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  1. Still waiting on my Proto X, the Tour AD GP7x is on backorder due to COVID's impact on Japanese shafts. PXG said they should have it by next week to finish the build.
  2. Got fit today Proto X Tour AD GP7X +1/2" no grip, putting a Golf Pride Microsuede Mid on it
  3. I reached out again and it sounds like anything you can come up w/ design wise they can mill/finish for you and the turnaround town is significantly faster and more affordable than some of the other big names out there in custom putters.
  4. I'm getting fit next week for a Proto w/ my local PXG fitter. Been fighting off doing a fitting because I like the Mavrik SZ, but several in my playing group had ridiculous ball speed gains by switching to the Proto, so now I have to get fit.
  5. Saw an IG post from a former NFL QB who had some customs done and the one looks like an Anser 2. Previously they only had Anser style putters. I gamed one for a little bit and liked it, I like the Anser 2 style a lot more though. I reached out to them on social media and they said to keep an eye out for more details soon.
  6. Normally in arid climates I just say "But it's a dry heat". At 127, that goes out the window I'm guessing.
  7. Because the face thins from repeated wear and then it gets thin enough it cracks. Driver will be hot until it cracks, then it will be dead.
  8. 10.1 Edmond, OK IG: @lakecowboy Twitter: @lake_cowboy Facebook: First and Last Name 28-32 rounds (4-5 rounds every week but one is a team event and not a GHIN round) Callaway Mav SZ Driver, TM SIM Rocket 3 wood, PXG Gen 3 0311T Irons, PXG Forged 54, PXG Milled 58, TM MySpider X putter Clubs Driver: Cobra SZ (white) 9* - Fuji Atmos Black 7X - CC GP Tour Velvet 360 Mid -1/4" 3 Wood: Cobra SZ (white) - Fuji Atmos Black 7X - CC GP Tour Velvet 360 Mid -1/4" Irons: 3-GW Forged Tec - KBS C-Taper Lite XStiff - CC GP Tour Velvet 360 Mid +1" Wedges: MIM 54* & 58* bent 1* strong - KBS C-Taper Lite Stiff - CC GP Tour Velvet 360 Mid +1" Bag: Love/Haight Tour Stand Bag - Orange
  9. I did one a year ago and it's been a complete game changer for me. I was using the wrong type of putter for my stroke, along w/ the wrong loft and lie. I brought my putter in that I had shaky confidence with and made about 3 or 4 of the first 15 putts. On my final fit w/ my new putter I made 17/21 putts and 7 of the final 7. It was amazing. I could see how if they don't have a ton of options at their fitting location it wouldn't be worth it, but at my local club champion they had about 40+ putters and my initial results yielded about 6-8 putter that I could fit into well and from there it was just all about feel/results. Several of us in my playing group have done it, and its made golf a lot more fun. It's also great knowing exactly what specs I want if I order a new custom putter.
  10. Good luck with your 0211's, they are a great club at a great price from a company with really good customer service!
  11. I really like the 919T's and 919F's. Great irons!
  12. 0211's might be the best deal on the market though for someone wanting a Player Distance or GI iron. Definitely worth looking at and comparing to the Mavrik/Sim/T200-300/G710, etc. for performance and price.
  13. I really like the Sim Rocket 3. I got it to replace my PXG 3 wood and while I miss the sound and feel of the PXG 3 wood, the distance just wasn't there w/ it for me compared to the Sim. The Sim Max had great forgiveness on the face, but the Sim was so explosive when you found the center of the face.
  14. Finding a local golf store w/ a good fitter is hard to find and important to keep! They won't fit you into something you don't need to make a sale.
  15. They crack after a while. Some last longer than others. We had 3 Epic Flashes crack in my playing group last year. Mine cracked 3 months after release. Callaway got me a new one at no charge in just a few days! I'd take a look and see if its cracked, I know someone still gaming a Razr Fit and he's still crushing it. Another guy in our playing group cracked the face on his G400 LST after having it for less than a year.
  16. I'd love to see a new box of ProV1 2019 vs ProV1 2017 vs ProV1 2015 in the lab tests and the same for Chrome Softs and TP5's, etc.
  17. You can't throw a rock without hitting a set of PXGs at my club. They aren't common at muni's and public courses like you said, but they are definitely all over a lot of private courses.
  18. LakeCowboy


  19. My experience from hitting them all and ordering a Mavrik a few weeks ago was that they're all incredible drivers, they just aren't all incredible for me. They are forgiving and have a lot of distance on misses, but you have to get fit and find the right clubhead for your miss.
  20. I'm a big fan of how the Mavrik works for me. Wanted the SIM or SIM Max to work, but w/ shaft testing and everything the best match for my miss was the Mavrik.
  21. Great profile pic! Go Pokes! #golfschool
  22. I got the little leather pouch for my ball marker, its awesome! My favorite are the azaleas headcovers, I'm a sucker for anything related to the Masters.
  23. I struggle w/ needing a blade like look, size, sole width but also need some forgiveness off the toe area a few times a round and I don't get great distance w/ traditional MB blades. I love the feel of the new MP-20's but went another direction for distance help too. These have helped a lot:
  24. Got a MySpiderX to finally suit my eye.
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