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  1. I thought this would be referring to *hitting* 100 shots a day. That would make a big difference. 100 swings only sounds like a good way to ingrain bad swings. I agree with those above.
  2. I related this on the Shot Scope V3 thread but I played Wednesday at Inverness in Denver. I think I hit one green and had a couple of shanks in the beginning. Ugly day wasted on a nice course. SSV3 will not let me edit the round yet kept score - 91
  3. Rock Bottom Golf Warehouse Sale: Discounts on 100s of items + extra 5% off + free shipping w/ $150 Shop woods from $19.77, iron sets from $149.77, bags and carts from $29.77, apparel from $4.77, and more. Even better, coupon code "TWITTER" knocks an extra 5% off these prices. https://www.rockbottomgolf.com
  4. I ran into my first issue with the SSV3 today. I had the opportunity to play Inverness GC in south Denver yesterday. Inverness is a semi-private resort course, either you have a membership or you are staying at Hilton as a guest. The generosity of a friend of a friend allowed me to play. Thanks Randy if you’re out there! The watch picked up what course was being played and worked well during the round, no problems there. When I sat down to edit the round though the course could not be found. Yeah, I could play the course but not edit afterwards. I have an email into support asking for help. Fingers crossed that they know what might be happening. Edit: the acknowledgment from SS states it take a week before I see a response, they are busy!
  5. I have the LW tag in my 60. Is this tapping a V3 thing? I don’t recall seeing anything about having to tap a club to the watch.
  6. Whereas my first round picked up every shot, the 9 I played yesterday had some missing shots. Strangely (to me) they were all 60* wedges. Maybe I didn’t take big enough practice swings since they were chips around the green.
  7. Sorry to hear this. We put ours down a few years ago. The vet gave us a chance to say goodbye before he gave her injection. Everyone was standing there awkwardly so I went first. Cried like a baby. She and I were close. Dang it, there’s dust in the air again Great pics by the way.
  8. I played last week with a SSV3, a Garmin S10, and a Fitbit/plus golf app. Same course at the same time. All three gave different numbers for most of the day. They seemed to be in the ballpark in most cases, just not the same. The Fitbit seemed to be the most off. It could be they all measure correctly but their maps are different, or maybe one is better than the. No way for me to know. I’m not good enough to hit an exact yardage anyway. F/M/B is good enough for me. Which one is the most accurate? The one you have with you.
  9. I call foul on breaking out the cute kids so early!
  10. This was a little more lengthy than what we’ve been talking about in the other thread, I thought it might be better to separate it from there. We could always move it over. People actually use PC’s these days? Just kidding . I suspect you are right but I spend all day pounding on a keyboard, I do all I can to avoid it otherwise. Thanks for the tip on positional, I’ll have to check that out.
  11. ShotScope V3 mini-review Packaging is as expected for any consumer grade product - tidy, nice looking, professional. After charging the watch up, the setup process begins. First thing is the app and watch are paired. Between an iPhone 8 and the watch, it’s a simple & pain-free step that took 30 seconds. Next the app/watch check to see if a firmware update is needed. In my case it was. It took 11 minutes for the firmware to update. The app now wants to have you insert the tags and choose your brand and model. For my bag of mixed brands, Callaway, Wilson, and Hogan - all clubs were found. No issues. Simple enough for most folks. My putter is counter balanced and would not accept a tag. I can glue the tag on the putter or enter the number of putts manually. I’m going the manual route for now. One drawback, I carry a 4h and 5h. Although both were found they appear in my inventory as their lofts, not as ‘4h’ or ‘5h’. Not a huge deal but it would be nice to be able to edit the club and enter the name of my choice. I’ve played one round so far but here’s what I’ve picked up on while playing: There is no indication that your clubs and the watch are actually synced up. It wasn’t until the first green when I was prompted to enter the number of putts that I could assume the watch and clubs were communicating. If you forget to enter the number of putts, two putts will be entered for you. I had to correct a few holes in post-round edits. It took a bit of poking around to figure out how to register a penalty shot. And why did that’s pond need to jump in front of my ball? GPS accuracy appears to at least be in ballpark. I had two other GPS units with me, a Garmin S10 and a Fitbit thing my buddy has. Most of the time none of these three devices agreed on the yardage. They were with a few yards of each other. Which is best, most accurate? No way for this guy to know. Post round editing took a bit to figure out. As you might guess the flag is never in the right place. On a iPad, you have to tap the flag and then a long press until you see a target like symbol, then drag it to where it should be. Same for shots and putts. A little tedious but I cannot think of a better way off the top of my head. You can add shots, delete shots once you figure out the right icon to select. I suspect that it will be much faster in the future. I also discovered that if you hit a shot and hit another (or hit it a very short distance) only one shot will be recorded. I can see the good and bad in this. It’s nice that I can drop another ball and hit again. It’s not so good that I can cheat by hitting again and playing the second ball. Cheaters gonna cheat no matter what. Ah well. No harm, no foul. After a single round the stats on each club are a bit wonky. My 3wood has an average distance of 87 yards. True! I used it to punch out under some trees. I hit the last tree which was indeed around 90 yards ahead of me . Good excuse to play more so it can learn my real distances. And of course the fit, did the watch bother my swing? Is it bulky? This was my main concern as I have really small wrists. Yes, very small. My wife has a larger wrist diameter than I do. That said, the watch fit my wrists just fine. Doesn’t look overly large, nor does it feel like it’s getting in the way. I never had a false button press. Kudos to Shot Scope folks for shrinking the size. After the single round I feel like I can say this is going to be a good thing for me. It’s not intrusive, the editing should get faster/easier as I get used to the interface, and I’ll learn more about my game. What can be better than that?
  12. Let’s see, focus on the positives or tale of two cities? I have two extremely different 9’s Front 9 I was a scrambling mad man. Good chips and solid putts left me sitting at +1. Easily my best 9 ever even though it was pretty much effortless. Second 9? +17. PLUS SEVENTEEN!!! Way ugly. Nothing went right, nothing felt right. Just sad. Should I feel good or bad?
  13. Up to 75% off at Dick’s. https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/f/golf-flash-31. This is one of their flash deals, not sure how long it will last. The TA putters are on sale. #3 mallet is $80 for example. Most of the new putters are down to $100 but not all. The Habanero is only $50 off - down to $200.
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