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  1. I played a lot of Matte balls last season and they perform as well as the glossy for me but the one thing I did notice was they get dirtier quicker. I had to use the ball washer more often rather than just wipe off with a towel. The Matte Green color helped me to see them in flight and on the ground. I would prefer a yellow but they don't make it.
  2. Wilson Staff RM Midsize set for $120....I'll be back...need to find a corner to curl up in the fetal position and cry....Damn!
  3. Today (02/26) Golf Galaxy has the same sale I posted above from Dicks. The Maxfli Tour Matte Greens are $17.98 a dozen until 10pm EST tonight. Also, my favorite mud plug balls, the Maxfli StraightFli Matte Whites are $6.98 a dozen. Are they tour caliber...NO...do they hurt less when they plug in the mud and you can't find them compared to a Pro V1...YES! And they actually play fairly well. JMHO....
  4. Veteran and Broke 80 please....Broke 80 numerous times and got close to the 70 mark but there always seems to be that one hole...maybe this year! Thank You!!!
  5. Yeah, a slight bit old but I like the setup. I loved the G25 Irons when I played them (G700s now). I just replaced my Ping Glide ES 58deg LW with a Glide 3 60deg LW. The Glide 3s got some good write-ups. Good luck with the medical issues. I'm sorta there now..biopsy last week that I'm still waiting on and a Gallbladder sonogram Tuesday cause I guess I have nothing better to do.
  6. Ok, the final equipment piece for 2020 came today. We'll see if I like it as much as the old Glide 58 deg. es LW I've been using for a couple of years.
  7. My new balls came in. These are going to enhance my game for the 2020 season..I can just feel it!!!!
  8. The Maxfli Tour Matte Green are on sale today (Thursday 2/13) at Dicks during one of their Flash Sales. $17.98 a dozen. I played a dozen last summer and was quite impressed with them. Very good distance and the stopping power on the greens was right up there with the $50 a dozen balls. I've read numerous articles on the CG marking on the ball and they did go rather straight for me so it may work.
  9. I'll throw my 2 cents in. I always played white balls and could never see any reason to play a colored ball. Some of the colors are just bizarre. I actually saw a guy playing a black ball last summer. Why? Anyways, I now play Yellow or a Matte Green balls primarily because after 7 eye surgeries plus getting older, the yellow or green is so much easier for me to see. I would guess that most colored balls are for people that use them because for them, they are easier to see.
  10. "Me thinks someone has been sipping a little too much Buffalo Trace while shopping on the internet. LOL" LOL..PlaidJacket.....I see your point. BUT! A. There is no such thing as Too Much Buffalo Trace! Just ask my Ex Wife....ok, maybe don't ask her... B. Yes, I'm always on the lookout for items that are on sale or clearance. Dick's has great sales on golf items. I usually buy way more than I'll use and end up donating them for prizes to several Fundraiser Tournaments I help with. Autism and Breast Cancer..Great Causes! (and what you see in the pics is just a fraction of what I buy over the winter) And on a Positive note... My 60 degree Glide 3 Wedge has shipped! Take Care Spies!!!
