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  1. Played yesterday to get some stuff off of my mind. I ended up shooting an 84. Definitely my worst putting round of the year. Couldn't seem to get the pace right all day I had some good shots, and some absolutely terrible shots. Ended up with three penalty shots. Lets just say my head wasn't in it for the back nine. Always nice to get out and to exist with grass, the ball (s), and my sticks. 2/14 Fairways 10/18 GIR 37 Putts 4 Doubles 5 Bogeys 8 Pars 1 Birdie 38/46 -84
  2. I'm here for the community. One of the best. I don't comment as regularly as I could, haven't made very many friends, but the general upbeat mood from everyone and the help people give is outstanding and no other golf forums compare in my opinion. I appreciate the lack of bickering, the lack of judgement, and lack of attacking you'd find on other forums. Bravo MGS you've made one hell of a forum and I thank you for that.
  3. Got out with my dad who's visiting with some other family. I shot a 79* (* threw in a breakfast ball for casual play) putting was significantly better. Driving was okay below my average. Chipping was normal (garbage) and my irons were less than stellar. Great round of golf though happy to play with the old man.
  4. Everyone here is the best and I mean it. Thanks to everyone for the support.
  5. At the end of the day I'm happy to watch good golf. Go USA.
  6. I've tried a lot of different free ones. Swing caddie, golfpad, etc etc but I've really enjoyed the TaylorMade app myroundPro. The gps seems a bit spottier than some of the others and by that I mean it can be delayed but I really like the stat tracking and strokes gained features. If you're looking only for distances most of the mainstream ones are pretty great.
  7. Thanks for the support much appreciated. Thanks I appreciate it.
  8. My wife's been in the hospital for 11 days (stage 4 cancer) pretty stressed out. 3 kids at home with grandma thankfully she could come help. May need to get on the course soon to relieve some stress got a lot of s*** on my mind hoping she gets better soon. Thanks for having a place to rant.
  9. My dad plays every Saturday and Sunday with 3-4 foursomes including the local pro for various games and most of them game TaylorMade and I have a suspicion it's because of the pro. Not saying the clubs are bad, but they all probably fit better into some clubs from different brands.
  10. I was using the vice pro softs/ wilson duo's in years prior. Fairly certain they are lower than an 86. Probably all mental but the former balls seem more responsive imo.
  11. Funny you mention a grinder because as soon as they announced these clubs that's the first thing I though of buying a grinder for. For that price it seems like a great unintentional market for amateur club tweakers who want to play around with clubs. I've definitely been tempted to pick up a set do a little bending, grinding, and install some shafts just to play around a bit. I know the market for large OEM's will always be out their. Just more so curious if they too will start to release more affordable products rather than try to fill that market with their previous years clubs "on sale". The market would be in good place if everyone could keep product on the shelf and the pandemic wasn't hurting everyone.
  12. 46-51-54-58 Recently changed my lower irons and my PW/GW are both part of my irons. I had a 54/60 Vokey SM8 but didn't like the 60 and went back to my SM5 58 which plays way better for me. The gapping works out well for me this way. I didn't like using my 60 and use the 58 significantly more than I used the 60 with more confidence. Gapping seems better and my wedge play has been better. Still a ton of room to grow though.
  13. I think the real question with all of these affordable but quality products coming out is how much pressure are the larger OEM's feeling with their prices as the word of mouth keeps getting bigger pushing more folk to buy the affordable options. I mean PXG pretty much flipped their market around (to an extent) recently and I'm curious if that was because they realized the push to be a direct to consumer option was actually fairly profitable. Are they the best option? No probably not but they are far from the worst in most cases. If Kirkland put out more options or at least better shaft options than I'd be more willing to consider.
  14. Had an almost ace the other day and I'm convinced it didn't go in because I turned around to clean my club before the ball stopped moving. Wind was blowing about 15 miles an hour to the left. Hit a crisp 8 iron to the front right of the green off of the front hump and let it trickle down towards the pin off that. Ended less than an inch short of the hole...
