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  1. I'm lucky in that the course I belong to in Pittman NJ (Running Deer) owns/operates 7 other (semi-private) courses within a 50 mile radius, and you can play any of them under the same membership. I still occasionally play 3-4 other area courses that either have interesting layouts, unique green complex's, or both. However, it's a good deal joining a course that is affiliated with other courses in order to regularly enjoy more variety for the same $'s.
  2. Being a "feel" putter, trying to use an alignment mark only serves to make me try and be extra exacting, which causes some tension, which leads to missing the damn putt anyway. Although, if you prefer to look at the ball instead of the hole when making a putt, it would seem to make some sense to use a mark to ensure you start it on the desired line.
  3. To explain my one and only swing thought (be ready, it's weird) you have to understand that it has nothing to do with golf, I only use it to calm my mind when over the ball. I've found that any thinking is counter productive for me, as it only leads to tension. So, when anything try's to force it's way into my mind prior to swinging I mentally sing a line from a song in the musical Annie, "The sun'll come out tomorrow, you can bet your bottom dollar, Tomorrow". It's impossible to be fearful or tense when I internally sing that, it's so weird it just makes me smile when I do it, and then I swing. By the way, it's a song my now 25 yr. old daughter used to always sing to me when she was little, whatever works my man.
  4. Ping G425 Max - My FIR percentage has increased almost 20% since obtaining this club.
  5. Just like it is for the Pro's, it depends on the course. Some courses have quite reasonable rough so bombing and gouging makes sense, as shorter clubs into the green out of shorter rough works well for me. When I play a course with longer (or wet) rough, being in the fairway further back is a better bet in order to obtain a GIR. So, my score on a particular day is better when I hit fairways (further back) on courses with dense rough, and my score is better when I bomb it, even into the rough, on courses with shorter (and dry) rough.
  6. Played at Pinehurst (#2 and #8) last month and procured the GolfLogix book for each course well before my trip. I've played there previously, sans the green reading books, and what a difference having them made on these two courses. I wouldn't necessarily get them for my own course since I play it regularly and I've become completely familiar with where to go and where not to go on each green. However, on a course your unfamiliar with, especially those with complex greens, they are incredibly helpful and will save you several strokes at a minimum.
  7. It makes sense that putter grips fit how you opt to hold the putter, which is why I've had such a long road to find the perfect grip for myself. I use a prayer grip, such a wider grip on the putter really helps make room for both hands being in essence in the same place on opposite sides of the grip. Watched Matt Wallace a few months back (PGA player) and he grips the putter the same way. I could read his grip and it said "Two Thumb" on it, so I Googled the name and it turns out they are made by a UK company. They come in a couple of different widths from very wide (45 millimeters) to a bit less wide (32 millimeters). I ordered the "Original" width (the widest) for $32 (plus about $60 shipping from the UK) and I've been playing it for 3 weeks. What a difference, especially in my short putts where I often have had a pull problem. Look it up if you prefer wider grips, it was worth it for me.
  8. 1) Putters are so uniquely personal 2) I like pretty things 3) I got tired of collecting ex-wives (much more expensive than any putter) I currently only own three (down from about 8), Cameron Phantom X 6 STR with a Cameron Jumbo Matador grip and a custom paint job, an Evnroll ER2 CS with a Two Thumbs grip and a Cameron Phantom X 8 with a Two Thumbs grip and a custom paint job. When one goes cold for a bit the others are ready to fill in (put me in coach!). Always looking for a new putter that looks great and will listen to me (unlike the wives).
  9. Great topic, as I believe putting is the most uniquely personal part of the game. The litmus test is "what are your results" and keeping your stats (putts per round, how many three putts per round, etc.) is the only real way to measure the level of success one is having. I feel like I have tried every conceivable option over time in order to find what produces the best results I'm capable of. For about the last 10 years I've used a prayer style way of holding the putter, but only recently have I found a particular putter grip that works best for me, it's called the "Two Thumbs" grip and it is produced in the UK. Matt Wallace uses it on the PGA Tour, it's really wide (there are several width options) and totally flat on top. In comparison to my historical putts per round I'm killing it with this grip (now averaging 31 putts per round), look it up it's a quite interesting option.
