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  1. Lost in Space, down to the last episode. Danger of using kid actors? They grow up. Will is easily a foot taller than in the last season
  2. Yet another day in the 60’s here, although it was the low 60’s. Why would that matter? Because I rushed out of the house and didn’t pick up my quarter zip and I wore shorts today. Chilled all day. Add in that the back & left wrist were stiff and sore and it doesn’t make for most fun round in the world. But it still beats being at work! Can I get a Amen? Back at Patty Jewitt again, third week in a row. Surprised I came away with an 82, it felt worse than that.
  3. BF deal at Budget Golf. Bwhahahaha! Merry Christmas to me!
  4. There are some upsides to global warming, we still have temps in the 60’s. We may pay the price next summer due to a lack of moisture but for now it’s game on! Played at Patty Jewitt again on Saturday and ended up with the same score, 81. No 8’s on the card though! Had a couple of 300+ yard drives, sorta makes me feel all warm and Bryson-like inside, until I remember the fairways are dried out and running like Barkley’s dialogue
  5. Surfing the Costco site and see a couple of deals. Sim-in-a-Box: GCQuad, screen, enclosure,etc. $3k off, 17k For those waiting to join the pushcart mafia: CaddyTek 3-wheel Golf Cart with Swivel Front Wheel $130 KS1 putters: $50 off, $100 A few others as well. Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. Indoors at our local First Tee’s driving range - took the driver and a seven iron. Once warmed up I played a mini game in my head. Driver went X yards on a imaginary hole which would leave me Y to the green. Then I have to use the seven iron to hit the green. Keeps me from mindlessly hitting balls one after another. Besides trying to hit the distance, focus on good solid strikes.
  7. When I played on Tuesday I noticed the time was off by an hour. Figured it had something to do with daylight savings time and didn’t worry about it. Now that you’ve said this, I ran upstairs and checked the time on the watch. Just like support said, sync and the time is back to normal.
  8. The Hogan ‘buy two, get one free’ deal has my mouth watering. DTC so I can’t try it out ahead of time. I do have a pair of Hogan wedges now but they are older.
  9. Understanding all this Strokes Gained stuff and how it actually relates to me. Guess I’m too simple minded
  10. I do try and mark my first putt while standing over it and for the most part the putts do show up correctly. Sometimes not though. My one and only ‘F’ was in a statistics course in college, I’m not a lover
  11. Ok, I know it’s probably just me and my ignorance but I’m giving up on Strokes Gained when it comes to putting. Baffles me how I can have a 30 putt day and SG is a -4.
  12. I don’t keep a handicap but it certainly would have dropped this year. I’ve dropped from mid to high 80’s down to the low to mid 80’s. If I can tame my blow up holes I’ll be in the 70’s. Snowman be gone! That’s my goal for next year. Nothing changed as far as equipment goes, just picked up a few tips that really solidify my swing. I also practice putting in the house while on conference calls. I don’t aim make a putt although it does help the ego. I aim to roll the ball end over end. For indoor practice on carpet I think that’s all I can hope for.
  13. When it gets to be this time of year in Colorado and it’s above 60, you better be taking advantage of it. And so we did! Windy day, mostly cloudy but the temperatures were in the low 60’s. Played Patty Jewitt, one of the oldest courses west of the Mississippi. City owned course that is without a doubt the busiest course in town. But come fall the fair weather crowd tends to stay at home. Patty has a fair number of flat greens which makes your approach shots tougher to stop. I broke out a sleeve of the mighty, spinning Kirkland’s in hopes of holding a few. Hey, it worked 43/38 - 81. Good day. If it wasn’t for the snowman on #3 and the double on #10 it could have been a lot better. Sigh, another day.
  14. Gotta agree with this. I can also say I rarely see anyone attempting to pull it off as well. Players seem to keep the 3W in the bag unless it’s off the tee box. Goes for me as well. Semi-strange, I’m pretty consistent with my 5W but extremely inconsistent with the 3.
  15. Wheels it has. Duct tape sounds like good advice
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