  5. Pick #1 won the stupid tournament, pick #2 missed the cut. Story of my life
  6. T147 K. Streelman I’m a gonner
  7. I’ll be the naysayer. It doesn’t matter a whole lot. I do think it matters to be consistent with which ball you play, stick with one and know how it’s going to react in certain circumstances. Shot an 82 today on a baked out course with…. Topflite Gamer. Full approach shots had no issue stopping. Short sided chips? Yeah but I doubt I could get enough spin to make a difference.
  8. MLK day and 60 in Colorado means we get to sneak in a rare winter round. There was some snow left over from the front that blew through on Friday but that was only in the shadows. If the sun touches snow, the snow is gone in short order. Had to be creative on a couple of tee boxes. Played Patty Jewitt again. Fast and firm with sanded, crappy greens but I’m out playing so who cares! I think I’ve settled on a favorite score. My last rounds have been 81, 81, 82, 82. Today? 82. A double and a pair of three putts prevented me from reaching that next level. Given that I haven’t played since mid-November, I’m happy with how I played.
  9. I can’t remember my ‘21 goals beyond a wish to play more, that did not come to pass so I’ll leave it on the list for next year. And ‘23, and ‘24 - lol I did end up on good notes, dropping from mid to hi 80’s down to low 80’s. My last three full rounds were 81/81/82. Next year I’m looking to crack that next nut.
  10. Does anyone have experience with Jaacob Bowen and his strength program?
  11. My experience with the hip replacement has been solid. Right handed, right hip in 2016. Surgery was in November and by January I was swinging, carefully. By spring I was at full speed. PT consistent of visits at the house, in-home care. Mainly the ladies gave me exercises and checked on my progress, the rest was left up to me. I think the main thing that helped me recover as fast as I did was walking in the house. I’d walk a figure eight around the house until my body said to stop, and I did. When I felt better I’d get up and go again. My wife thought I was overdoing in the beginning but when progress started coming quickly and the PT ladies offered encouragement, she stopped that nagging. To be fair the PT ladies said I was the easiest case they had ever had. Maybe I was one in a hundred, I don’t know. Today I never think about hip, never know it’s there. Feels just like my real hip. Now the knee replacement? Not as good
  12. MGI Zip X2 Electric Golf Cart Bundle - $100 off at Costco MGI Zip Navigator AT, All Terrain Electric Golf Cart Bundle - $300 off.
  13. Lost in Space, down to the last episode. Danger of using kid actors? They grow up. Will is easily a foot taller than in the last season
  14. Yet another day in the 60’s here, although it was the low 60’s. Why would that matter? Because I rushed out of the house and didn’t pick up my quarter zip and I wore shorts today. Chilled all day. Add in that the back & left wrist were stiff and sore and it doesn’t make for most fun round in the world. But it still beats being at work! Can I get a Amen? Back at Patty Jewitt again, third week in a row. Surprised I came away with an 82, it felt worse than that.
  15. BF deal at Budget Golf. Bwhahahaha! Merry Christmas to me!
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