  11. So sitting here in NW PA watching it snow outside, drinking a little Buffalo Trace, I might as well spell out my equipment for 2020. I'm not going to spec out each individual club but just a basic coverage of what I have and have on the way. 1. All clubs are Regular Flex. 2. Driver is a Ping G400 Max. I play 9 degrees. 3. 3 Wood is a Ping G400 Stretch. Love this Club. 4. 2 Hybrids. A Ping G400 3i and a Cleveland 2009 Launcher 4i that I cannot, no matter how hard I try ever hit a bad shot with. This launcher is consistently 210 yards from just about anywhere. Whenever I have a bad lie in the rough or wherever, this is the club I go to..I know...makes no sense but it works. 5. Irons - Ping G700 5i-9i, PW, GW, SW, and I have a Gide 58 degree Eye Sole Lob Wedge that I love. I have a Ping Glide 3 60 degree Standard Sole on order to replace the Glide but we'll see...like the Hybrid Launcher, the 58 degree Glide is a can't miss club. All of the G700s are Green Dot. 6. Grips. I have used the Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Midsize grips the last 2 years and really like them. Prior to that I had used Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Midsize for about 15 years and loved those. Note: 3 years ago, I was having consistency problems off the tee quite often so I decided to try Step Tees. They have worked wonders for the Driver. I bought the JP Lan 3 1/4" wooden Step tees off Amazon. A little expensive, about $8 for 100 and they usually only last one swing but they have greatly improved my game. last year I bought 500 and ran out mid August. This year I bought 800 (see picture). I also use 1" and 1 1/4" step tees for the iron/hybrid shots. 7. Balls - Unfortunately, here is NW PA, the ground is wet in April, May and into June causing a lot of plugs and lost balls. Last year I saw a sale at Dicks for Maxfli StraightFli balls, $10 a dozen if you buy 3 dozen. I figured at that price they would make good mud balls until the courses dried out. I ended up playing them most of the summer. They actually have good distance and feel for a cheap ball. Yes, a Pro V has a little more distance and is better for the short game but at $10 a dozen, the StraightFlis were darn good. 8. Bag - I have used a Ping Traverse the last 2 years and it is a very good bag. I'm looking at a Ping Pioneer for this year if I can get a good price. 9. Putter - Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft For now that's it....have a great golf season Spies....
  12. Hello All!!! An Introduction..Ok, lets see what the Old Man can come up with.... 1. I've been playing golf since I was 14 (1974). The first course was a par 3 course called Iron Wood located in Conneaut Lake, Pa. I don't remember the exact clubs but they were a Golden Bear set I bought with mowing and paper route money. Since then, I've golfed close to 20-25 times a summer her in PA. up until 4 years ago when my lovely wife became my Ex. because she thought the proverbial grass was greener on the other side of the street. We won't go into how that has turned out for her. Anyways, I have been in a Tuesday night league for 27 years with the same partner carrying a 4-5 handicap for 9 holes. The last 2 years I've also played in a Wednesday afternoon league with 3 guys that are mid 70's to mid 80s and one guy I went to High School with (we're both 60). Both leagues are fun. The Wed. League we play 18 as a 5-some with the first nine just for money (Bingo, Bango, Bongo). I'll just say the old guys are experts at taking quarters in the games. My 18 hole handicap has hovered around 8-10 the last few years. Since my divorce, I play the 2 leagues, sub in another, and usually get out 2 more days each week. For years I played clubs I built using GolfSmith components. I finally was fitted and bought a set as my divorce gift to myself which has greatly helped my game. When the reviews say you should upgrade clubs every 3-5 years because for the technical advancements, do it! I never believe that until I started playing my new Pings. More control and more distance...it was unbelievable. 2. What do I love about golf? I guess the fact I can get out with my friends and just have a great time. Also, I'll go myself a lot just to play courses in the tri-state area I've never played before. 3. I found MyGolfSpy by accident when I was looking for reviews on various equipment. Some of the reviews have benefited me immensely. I don't know any other Spies but I have turned several friends onto the site so maybe that counts. They also thing the information here is very useful. 4. I'm currently from NW Pennsylvania. I don't have a home course per say. I've looked at a membership at several clubs in the area but I like playing different courses and if I get a membership, then I'd be tied down. The courses I play leagues in are Elk Valley, Fairview, Pa. and Venango Valley although the league at Venango is moving to Mound Grove in Waterford Pa. this year. 5. The best thing about golf in this area is the number of courses. There are a lot to choose from. The worst part is the shorter season with it usually ending in October and not starting until mid April. 6. I have worked for the Federal Aviation Administration for the last 33 years. 7. My user name....WWALDO... Where's Waldo...
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