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    ZackS reacted to William P in TPT Golf Shafts - 2024 Forum Review   
    Played the second round of our intra-course senior assoc. competition yesterday. As the formats change each 9 holes, I decided to focus on the 3W off the tee and fairway, when possible, to see how it would perform.
    While I was unable to get any data other than total distance and fairways hit, I am happy to report that the club performed well with the 17LO TPT shaft. Overall, average distance improved 21yds from an average of 207yds to 228yds. Also hit a monster shot with it, for me anyway, of 252 yds. Fairways in regulation for the day were 12 of 14 for 86% with the 3W going 10 of 10 for 100%. The two missed fairways were both just a little to the right on shorter par 4's where I used an iron of the tee.
    Ball flight was much like the hybrid, medium high and penetrating, which was very beneficial in the windy conditions. Again, the shaft loads smoothly and is firm and stable thru impact making it easy to get the ball launched. I'm not sure how to describe it in any other way.
    If there are any questions out there let us know.

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    ZackS got a reaction from Hoyoymac in TPT Golf Shafts - 2024 Forum Review   
    It’s performing very well for me and the feel is great as well. Going into this, the hybrid would probably be the hardest to pull out of my bag of the 3 shafts. It is not a super frequently used club just because of distance on the regular courses I play. So far on the e range and course it has been just as good and I did get to hit a few in the SIM comparing the two. Very small sample size and not a huge difference but the consistency #s were a little tighter especially in the spin. It is also a little higher launch and spin which I think will give me a little more versatility. 
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    ZackS reacted to Nunfa0 in Haywood CB/MB Irons - 2024 Forum Review   
    I have only been able to do one range session so far and honestly, I couldn't feel or hear any real difference between the CB and MB irons.
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    ZackS reacted to Nunfa0 in Haywood CB/MB Irons - 2024 Forum Review   
    I have added a wee unboxing for you all 
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    ZackS reacted to GolfSpy_BEN in TaylorMade Qi10 Drivers - 2024 Forum Member Review   
    With the final reviews coming this weekend, be sure to check them out! My testing of QI-10 is going to be taking a new unexpected, and at least for me, exciting direction. Stay tuned… 👀
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    ZackS reacted to Hook DeLoft in TaylorMade Qi10 Drivers - 2024 Forum Member Review   
    I got to the local Edwin Watts this morning and compared the Qi 10 Max to my gamer Ping G430 Max. I’m posting the results in my review post but bottom line is the TaylorMade is slightly better.  That was with the regular flex shaft that came with the TaylorMade. After getting the numbers, I swapped out the regular flex for a senior shaft and saw a jump in distance with the TM.  I left with the senior shaft in the TM.  My plan is to make my next golf purchase an “Otto Phlex” shaft for the TM.  The Ping already has that type of shaft in the form of the Distanza 40 that Ping offered for a few years. 
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    ZackS reacted to TJ Hall in What Have You Bought Lately? (CHA - Club Ho's Anonymous)   
    When are you ordering the rest of the bag with that level of freedom???
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    ZackS reacted to unccross in What Have You Bought Lately? (CHA - Club Ho's Anonymous)   
    Wife told me to order whatever golf clubs I want for my birthday coming up,  I really need some new wedges.  Probably going to pull the trigger on the Cleveland CBX4 Zipcore 56 & 60. 
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    ZackS reacted to JMAC60 in Nice bag arrived today....just in time   
    It's a peach!
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    ZackS reacted to SDunne in RUNNER Golf Putters! 2024 Forum Review   
    Hi all, so pumped to be a tester on this one, I love trying out new things at the best of times so this is a great opportunity. A bit about me, I’m a dad of two boys and my golf uptake has gone through patches while the kids were young but now the youngest has got a bit easier to deal with, the focus has come back around on the great game. It doesn’t go without saying, getting out can be hit and miss based on whatever viruses the boys bring home from school.
    I played for a while back in the UK before moving out to Australia about 13 years ago now, I always loved the game and was a great way to get out and play with friends and family. I’m now based in the inner west of Sydney and I married into a bit of a golfing family. The wife is one of four daughters of a golf mad dad who always took his clubs on holiday no matter how packed the car was. It clearly rubbed off on the girls as while none of them play, two of the other girls married golf-mad individuals themselves. As a result, we have a great golfing foursome on family activities with the two brothers-in-law playing off very respectable handicaps of 1 and 5.
    The below is from Father's day with my father in law and 4 year old 
    My recent golf journey took off a lot in COVID with golf being one of the few activities you could get out and do. It also came with a lot more flexible working from home. As such I would play at a local course every Friday at 6am and get my fix with the nearest brother-in-law. It meant that over COVID my handicap went from 26 to 22. It's been slower improvement since then but have got down to 17 now and just before Christmas hit my 2023 goal of shooting sub-90 getting a very respectable 88 at a tough local course.
    I’m chuffed it all rubbed off on my son who at the age of 4 got a set of golf clubs for his birthday from us and loves coming to the range with me. We’re building it slow but love the idea of playing with him for many years to come.

