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  1. As in all other competitive events, sports or otherwise; always have a chance to observe/participate with higher standard than yourself if possible. As a golfer, you will pick up something from a better player if you pay attention. May that be the rhythm, timing, accelerate through the golf ball....... I picked up quite a few tips from competitive golfers while playing a round with them. The first lesson I picked up quite some time ago was how the better golfer can stop the bleeding on a bad hole, their ability to scramble for par after a bad tee shot. Looking back, I had benefited when I witness others score lower than 70 with a not so spectacular round of golf. Patience with the pars and a few birdies that came along, that's all. I would grab any chance to golf with the better golfers than I am, any time.
  2. The innovative technology in the driver design had changed the face of this game, for sure. It used to be the best of the stronger golfers could drive over 250 yards on the average, but today that is a requirement for anyone holds a single digit handicap index. Not to ignore the golf ball to maximize the new driver design. I like it for the most part of it's durability without sacrificing performance. I went through the balata era through the first generation of the two piece rock, to the craze of the first generation of the "lady's golf ball" , to the modern multi layer design. One could find a golf ball which will best suited for the individual's golf game, at a comparatively bargain price than a few decades ago. Since the driver and golf ball design had reached the conforming limit set forth by the governing body, the next possible evolution will be the shaft material.
  3. Usually protein bar for me, sometimes switched out with mixed roasted nuts + dry berry, and a banana. Apple ( sliced) is another good source for natural sugar and fiber. Water is always better than any other type of hydration during the round. Of course it'll be different after the round. An Irish coffee in cool weather and microbrew for the warmer days. Sometimes the Happy Hour finger food will fill up the empty nicely, for a few hours.
  4. Depending on what you need, Typically it starts at a full set = 13 swing grips for a full bag ( minus te putter grip ), A typical case comes in 250 grips. Find someone to share the cost if you're not in business for yourself. Grips usually won't go bad for years if you keep it out of the temperature change ( too cold/too hot ) and if you have leather wrap or very expensive grips try to keep it isolated from fresh air ( oxygen ages the grip just like it would to your skin ). I kept the cases on the floor of my closet. If you shop, there might be odd lots online once in awhile ( 50? 80? ). The all time favorite like the OEM std tour velvet wrap can't go too wrong, but pick one you like for you will have it for years to come if you buy bulk. Ideally, get a few friends together to chip in for the case, so no one has to live with the extra grips for decades. I always keep the odd numbers for extra few wedges, woods. Usually save close to 40%-60% than full retail price. Check the I.D. of your OEM grip they should b e .60" these days, get the correct size which will give you the same installed size and easier for the job. If you put the .58 grip onto a .60 shaft. It'll feel slightly thicker, for the wall of the grip would be thicker ( from the smaller I.D. with the same O.D. measurement), thus a little more work to try to slide on the shaft by hand. If you don't already have a decent air compressor around the house, start with the basic method by using the double sided tape. Find tutorial video online and watch as many as you could because a few of these videos are not very good. Start with an old club for practice. All you'll need is a utility knife with Hooked blade ( hooked blade can be purchased at hardware store ) , Hair drier or heat gun to help remove the old double sided tape. New double sided grip tape and non-flammable solvent ( for beginner), we use anything from gasoline to lighter fluids when in a jam . A steady workstation or some place to hold a vice ( I can do this free hand, but not recommended for novice ). Decades ago when I started changing grips I used the corner of an old heavy desk to secure a mini-vice. Didn't have the rubber vice to hold the shaft in the vice, so I used a piece of rubber hose opened a 6" section and used that . Hooked blade is a must because no matter how careful one is, accident might happen, nothing worse than a scratched up graphite shaft when you could have avoided it by using the right tool . And Oh, always point the tip of the hooked blade away from the graphite shaft ( slide the tip in and then turn sideway or up slightly when removing the old grip) slide the blade away from your body toward the sole of the head ( just in case you slip which won't put a scratch on the head or the hosel ).
  5. Certainly, you could tinker with simple things like changing grips on your golf clubs, that's one of the basic starting job for the apprentice in the shop. But for only 3 grips ? You might find it saving time and money to have it done. All of our local golf specialty stores offer free installation if you purchase the grip from them. Since we'll pay tax and the shipping cost getting the grips online these days, you might as well take up on the free installation, locally. In the future, you could consider getting grips in bulk and use air to install/remove grips. I have many sets of golf clubs, but I rotate one or two sets of grips between them instead of new grips on each and every set, which might only see a few rounds of action each year. Too bad you can't share the same size of golf grips between your wife and yourself, maybe get a few close friends together for bulk purchase when you're ready.
