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  1. wwaldo

    Maxfli Tour

    A couple of years ago, Dicks had a sale on the Maxfli Tour Hi Vis Matte Green balls. Just after my divorce and I was getting reacquainted with golf so I spent way more money on equipment than I should have. I've had 6 dozen of these balls on a shelf in my basement along with about 30 dozen other balls I found on sale (all higher quality). Anyways, I decided I wouldn't buy any new balls until the old ones were used. I play in 3 leagues and various local charity tournaments so this spring, I dumped all of last years ball out of my bag and put two dozen of the Maxfli's in and I have been extremely happy with them. They fly straight, very good distance, and the stopping power on greens is way above average. Now these are 2019 model so I can't speak for the newest ones but I would highly recommend them. The only downfall is the matte cover. I'm not a big fan of any matte ball as they seem to hold dirt and harder to clean but I'll play these until they are gone. I lose on average 1-2 a round so it won't be that long. Just thought I'd throw in my experience with them and based on the 2019 model, I would definitely recommend!!!
  2. PING Traverse that I've had for 5 years. Excellent bag although a tad big for a push cart (OMADA GOLF Trilite). This is the 7th bag I've had since I started golfing at 14 (I still have the first bag..a grey fake leather cart bag) and I'm now 62 so I guess I get a bit of usage out of them.
  3. This may have been covered already but you should play whatever enhances your game. Don't worry about what other people play. I realized years ago I was carrying several woods and irons I never used... 5W, 3I, 4I.. I mean never unless it was a punch with one of the irons. I had a PW and SW and that was it. I read numerous articles here and elsewhere and watched dozens of YouTube videos and then went to my favorite Pro and discussed it with him. After much experimentation and purchasing of different wedges (My brother was appreciative of all my hand me downs), I settled on PW-44, UW-49, SW-54, and a LW-60 and they have made my game much better. No more half swings. Good Luck!
  4. First of all, congrats on taking up golf, even at the young age of 59 (I'm 61 but have been playing for over 40 years). You're already taking lessons so I'll skip that suggestion but I've had around 6 friends take up golf in the last 18 months mainly because of the restrictions related to Covid and it is the one way to get out of the house. I've told them all to at least get a four (4) lesson beginners package to learn grip, stance, alignment, etc., The Basics. Now, on to my ball suggestion which is the same I gave my friends. Buy cheap balls that are even cheaper on sale. At this point don't worry about the cover, the spin, the hardness or softness, etc. Really the only ball physical factor I suggest to them is the color. Most of my friends that I golf with are 50+ and have a hard time seeing white balls. Find a color (mine is yellow or the Vice Lime Green) that is easy to follow. A ball that I really like and still play year after year when the ground is soft and balls plug is the Maxfli Straightfli Orange or green. Once (sometimes twice) a year in the winter, Dicks will have a sale if you buy 3 dozen, you get them for $10 a dozen. At that price, if you are losing a lot of balls, it doesn't hurt as much. And for a beginning golfer, these balls actually play well. No, they don't spin off a wedge shot to the green (you're not going to do that anyways) but they have some distance. All of this is just my suggestions and as my Ex will tell you, I'm not that smart so take a little advice or don't take it but remember one thing about golf. Your Tour Card is not in the mail so just go out and have fun. That's what it is all about. And maybe carry a flask of Bourbon..it helps with the losing of balls.. Take Care
  5. wwaldo

    Vice Tour

    I bought the 5 dozen package Pro Plus Neon's last year and played thru 2 dozen. The ball had excellent ball flight always getting up and short shots (under 100yds) always gave me good stopping power on the greens. They are good balls...do they compare with Z-Stars or pro V1s (my other go-tos)...no way but for the price, I cannot complain. Also regarding Vice, I see that Walmart now sells them or at least the Walmart's in NW PA. They had all flavors of the balls when I was there last week.
  6. I normally play Yellow balls as they are easier to see for me. Red balls are hard for me to follow...so I guess I'll only see half of my bad shots...Sweet! That being said, I like Q-Star Tour balls...maybe try a sleeve if they were available!
  7. It's the same here in PA so far just like last year. None out yet but here it's early. I have one I bought off Amazon that has the Iron washer also and I modified it to fit in the slot that the course has for the Beer coolers. Works well. I normally play matte balls and those need washed all the time.
  8. The Tour Response must be as popular as the Project a... I played yesterday and found 4 of them. Ran them thru the ball washer and they performed very well.
  9. I play the G400MAX which I bought when they were introduced. I was able to demo several (3) other 2018 new drivers and I actually liked all of them. All were longer than the Ping by around 5-12 yds however the Ping was consistently finding the fairway whereas the others were finding areas that added strokes. With the Ping for the last 3+ years, I have shot consistently in the mid to upper 70s, something I had never done in years past. I definitely plan on scheduling a fitting for the G425, either LST or MAX. Finding the fairway always beats 10 yards longer in the rough/woods.
  10. I have never tried Kirkland Signature gloves probably because there are no Costco Stores in my area. I normally play the Maxfli Elite which I think have an excellent feel. I've tried the Footjoy Weathersoft and just wasn't a fan. Anyways, after reading the reviews, I'm going to get a 4 pack off Amazon for $32,99. I'll let everyone know what I think of them if golf weather ever comes to NW PA or I can travel again.
  11. wwaldo

    Matte Golf Balls

    I play matte in several colors (easier to see than white for my old eyes) and they perform very well for me however, they do hold the mud and dirt more than a glossy ball. With no ball washers on courses last year (in PA.), it was a pain cleaning them during a round.
  12. A couple sleeves of Srixon Soft feel. Excellent 2 piece ball that is workable and has some distance. Then I'd casually scour the woods as I played for a currently lost ProV while sipping Bookers from my always present Flask while I wondered how I could be so stupid not to put a new dozen of whatever in my bag. (my Ex could clear up the Stupid part for everyone but if she was on the course, one of us would not be finishing 18) . Regarding the Range Ball comment...I honestly think he was kidding but if not, please don't do that. Courses are having enough financial hardships as it is. Now...come on Spring in NW PA!!!!
  13. Ward Erie, PA. Vice Pro Plus Neon Last winter I bought 3 dozen Top Flite D2+ Feel on sale thinking I'd use them as mud balls in the wet PA. Spring. I ended up playing them way more than I thought I would and was impressed with their playability considering the cost. No, they don't match up with the Vice I play or the Pro V1s I received as a gift but they really aren't a terrible ball like some people say. I had some pretty decent rounds in the low 80s playing them.
  14. OK, in Pennsylvania, all golf has been shut down. Not sure why but whatever. Fortunately, the weather hasn't reached the golf everyday time yet so it's not that bad sitting inside. I did play once before the lock-down. 9 holes and actually pretty decent weather. To get my fix, I set up my old Nintendo Wii and I have the Tiger Woods 2012 game which includes Augusta. I also have the SkillZ SimSticks which make the Wii remote similar to a real golf club with an actual shaft and grip. Not the real thing but better than nothing at all. I have it running on a 120" projector screen. Ah, the lengths we go to for a golf fix...
  15. Congrats Testers! I'm anxious to see the outcomes. Hopefully they are in areas where they can actually play.
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