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  1. That’s pretty darn impressive. Are you happy with the gapping they give ya?
  2. That’d be great, another putter for you to miss with.
  3. Yep, I’m in the western part, and the mountain courses are absolutely beautiful.
  4. That’s the biggest thing I’m excited about being here...better than an almost 3 month golf season.
  5. Ahh, Peffercorn, okay. Yep, NC from MN, and it’s been a fun move. But lets not dwell on that. I don’t know if I had much of a mind before, but it’s definitely gone now. I had to play a round with a rented Top Flite driver with two ball dents. (Shot 46-39) It almost killed me...
  6. Anyway, enough about me, what’s been happening here?
  7. What is Fortnite... or Stranger Things? Thank you for the kind words though, I miss having fun with y’all, but I’ll be back soon. The whats? You’re wrong... Err, well, maybe not entirely, but definitely mostly.... somewhat...
  8. All the mentions in this thread brought me back to land. I have been lost at sea for a fortnight! (Seriously, I miss this thread a lot and would have liked to get an extra 1000 posts, unfortunately, our move has been going less than smoothly, so I’ve been rather busy, but hopefully should be back soon.) Oddly enough, part of my curriculum is called CC and I’m doing level 3, so you’re actually closer than you think. Nope, never been grounded, and never will be. Not because I’m an angel, I’m just an extremely good liar. Can I get the credit? Sadly, no golf for me, my golf clubs are somewhere near Chattanooga, and I’m losing my mind. Peffercorn or Peppercorn????
  9. GB13


  10. I’m getting concerned about my team. They’ve hit a cold streak at a bad time.
  11. Dang, I'd have definitely said my putter, so I'll go with my 2 iron. Only club with which I can consistently find the fairway.
  12. That's really good to see. That was a concern for me, but dedicated customer service is a huge plus for any company.
  13. GB13

    Mizuno MP-20

    I really love the look of these, but it does bug me that they nixed the SC, that was by far my favorite of the 3 and replacing that with a hollow club seems to leave a large gap between the MB and MMC.
  14. Furyk or Sabbo? Gut says Sabbo, but Furyk is a lower risk play.
  15. Tough call, the math says Neimann, but it's a definite risk reward scenario.
  16. Cobra continues to impress, I'm usually in the same boat you are, with not being able to hit hybrids. It's intriguing to hear review where the ball doesn't hook. I might have to try these out. Also, the Baffler rails are usually a big selling point for most people, do you feel like they help you at all?
  17. Normally a very slight draw, but if everything is going crooked, I can hit banana cut 3W that puts me in the fairway every time.
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