  6. Counter balanced "putter" works excellent in theory and on paper.... but for my game, it took away a lot of the "feel", which is a big part of my game on the putting surface. To a point the counter balanced putter interfere with my visualization , believe it or not. Maybe it's just me . Time will tell if the counter will bounce back like many other golf related inventions. More than 50% of today's "new" stuff held a pattern at one time in the past. If you have the engery to dig through the expired golf patterns, you might find something which you could reinvent. I'd made my billions if I could find a smart way to strengthen the human body and the connection to the eyes. I guess eye/hand coordination could be trained.
  7. If the intended shortening is less than 5/8", not much "feel" will change after the cut down ( for the normal soul ). Swing weight is one of the reference which help to achieve the desired end result for feel. Often over emphasized and depend upon. I have a bag with golf clubs having different swing weights ( D0-D3 ) but I know how far I could fly each one of the stick in that bag.... often times that bag performed better than the other bags of clubs with modern clubs and more consistent swing weight throughout the bag. If one could not hit PW-7 iron within 10 yards of intended target, precision instrument would not help anyway. For the OP, if installing grip with air, a few extra minutes to install/remove the grip. If installing with the traditional method. Sacrifice one grip ( or improvise with an old grip with similar weight ), slice it open vertically to use it for mounting and removal while measuring swing weights before and after the cut, that's how we did it in the old days.
  8. Why ? Do you golf without the grip installed ? It could be done for measuring the consistency of the set if you put the same type of grip on the set afterward. But, swing weight a set without the grip is like test drive a car without proper tire inflation.
  9. My personal opinion is, don't spend a load of money and expect a miracle from equipment fitting at this stage. You'll need to upgrade your current bag, whether be brand new or another pick from used market. Do the minimum like adjust the lie angle on the irons ( not the static adjustment from the wrist to ground measure , do the dynamic measure of how the irons contact the ground with your current golf swing , which is still evolving with your golf lessons ). I wouldn't worry about the driver and the fairway woods except the right flex for your swing speed. Play with the minimum adjustment for awhile until you get below an index of 13-15 consistently, then look for your first full equipment fitting. A novice wine taster would not know the difference between a bottle of vintage to a regular table red, a golfer whom does not know his/her own golf swing could not benefit from an equipment fitting. If I give the average Joe a Formula-One, he'd probably crash it during the first lap. But if you enjoy the experience of being fitted and believe the fitting will help your golf game... then go for it. Many of us don't have the time nor the patience for tomorrow. Have fun through the journey and be prepared to ask questions and give feedback to your fitter, in order to maximize the whole experience.
  10. If the ferrule creeped up when you first installed the shaft, then. it needs to be reinstalled ( cause should be shaft pushed up from the air pressure created by either a blockage in the tip with old epoxy or the butt end of the shaft with grip tape/ grip preventing the air from escaping the hosel when inserting the shaft ). If this happened after the epoxy cured properly and creeped up during the play; then, it could be because of several possibilities. If the ferrule was loosely fitted ( too large an I.D. to the shaft O.D. , could also cause by over prepped shaft tip to a smaller size ) + not enough epoxy to secure the ferrule in place. During the impact there be micro shock waves which will flex the tip and the ferrule to cause movement. Callaway also has conned hosel rim, Which will be best fitted with collared ferrule which will reduce the micro movement between the shaft/hosel during impact. Next possibility is to try a different epoxy. The advice of not storing your golf clubs in places which will soften the plastic is often overlooked. Storing golf clubs in the back of trunk under the Summer heat will not only speed up aging of all the plastic/rubber parts, it'll soften the parts. The soften plastic ferrule put in use, the shock wave of the impact caused the miro flex between the hosel/shaft/ferrule will make the ferrule crawl up the shaft. I like to file open a tight ferrule for better fit instead of using a loosely fitted ferrule to start with. A few of the ferrule supply source offering different length with choice of OD and ID sizes for a better fit, Minimized the cosmetic fix after installing.
  11. If you're looking for the proper way to align the shaft..... there is a lot of tutorial on You Tube or online golf store for component. As the final adjustment, each golfer will make slight adjustment for his own use. Not every putter has perfectly aligned shaft. If you lay several double bend putter shaft side by side, I'd bet none of them will match exactly. But for the majority of the golfers, small tolerance in spec. will not be noticed.
  12. You are correct on the wrong place for the post, can the mod delete it ? People are just going to be what they are and not able to learn or to be educated. "c'est la vie" I think I'll try to stay on track for the "golf" focused topic from now on.