  15. I'm not using low compression balls anymore my driver swing speed is roughly 108 with a 116 if I get after it. I also want a bit less spin so I'm staying away from my previous gamers Ksigs/Mizuno and going with the vice pro plus for a while. I'm still to inconsistent to want to play with a pricier ball so I'm sticking to the pro plus for a while. Additionally I'm giving my buddies who are just starting all the balls I find as they are really just happy to get it in the air and relatively straight right now. I will say the two rounds I played the pro plus the ball flight/spin/feel has felt more consistent for me and while it could be placebo right now I'm convinced it's a good move.
  16. More rumors indicating this would be the U.S. version of the GC3 that is upcoming and comes with a lot of the same features as the GC4 minus some of the more advanced club metrics. If it starts at 3k I think this would be an incredible purchase if the features are accurate. I'm definitely super interested to see the price and performance of this thing. A strong potential purchase for me.
  17. Played plum creek yesterday and finished with an 80 with three doubles. The other 3 I played with were playing whites so I joined them. I would have played better had I put my ego aside and quit pulling out driver which conveniently put my average distances directly in hazards consistently over shooting fairways. Putting still needs work but it was better as was my chipping if you don't count my shank on the 2nd hole followed by a chip in.... 42/38 -80 4/14 fairways 9/18 GIR 33 putts
  18. Played well today aside from putting. Had PLENTY of birdie opportunities but couldn't finish including 2 3-putts for par..... However the weather was fair and I had fun.
  19. Alright a bit of a good story mixed with some bad but here we go. Both myself and my wife are Veterans of the Navy and we both did 4 years and got out. In 2017 my wife was diagnosed with cancer and she was hesitant to get care through the VA with how terrible their record has been. She's had stage 4 cancer for roughly 4.5 years now and the care has been Phenomenal. Her cancer numbers have gone down. Unfortunately her lung is acting funny and not doing the best but after all the care she has received and the high quality of it I'm confident she will get better. The VA has really stepped up their game for her and I hope other vets are getting a similar experience.
  20. ST3LTR0

    Vice Pro Zero

    I played the drip and felt it was okay in all aspects imo. Honestly I liked the color of it but I'd probably do better with the pro/pro plus.
  21. Wind was roaring on hole 8 at Murphy creek had about 185-190 to the pin but it was headed left and towards the flag. Hit the Nice baby fade 8 iron to the front of the green hitting the downslope kicking towards the hole and turned around to clean my club. I then turned around to see my buddy hit and noticed my ball maybe an inch from the hole. If I were to keep watching the ball instead of turning away it would have went in I swear to God. Even the golf gods aren't that cruel to make someone miss their first hole in one.
  22. My 4wood shot was great, made the hole play a little long when I didn't start it off the right far enough. Nutted my drive leaving me a good 275 to the green. Hit my 4 wood with a slight fade just to the right of the front of the green. Landed in a tough spot where I was chipping from the thick stuff on top of the bunker but the shot was great and felt good.
  23. Overall I played well. Went back to my old irons and hit them significantly better. Had a blow up hole where I hit a pull draw on a par 3 and had a poor lie. Three chips later I was on the green for a two putt triple. Drove the ball well today considering the rough was fairly manageable. Short game could definitely use some work.
  24. 6 feet in front of me into a net with a 2 iron Spalding blade my wife bought me for 3 dollars. No golf today but the grind is real. PXL_20210814_005808044~2.mp4 303513067_PXL_20210814_0058080442.mp4
  25. Yeah golf in CO is outrageous imo. Also after last summer there has never been more players in the state than now. The fact you know city park well is honestly impressive considering the 18 hole weekend tee-times seem to be taken immediately after they are available two weeks out. I tend to play Kennedy since I live in Parker and my friends live near that course. Curious as to why you quoted engineer. Any fun story with that?
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