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  1. I really like this approach, I do something pretty similar, except I warm up with 5-7 wedges then jump to my 2 iron. I really think it is the best way improve ball striking and accuracy. If I want to work on distance control, I'd rather hit wedges, and short irons.
  2. Yeah, I was trying so hard to not have anyone mention that horrible song.
  3. I'm actually interested in this as well. I've thought that the matte finish feels "sticky" and wondered if that affected putting speed, or even possibly aerodynamics. I've never really played a matte finish ball for more than a few holes so I don't have any firsthand experience.
  4. , That'd be great, but I think they'll only find the captured bone fragments of golfers who purchased RockFlites.
  5. 4 2-3 times a week Putting every day, and full swing every other day. Probably 2 hours putting inside every day, and 2 hours on the range every other day. I usually hit 80ish balls on the range and use the remaining time to practice chipping. Putting- I practice everything you could think of. Full swing- I usually try do focus on consistent distances, and a consistent ball flight. Short game- Unless I'm working on something specific, I try to practice shots that I would find on the course. i.e. Various lies, different grass lengths, shortsided, bunker shots, chip and run, and flop shots.
  6. Yep, and my previous statement still stands.
  7. And the award for worst GIF usage goes to.... @JohnSmalls!!! Congratulations!!
  8. I'm baaaaaaccckkkkk!!! Did y'all miss me?
  9. Unless your counting Bucky's HC as 7 which is what he said it was for his flighting instead of the official 6.3, then the answer is 263.
  10. Because I'm crazy... where'd that 56 come from?
  11. Me too. None of the problems I have to answer are as simple as "7". The answer HAS TO BE 280 (using Arccos handicaps, if not it's 262 even though @palvord is slightly ambiguous, it rounds to the same number)... even the resident accountant came up with that. in a shocking twist.. maybe Stud's math is wrong!!
  12. , Maybe not, but I can assure you I've NEVER written that down as an answer on a test.
  13. Oops, I'm just trying plugging in different numbers for the ones that are slightly ambiguous.
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