  13. golfing is much safer than getting in line for grocery......... That being said, there is no other way of controlling the spread of the COVID-19 other than a complete shut down of the society. Had anyone had any foresight at the beginning of the outbreak, the wheel of human activity should had been stopped regardless of the determined essential level. Everything except for the medical emergency care should had been shut down. Impossible ? Right ! Imagine everything shut down for 20 days, everyone stay indoors. While work stopped, all collection activities should be stopped also, that including finacial espects, like interest accumulation, mortgage payment ..... all payment should be stopped and moved 20 days back. Not a big deal these days with the A.I. to figure out all the logistics. The trick is to have every facet of the society in the world to follow the 20 days lockdown. A much effective way than the partial shutdown we had been experiencing. I will not be the cry baby nor the squeaking wheel like the anglers complaining about not able to fish. They had made the News by protesting not able to fish under the current stay-at-home order. What is the big deal ? 20 days of complete shutdown will be much better than the partial shutdown, not knowing whether the virus is still with us........which is learned from the News that in Asia, the second wave of the virus is coming back after countries declared it under control. Japan had predicted their metropolitan area will have the hardest hit by the virus this coming Summer, not knowing China's situation as that country always hide the real numbers from the rest of the world; but obviously there were signs of the return of the virus. The vaccine under developing currently will be useless since virus will be mutating into a different state by the time it is validated . So, it will not be a boxed solution just like we could not control the influenza from the early 20th Century. I would seriously consider the whole situation before making noise for "our right" . We will need to fix this because there is no other place to escape to, other than the planet Earth. Ever wonder if the dinosaurs were extinguished by virus and not from the the popular believe by the meteor impact ? I would take this event as a sign of things to come, and we need to be more prepared for it. I would skip this entire golf season if it will help the effort to control the spread of the virus.
  14. When all could exercise discipline , not to go to public places when there is any doubt of being infected ( which is not going to happen ). When the ones cross the line of exercising caution be held responsible for their action ( which is also not going to happen ). When the politicians will do the right thing instead of making the popular decision ( which is almost not possible since they always ride the wave of popularity ). Stopping the virus from the start is much easier than trying to patch up a bleeding wound with band aid. This type of outbreak will come in string in the future, for sure. To completely stop the commerce for 3-4 weeks from the get go certainly would have been a wiser choice, and the damage to the economy would have been much less than trying to do the patching up. Vaccine will not be a cure-all for this virus, it's with us. I still believe golfing is much safer than getting in line for the grocery stores. But, there might be some hidden reason for our leaders to deem golfing is not essential but opening barbershops and beauty salon is......................
  15. For a lot of golfers, it wouldn't make much difference by shortening the stock putter length. But for the other golfers , including myself, could definitely feel the difference by simply chopping the OEM putter shorter. For me, it'll come in the difference in feel, which will influence the distance control. Also aim, for I use a modified swing gate type of putting stroke which has a slight curve from back and through the golf ball. I can putt with just about anything, from the modern putters ( all types ) to the early 20th century butter knife to using the leading edge of an iron ( never liked the fairway wood for balance preference ). Yes, I suppose I could get used to a putter shortened from the OEM spec. It really is how long would it take for you to adjust to the new feel. If you're not playing competition golf the week after you made the modification......... no harm will be done. I also know a few golfers whom claims that they must have the same feel in a putter to be able to score well. Perhaps, just between their ears that made the issue. We tend to forget human mind could make adjustment. I'd also bet that each morning you would feel a bit different when first out of the bed. Your mind and body will adjust back to your "comfort zone" . How fast ? It'll be up to the individual. I can adjust to a new putter , any style and length, any swing weight within 10 minutes on a practice putting green then off to the first tee. However, if the following round means anything to me, I'd rather have one of the couple putters I had had for many decades, for they are like old friends, not much adjustment needed and lots od understanding and forgiveness.
  16. Never use solvent to remove a multi-layered grip. e.g. Winn type of grip with a thin rubber underlisting and then the wrap covers the top. Solvent will loosen the bond between the layers, you'll be left with a ruined grip. If you have an air compressor at home ( or get one > $60, not the cheap kind which will be useless , get the one that can utilize an air tool ), use the air method. I had found through the years, that if you have the right size grip to match the butt end of the shaft, with a couple of home made tools, that yo could install/remove almost any type of golf grips . Sometimes needing a little knowhow and practice and lubricant to help . I had removed old grips that was installed with double sided grip tape and saved them, installed jumbo sized putter grips.......... Love to use the air tool once you figured out the basic. It is a far cry from the old days with double sided tape / solvent to install which needs a specialized tool and solvent to remove it. Piece of cake and anyone could do this at home. Easier than changing the motor oil on your truck.
