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  1. I have never tried Kirkland Signature gloves probably because there are no Costco Stores in my area. I normally play the Maxfli Elite which I think have an excellent feel. I've tried the Footjoy Weathersoft and just wasn't a fan. Anyways, after reading the reviews, I'm going to get a 4 pack off Amazon for $32,99. I'll let everyone know what I think of them if golf weather ever comes to NW PA or I can travel again.
  2. wwaldo

    Matte Golf Balls

    I play matte in several colors (easier to see than white for my old eyes) and they perform very well for me however, they do hold the mud and dirt more than a glossy ball. With no ball washers on courses last year (in PA.), it was a pain cleaning them during a round.
  3. A couple sleeves of Srixon Soft feel. Excellent 2 piece ball that is workable and has some distance. Then I'd casually scour the woods as I played for a currently lost ProV while sipping Bookers from my always present Flask while I wondered how I could be so stupid not to put a new dozen of whatever in my bag. (my Ex could clear up the Stupid part for everyone but if she was on the course, one of us would not be finishing 18) . Regarding the Range Ball comment...I honestly think he was kidding but if not, please don't do that. Courses are having enough financial hardships as it is.
  4. Ward Erie, PA. Vice Pro Plus Neon Last winter I bought 3 dozen Top Flite D2+ Feel on sale thinking I'd use them as mud balls in the wet PA. Spring. I ended up playing them way more than I thought I would and was impressed with their playability considering the cost. No, they don't match up with the Vice I play or the Pro V1s I received as a gift but they really aren't a terrible ball like some people say. I had some pretty decent rounds in the low 80s playing them.
  5. OK, in Pennsylvania, all golf has been shut down. Not sure why but whatever. Fortunately, the weather hasn't reached the golf everyday time yet so it's not that bad sitting inside. I did play once before the lock-down. 9 holes and actually pretty decent weather. To get my fix, I set up my old Nintendo Wii and I have the Tiger Woods 2012 game which includes Augusta. I also have the SkillZ SimSticks which make the Wii remote similar to a real golf club with an actual shaft and grip. Not the real thing but better than nothing at all. I have it running on a 120" projector screen. Ah, the lengths
  6. Congrats Testers! I'm anxious to see the outcomes. Hopefully they are in areas where they can actually play.
  7. That is too bad. Here in NW PA, there are numerous courses that have been up for sale for years and barely getting by. I'm guessing if this continues for even a small length of time, some of them will be gone for good.
  8. The Governor of PA. shut down all golf courses. One of the better local course had come up with a way to play so no-one got near anyone. 1 person to a cart, pin stays in always, raised cup so ball doesn't drop, etc. and they had to stop that as of yesterday. Gonna be a long next few months.
  9. NW PA. Was 67 today and even though it rained a little, I would have been out there but the Governor has shut all courses down. Working from home now for what sounds like a long time but I guess I should feel lucky for working period. Not gonna be a fun couple of months.
  10. Ok, for everyone like me that misses watching golf on TV even though it has only been a couple of Days. There is a Free Streaming service called PLUTO.TV. Not only does it have numerous News and Entertainment channels but it also has a PGA Tour Channel that shows highlights of past Tour Events running 24/7. Definitely something to watch if you are bored and cannot get out and play. The channel is available on your computer ( https://pluto.tv/live-tv/pga-tour ) , an App on Roku and Fire TV, and some of the smart tvs. Just a thought.
  11. I was at Walmart and Sam's Club yesterday...lots of big empty..especially the toilet paper isle and paper towel isle. Personally I use baby wipes instead of TP. A doctor recommended that 2 years ago after a hemorrhoid flare-up. Never went back to dry TP. Anyways, I understand the need for all the precautions the various Sports leagues are taking but I guess I thought with golf, just have no fans but the golfer and caddie still could play (2-3 per hole) and it could be broadcast on TV. Throw in a few rules officials and really that's all you need to play a tournament. However, as my Ex-wi
  12. I have to agree with Chisag (So I must be "That Second Guy"). I bought a dozen used Pro V1s a couple of years ago and about half played well and the other half just plain sucked! Really not worth the price even for used balls. My suggestion is watch ads for deals which are usually in the late winter when they are getting rid of last years balls. Dicks and Golf Galaxy (owned by Dicks) both have excellent deals. My favorite are the MaxFli StraightFli which I've played for several years when the ground is soft (plugs). They will have a sale of $10 a dozen if you buy 3 dozen or more and for that p
  13. I've been playing the G700s (5-9, PW, GW, SW) for two years and absolutely love them. This is a great opportunity for someone. Good Luck!
  14. I played a lot of Matte balls last season and they perform as well as the glossy for me but the one thing I did notice was they get dirtier quicker. I had to use the ball washer more often rather than just wipe off with a towel. The Matte Green color helped me to see them in flight and on the ground. I would prefer a yellow but they don't make it.
  15. Wilson Staff RM Midsize set for $120....I'll be back...need to find a corner to curl up in the fetal position and cry....Damn!
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