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  1. You don’t apply the code until the very last checkout step, just keep going. 4 dozen, with tax, would be a hair under $60. Your tax (not mileage) may vary
  2. Without a doubt the forum testers provide an in-depth look at products. They are hands on for weeks or months. Who doesn’t learn a ton from those folks. The Buyers Guides do pick winners. The Best Driver and Bag reports are the latest example, right? Although appreciated often there’s no reason given for why one product is better than another or where one product falls on its face. We don’t see this as much in big categories such as drivers or irons but in the smaller categories, smaller ticket items we see this a lot.
  3. I’d settle for better, more in-depth testing. For example the LM test reported results but nary a word on why one LM was better than another. It was like reading an junior high paper, no details, no depth. Same for other categories such as the bag tests that just came out. Tell us why not just pick a winner!
  4. Can’t pass this one up, thanks!
  5. YES! Now we’re talking! My sister lives in Edmond so I’d have an excuse to be there for a plaid-only get together
  6. GASP! (Muttering under my breath broken sentences about pinko commies)
  7. Although I cannot say with certainty it would make sense that the ball would have an enormous effect on the outcome of any shot. If your ball is faster in real life then it should be faster on the sim as well. Your ball is spinning more in real life, it would be spinning more on sim as well (assuming the camera can pick it up. The sims I’ve played on provided ProV practice balls to use.
  8. I’d love to have some of those 70’s/80’s plaid or bright lime green pants. I point them out to my wife when I see pictures. After 40 years she still rolls her eyes at me
  9. Up to 60 today and work being light on calls meant I was able to get the first round of the year in. Oh it was so nice to be out there. Ahhhhh. Played pretty well, my off season practice has paid off. At least for this one round! Come on Spring!!!
  10. My younger brother has had two. I think he’s a dork
  11. Too many ‘experts’ here that only want to argue. I’ll be ignoring this thread
  12. I’m originally from Tulsa, mom and brother are still there. Lemme know if you need a fourth! It’s only an 11hr drive but I’ll be there
  13. I looked at it but decided I may not look at it again. Way ugly!
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