  17. I have no idea whether the Pebble Beach golf courses are doing these days. If they were doing well all along, then there wouldn't be the sale to the Japanese in the 80's and then eventually resold. I mean, who will sell the goose that lays the golden egg. I do know that it was under financial stress at one time or the other. I can't confirm this, but I remembered the, then Mayor of Carmel , Clint Eastwood suggested and hiked the green fees at the Pebbles in order to sustain the operation. No matter how great a golf course is, if the existence does not make economic sense, then it'll be a past tense. It is after all, a passtime for the elite in most part of the world. If the industry is depending of the few to support the game, then, either there be a whole lot less golf courses, or the middle class will get a boost in pay; which is not very likely in view of the recent decades of the sliding of the middle class. Sorry to say, I hold a dim view for the golf industry in general for the next few decades. Golf courses are especially in jeopardy, because the changing climate pattern will be an extra variable elements to deal with, by the golf course management.
  18. William / Washington State Stock Fujikura 57 on SLDR 98 Need more distance as years gone by. Except for a couple of local brick and mortar golf retail stores, no L/M at home. Not sure if they like me to take the driver and several shafts there to get numbers, only.
  19. I had seen many golfers whom had similar issues as you are experiencing. Overwhelmed by information and not able to digest, which in term killed what they naturally have before the confusion. There is no problem if you understand a few things. One, there is not boxed solution to propel you to instant improvement in golf. No matter if you practice with or without lessons from a professional. Secondly, there is no magic beyond practice with the correct fundamentals. If you're going to a professional for lessons, they will probably first look at your hands on the grip, your posture , alignment and the mechanics of taking the golf club to the top and returning it to the golf ball. Everything in between will be for fine tuning. There is no reason why you could not figure it out by yourself with the right grip, stance, posture and weight shift. But this journey will be long and difficult. Ask yourself whether you like hitting practice balls by the thousands per week ? If not, lessons from a professional will shorten the journey but you'll still need to practice, a lot, to own the golf swing. If you're budget minded, a group lesson at your public golf courses or a private lesson with professional could both benefit you. If the instructor is certified and trained by the PGA, there should not be a major variables between different instructors. If you spring for private lesson, look for someone whom understand that one size of pants will not fit all the users. Once you grooved with the basics, then individually tailored lessons will benefit your game the most. Again, too many information will only confuse a golfer. you can only grsp one or two idea in one session. Master it to make the new idea automatic before getting on with the next one.
  20. In a free market world, if there is not enough support for the hiked green fee, it'll either up for sale or become a public park. Many of our local golf courses are facing the same dilemma of whether to hike the green fees to maintain the service level or keep the green fees at the current economic level for the middle class. Of course, those doing well financially will float above the current issues of inflation and rising cost of living. But there is just too many golf courses for the top 5% of the population ( of which not many are avid golfers ). Is there a problem of over building the golf courses from the mid 80's ? I think so. Growing the game without keeping the economic factors in consideration is bad business planning. If you built it, they will come..........only if the admission fee is reasonably affordable.
  21. 3-PW or 4-GW, they are but a numeral stamped on the sole of the irons. If you check the loft of the irons and the length of the golf clubs, the two sets should be darn close. It really just the point of view, depending on where you stand. If you ask a younger golfer, he will say, oh, those vintage golf clubs have weak loft and shorter. But if you ask a golfer for the last 4-6 decades, he will tell you the modern iron's loft are jacked up and they are way too long. I had stopped worry about looking for the number stamped on the sole of the iron. All I need to know is which club for the 100 yard and which one is the 140 yard club, then I could get the right golf club from the bag.
  22. Yes, it should be fun. Bring lots of questions that's not covered in the curriculum. Also gather contact information for future references when you need to.
  23. Have you thought about a longer ferrule ? This will be the best choice. If the Adapter does not offer longer ferrule, yo can custom make a piece from a fresh ferrule by sliding it over a used ( cut off ) metal shaft when you tip trim, find the right section and cut it with a utility knife. ( like a section of ring from the ferrule ) If that's out of the question, You could always cover the area with polyurethane paint. I would cover the area first before installing it. make sure you cover enough area to stay below the ferrule, let dry before installing it. If you're patient, you can do multi colored covering. Avoid using quick drying paint. When I'm Lazy, just cut a piece of black electrical tape and covers it. with a little epoxy to hold the tape in place.
  24. Bill Bellevue WA 100, +- Kirkland Signature the original 4 piece Tour
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