  10. Received the part from Motocaddy as promised, uninstalled the offending part and re-installed the new part in about 45 minutes (at least the 18 screws securing the main motor area make me feel good about it not falling apart due to bumpy course conditions). Plugged in the battery and SHAZAM we are back in business. Thanks everyone for guiding me to the right people (thanks Jake and Josh from Motocaddy for your expeditious service). I look forward to walking and working to shed the COVID 30 (pounds) I've gained in the last year. Happy Golfing
  11. Thanks for the info, it will help me self assess. I purchased several Edel SMS wedges recently (54 & 58 V-Grinds w/MODUS 105 shafts) and I've played them as they came (the heavier weight in the center) for five rounds. Have to tell you, I love how they feel/perform. Now I'm going to move the heavier weight to the toe and play five rounds with that configuration and compare the two results, and so on. I've always been a Cleveland wedge guy, although I tried Vokey's some years back (just didn't work for me), but I have to say I'm really impressed with these SMS wedges. The leading edge appears to sit more square/flush with the ground than the Cleveland's, and that's really appealing to my eye (who would have known?) Throwing darts from 60-90 yards makes them appealing, but my great discovery is my touch on delicate shots right around the green is much improved. Getting up and down more frequently than usual, such I remember I may have even wept a tear of joy after one particular short sided, severely down hill chip from deep rough, stopped 4 inches from the hole. If your current wedges are not your soul mate, and it's about time for new ones, I strongly suggest you consider Edel SMS wedges. Happy Golfing
  12. I appreciate that this trolley usually works quite well (#1 Most Wanted), which is why I choose it (are the golf gods trying to tell me I should just ride? ) Nonetheless, Motocaddy rep's out of Cali were very responsive, once you fine people provided me their contact info, thanks. They coordinated getting a part on it's way to me and it sounds like a somewhat easy fix. I'll let you know how it goes (now I've got to find where I put that nail gun?)
  13. Thanks everyone for your input, I appreciate the info and the encouragement. I'll reach out to the Cali based Motocaddy team.
  14. In my experience I would say better (amateur) players I know seem to care about what others see them playing. Also, some have the attitude that playing more forgiving irons is almost paramount to cheating. My thoughts, both ego and being self-conscious are simply hurdles for human beings to overcome in general. Over time I've learned to accept that any assistance I can obtain with consistency, hence scoring, is welcome. I'm a high single digit hdcp but I've always struggled with iron play. I now play super forgiving Srixon ZX4's, and the consistency in my iron game is steadily improving. Most of us don't play this game for a living, play the most forgiving clubs your ego can handle, the game is supposed to be fun.
  15. I had been researching electric push carts for about the past year (i.e. trolley's) because I like to walk when playing, but a hip issue is aggravated when I have to push my cart 18 holes (yeah, I'm getting older). In early April I decided to purchase the Motocaddy 7 (it came from the UK) and I received it a couple of weeks ago. Very sleek and compact unit, seemed easy to use. I read all the instructions, charged the battery and remote overnight, and it worked well in my backyard when I tested it out before going to the course. First round with it, six holes in, it stopped running and wouldn't respond to the remote. Took it home, tried recharging everything, plugged it in, nothing, no power to the cart even though the battery and remote reflects they are fully charged. Contacted Motocaddy via their site and received a "we are real busy and will get to you when we can". A week later still nothing. At this point I feel a little like I may have purchased a $1,500 non-motorized push cart. Until these are readily available via a U.S. distributor I wouldn't bother investing in one.
  16. I've been gaming the ER2 CS putter for about 3 weeks, prior to that I've had several Cameron Phantom putters. It was clear that initially a mallet was more forgiving on long lag putts, but I've since become more precise in my stroke in order to ensure a consistent middle strike with the large ER2 blade. On short putts (inside 8 ft.) the EVNROLL has been a life saver for me in comparison to the mallets. Getting better with it every week.
  17. Forgiving you say.........you need look no further than the PING G425 (Max or LST). Talk about simply point and shoot, I've gone from hitting approx. 50% of fairways (G410), to hitting +70% without any fall off in distance. I know there are longer options out there, but my ego doesn't need to be stroked, what I need is to be playing my 2nd from the short grass over and over (with reasonable distance) and the G425 is the shanizzle where that is concerned.
  18. I gamed a Phantom X 6.5 (center shafted) all last year and it worked great for me. I put the SC Matador Oversized grip on it and it is wide enough to accommodate my holding the putter in a prayer grip. Of course I had it custom painted, as I can't even look at the standard neon paint. Three weeks ago I received the Phantom X 8 putter (double bend) I sent in for a custom paint job, looks incredible, but after 8 rounds I've found I can't putt worth a damn with it. Totally different feel. Tried going with an Evnroll oversized grip, as SC didn't have any oversized grips available, still doesn't feel comfortable. Going back to the 6.5 this weekend.
  19. Having tried out the multiple offerings available this winter, as my iron game has always been the bane of my existence, I found there currently are a number of great sticks out there. I honed it down to Mizuno and Srixon (I've been a Mizuno player for 15 years), but the Srixon's ZX's won out this go around, they simply sound and feel amazing. Good luck in your search.
