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  1. That is good advice. You’ll gain more strokes with a ball you’re comfortable getting up and down with more with good wedges shots and putting.
  2. It could be worth trying different grips. For me, I’ve tried so many different styles but what helps me is the pistolero from Scotty because the emphasized axe handle helps lock my top hand to give me a secure grip.
  3. Share some pictures when you get them! Miuras always look so awesome.
  4. 82 yesterday in 40 degree weather. Happy but disappointed. I was 7 over headed into a par 5 17 with a chance to break into the 70s. Hooked my drive in the trees and ended up with a double after hitting another tree. Three birdies on the day helped. Arccos data after the round focused on how I missed the green on all 4 par 3s and didn’t get up and down so had four bogeys. I putter pretty good but did miss a few 6-10 footers to save par. Arccos has really helped show me where I’m strong and what I need to work on. I can see multiple rounds in the 70s once it warms up. Shot of the day was I hit i
  5. Was the t100 the aftermarket version or a stock offering with callaway? What were your favorite characteristics of the shaft? What flex ect.
  6. I agree with a lot of sentiments here to play what works and not always is an aftermarket better. I swing my 7 iron close to 100 and driver 118ish and I find aftermarket shafts give me peace of mind to go after a drive without fear of hooking. Velocore Ventus blue is extremely stable and smooth.
  7. The only thing I don’t like about the 19 version Is the balls have seams and sometimes the seam show even though the ball is not fully worn out. Srixon says it’s cosmetic but don’t like that it shows up.
  8. Well that’s great. I’m so conditioned to think I need a tx or it’s loose. I guess my raw white 75x is going to get a shot to be in the bag and kick out my premium shafts.
  9. Awesome set up. You definitely have pop. Do you find the tensei white holds up for your swing? No hooks? I’m about 5-10 yards behind you depending on club. Maybe I should give mine a try. I kind of ruled it out to my Diamana ZF and Ventus blue 7x.
  10. Had three shafts to try in my titleist tsi3 and these two didn’t make the cut so I want to move them for good deals. 1. Ventus blue 7x, Titliest tip, built by Will people’s and shipped to me in November, went a different way. 43.75 inches plays 44.75 inches. Tipped an inch. Mcc plus 4 standard grip. Only used a handful of times At range/course and basically getting a big discount on a shaft professionally built by Will. 250 shipped UPS 2. Tensei Raw White 75x titleist tip, direct from titleist. Z grip with two wraps. Tipped an inch. Plays 44.75. Raw 43.75 without head. Can
  11. Awesome putter. I agree that honeymoon phases are nice with clubs. I’m sticking with my latest since I customized my initials in it on the face haha. I am going to put more emphasis on practicing since I finally have the right putter for my natural stroke.
  12. So I may have gotten bored or over the project x 7.0 shafts. They were great on full swings but not so good on knockdowns. I traded for a set of 921 SEL with CTaper 130x. Definitely shafts I like. Also picked up a set of 718 cb/mb. Here’s to some fun testing before spring season.
  13. 85 today with 9 greens. Man what could’ve been. OB on a par 5 and water ball on par 3. Both retee would’ve been pars. Also missed many birdie putts. Could’ve been in the 70s for sure. I guess next round. One plus. Tsi3 driver had a few over 300 today which felt good.
  14. I’ve been a fan of stability shaft. I liked it so much I put it in my new refinished 2.5. I figure I want to eliminate as many potential variables as possible in my putting.
  15. Love the x7 in the irons. What did you play before??
  16. Yeah I am thinking it’s a high possibility. I am going to give it a fair shake with grass range sessions and at least five rounds side by side at my club. Why do you guess the blades? Just curious. I’m intrigued by the combo for sure. Been eyeing it for some time.
  17. This thread is awesome. Might be my next project.
  18. Picked up on a whim a 718 CB/MB Combo to test against t100s. Never tried blades but just wanted to try them. Hitting t100s well but figured why not try.
  19. Only thing on my list would be a new tsi2 16.5 fairway with a Diamana BF 80TX.
  20. I’ve had the same thing said to me on some off swings, my regular playing partners will be like what the heck was that? What are you thinking about?
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