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  1. it's been my gamertag since I was a freshman in high school. It's also my email address and I would be lying if I wasn't embarrassed when applying for my job when the recruiter asked for my email.
  2. Boy oh boy did I play terrible this weekend. However my excuse is that I took my five year old out for the first time and I was to busy enjoying watching him cheat as he put the ball a foot away from the hole and ended up three putting. Don't worry buddy we've all been there.
  3. From 2010-2015 I had a putter that was found in my drunken mechanic neighbors garage when I asked for help patching a tire. I used it when I played at state and honestly it's the only thing I had going for me for that tournament. I miss that putter, it didn't have any alignment on it and I brought that up and my neighbor brought out his grinder and notched it in the middle. I forsee my current putter staying in the bag for quite a while I'm really enjoying it.
  4. Definitely enjoyed getting fitted just wanted to understand more. A lot more to learn for sure!
  5. I actually stumbled across this about ten minutes ago. Thank you for the help!
  6. As an update I took the kbs course which very mildly went into details. I now basically know about all kbs shafts just not quite why they do what they do in deep details. Worth the hour imo though.
  7. Good god I wish, I'd be telling everyone in the world my incredible findings. I actually just sent an email to someone at KBS probably will just get ignored asking for any information that they would be willing to share. While I am not going to pursue a job in club fitting because my pay and happiness is good where it is at right now I'd love to learn as much as one because it is interesting to me. Hopefully someone helps us out Blue!!
  8. I work for the DoD and honestly my job would likely bore most of you but fortunately for me I'm a nerd and enjoy it. Prior to this I was in the Navy, different costume same job though.
  9. If you don't use reddit then ELI5 is a subreddit that stands for "Explain like I'm 5." I've found it particularly difficult to learn how shafts work and how to read the shaft specs. I understand "or think I do" some of the terms such as torque "amount of turn?", weight, length, tip, but don't understand how the addition of multiple specifications together actually change the dynamics of what the shaft does. I've tried probably about 40-50 shafts so I understand that some feel stiffer, some feel "whippier", swing weight differences, etc but what I don't understand is how we put all of that together to compliment a persons swing. I've heard statements like counter balanced but don't have any understanding of what that means. Please someone explain like I'm five if you don't want to get into the details or push me into a direction where I can learn as much as possible and read about what the specs mean and what changes/benefits are caused by the various specifications. If you're willing to go beyond and detailed I would really appreciate it as well. I will not be offended if I do respond to an answer with a question and nobody answers the follow on. I really just want to learn the physics behind this stuff.
  10. I'm by no means as exceptional as these pros but feel comfortable enough flighting my ball one way or the other. For me I tend to play it both ways but my goal is generally shaping the ball to what the best miss is. If left is water I'll try to fade with my line slightly left of center fairway and vice versa.
  11. I think it's a great idea with how much technology comes out. Seems kind of like a fit yourself program. I'd be interested in this for irons but also understand that swapping shafts might be more of an issue.
  12. I was a CTT funny story I joined the Navy to travel (I'm from an imaginary land called Wyoming) and ended up getting stationed in Colorado about 5 hours from where I was from.
  13. Getting fitted for my stroke helped a ton, I really enjoy the feel of the putter. I tried about a dozen and this is the one I ended up with. I really enjoy the color and alignment. Helps when the roll starts on the right line.
  14. Good evening everyone! Long time Lurker who finally decided to join in on some discussions! WITB Mavrik Sub Zero 9° set to 8° Accra FX 2.0 250 M4 PXG 5w turned to 4W hzrd black stiff PXG 3h hzrd black stiff 4-AW 2019 P790's KBS Tour S 2° upright 1° weak 54/60° Vokey SM8 10° bounce Mizuno blue Mcraft 3 KSigs duh I've been golfing for 16 years above is my first set I bought new and didn't play much for about 6 years between being in the Navy and having three kids (I was busy). Getting back into it a lot more and have the itch to play more frequently. I've been told my swing is lazy, my stance is narrow, and I stand too tall but I have fun with it. I'd say someone needs to talk me out of buying a putter shaft but I really want one. Hope everyone is having a good day.
  15. Rochelle Ranch in Rawlins Wyoming(long windy miserable fun), Eisenhower Blue Course USAF Academy (wild turkeys and beautiful mountains), and Gladstan Golf Course in Payson Utah(best view in Utah County).
  16. Four but I really only wear two. My spikeless adidas most the time or my spiked leather in wet condition.
  17. I'd be tempted to put one in the bag on a tight course I don't tend to use my wood very often but would feel more obligated to use this off the tee then hurting my ego with a severely errant drive.
  18. Jesse, Denver Colorado 8 Taylormade Rocketbladez Tour 4-AW
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