  20. I picked up the Ping G425 3 wood early this week and I've since played several rounds with it. Suffice to say it is the longest and straightest Ping fairway wood that I've ever played. Ping products always seem to go straight so I expected that, but the hot face, and therefore the distance I'm getting, is a pleasant change/surprise (220 carry). I love the shallow face as it makes picking the ball off the fairway cleanly a breeze in comparison to deeper face 3 woods I've had previously. It's worth a try if a shallow face fairway wood is something you prefer. As I can employ several different Driver swing speeds (full driver, mid-driver, baby driver) I don't hit a fairway wood off the tee very often, so I can't comment on it's performance there.
  21. CG2 - The Apex DCB irons were a bust, as they didn't feel or perform for me at all. I'm not really sure why that was the case, but I quickly leaned them against the wall and backed away slowly. TONY - The Ping G410 driver was helpful in adding some distance for me in comparison to the G400, which I had previously. However there was some drop off in forgiveness when I transitioned to the G410 and it took me several months to make adjustment's to minimize that reduction. However, it still was a great driver. Moving to the G425 has been like WOW, because it goes so very straight without any need for major effort or manipulation. The added bonus is my ball (ProV1) jumps of the face more so with the G425 and I'm about 10 yards longer on average than the G410. It's like experiencing the forgiveness of the G400 but with distance of the G410 plus 10 yds. Hope that helps.
  22. Kansas King, thanks for the tips and from what I've read your spot on about potential gapping issues with many of the distance (long) irons vs. short irons in the same set. I'm willing to work through that if these follow that vein, as you don't know of the horror of my longer iron game. Holding a green from 160-180 currently isn't much of a problem, since I rarely hit greens from that distance and don't even get a chance to hold them. If I can attain a higher trajectory and decent angle from 160-180, without feeling like I need to overswing, my life will be complete. My iron set make-up starts with a 5i, but that is almost exclusively reserved for punch out shots at this time. I now carry my Mizuno 7 iron 150-155 yards and the Srixon 7 iron (basically the loft of my Mizuno 6 iron) was launching higher and carrying 165-170 yards with a tight dispersion (using the Nippon Pro MODUS 105 Stiff). The proof will evidence itself with a full bag during an on course performance, I'm chomping at the bit to find out. Stay tuned.
  23. I've always been one to continually search for clubs I'm in love with by moving on from those I'm only in like with (i.e. club Ho), such each year potentially bringing a few club changes. This year I've gone a little bit crazy (call it the COVID effect if you must) and I've added a new driver (Ping G425 from the G410), a new putter (Cameron Phantom 8 from the Cameron Phantom 6.5), and most recently I was fitted for new irons. I'm going to make a big brand change in that department (To Srixon from Mizuno). If anyone desires some feedback on my driver/putter choices feel free to inquire, but this note focuses specifically on the iron situation. One might ask why a 9 handicap is playing game improvement to super game improvement irons and I admit, my iron game (5-8) has always been sketchy at best. I understand it's the archer not the arrows, but that doesn't keep me from searching for better arrows to help me be a better archer. I've been in a long term love affair with Mizuno irons for the past 15 years, my longest relationship with a brand by far. However, I believe I may have found new irons to love, Srixon ZX4's, let me elaborate. I went in my local retailer to see what recent iron offerings might intrigue me, of course trying all the new Mizuno sticks in my skill range, JPX 921 Hot Metal, Hot Metal Pro, JPX 921 Forged, and they performed admirably. I also hit Titleist (T200 and T300), Callaway (APEX DCB), Taylormade (790's and 770's), Ping (G425), Srixon (ZX5's and ZX4's), each with various shafts to test dispersion, trajectory, spin rates, etc. etc. Wow was I shocked as to what transpired, as was the fitter assisting me. We found that the Srixon ZX4's flew higher, longer (or as long as), and with tighter dispersion than any of the other iron's I tried. They hadn't been on my radar even though I had read a brief article about them. Those numerical results were enough to get me interested, but I'm not leaving a loved brand for a fling simply based on statistical improvements alone (I do have a little self-respect left). What I found really shocking about the ZX4's, the sound and the feel. Each strike sounded so solid and pleasant, but even that isn't what ultimately sold me, it was the feel. The feel is soft and buttery, which like never happens with a game improvement iron, even those that are forged. My Mizuno's, which in my experience are as close as you'll get to anything resembling soft in a game improvement iron, couldn't compare. All I can tell you, if your testing irons hit them for yourself, simply WOW. They are coming out in early March and I'll be standing in line to order them if necessary. Worthy to note, the sound and feel of the Srixon ZX5's wasn't in the league of the ZX4's, I have no idea why that was the case. Good Luck and Good Club Hunting
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