    (Playing at our local course)
    The Putter
    I must admit, I hadn’t heard of RUNNER before the application process but have loved delving a bit deeper into the company and the design process. They come from a background of designing cars and it’s clear they’re engineering geeks at heart who want to improve how the golf clubs work. Having studied engineering myself at university, I was looking forward to finding out more about them and the clubs. Part of what sets them apart is the ability to adjust the club yourself – interchangeable faces and backs, moveable weights and multiple shaft options mean they boast over 200 configurations. This definitely isn’t an ‘off the rack’ set-up!
    The AI online fitting tool helps you come up with the selection based on how your putting stroke flows (slight arc back and through), typical misses (quite even but slightly more to the right), your grip (classic) and stance (standard coming close to upright) to come up with design and how this would set up for myself. This was then backed up with a conversation with Simon the founder and running through the tool and reviewing what that meant for the design. He also then explained a bit more about the weights and how to change them as we were We also then went through some of the grip options and he even showed me some more of the designs they’re working on (some very cool colours included). This was great to help feel like I was confident in what we were selecting for me and how it would compare to current/previous putters.
    I’ve had my Odyssey Tank 2-ball for a number of years, and it’s been a game winner at times for me. I’ve always liked the extra weight that it gave which I felt helped me remain stable in the putter arc and removed a lot of the issues I would used to find with a blade although my old blade was very low tech! I’m interested to see how the mallet style will work for Runner given it’s quite a different shape to my 2-ball and especially how this works with my eye/alignment.
    I’ve found putters are so often a case of personal style and preference (echoed recently on the best driver forum talk) and how they present themselves will certainly be interesting. For instance, I have the Odyssey white hot insert on my current putter and moving to a milled face will also be interesting based on the feedback and sound I’ll get.
    That being said, as someone playing off 17 at the moment, anything that shaves shots off my game is more than welcome in the bag!
    I’m planning to test through a few different methods based on how I train with my putter at the moment and putting it into the bag for a few rounds as well. Given, we’re at the tail end of summer here in Sydney, I’m still able to get out and play on the local courses easily enough (even if a few of them are busy doing remedial work on the course as we head towards off-season!). This for me is practice drills, putting from 4ft around the hole, then 6ft etc and trying to see how many you put in. I have been doing this for a while with my current Odyssey so have a decent log to compare with. I have also been doing some lag putting work but plan to measure this more closely than my usual putt it close to the fringe drill and put in some gates I need to putt into. The other training I plan to do with it is to pull the trigger on going to a local puttview setup to see how well I’m going on my initial line and pace – this will be useful for my game as well as seeing how the putter goes.
    As mentioned, I’ve also got a big golfing family so interested to see how they like the putter. While it won’t be included in my scoring, they all play weekly (often more than that) so some outside feedback will be interesting to see how they like the look and feel. Two of them play Scotty Cameron blades, the other a 2 ball Odyssey a bit like mine.
    All in all, I’m like a kid at Christmas and going to be doing an unboxing and a few other videos for this as well to showcase the putter a bit. Do drop in questions, requests for info etc and I’ll do my best to get to all of them!
    Unboxing & First Impressions (20 out of 20)
    So the RUNNER putter arrived yesterday while I was at work but thankfully the wife was home and it took the patience of a saint to not dig into it when I first got home. Once the kids were asleep, I dug into the package and recorded an unboxing for posterity. Props to FedEx who got it from Normandy to Sydney looking pristine. I’ve seen boxes go two suburbs in a lot worse than that! It sounds like a given but having the club being looked after before it gets to you is a fairly key part of trusting the brand and the experience when you get something new. It took me a while to get through all the wrapping, so it’s been trimmed from the video but was pleased at the care and attention that had gone into getting the club to me.

    First things that struck me – it’s a lot lighter than my current Odyssey Tank 2 ball. This will take a bit of getting used to. You can see that it’s made from high quality materials that are lighter and may well be better for me but that is going to be an adjustment. I’m sure I’ll end up weighing them both to quantify this.

    The headcover is really high end. I love the two strong magnets and the inside is delightfully plush and soft giving you confidence it’s going to keep that beautiful aluminium face looking good through the rounds. The detailing on it is very nice and you know it’ll look good in the bag.

    The Winn grip I was suggested is nice and chunky as I like but not as tacky as my current grip (also Winn). It reminded me of the old leather wraps on clubs – a nice feel but just lacked that tackiness I’ve currently got. Not necessarily a drawback for some people but something I definitely noticed and again will take a bit of adjustment.

    The milling on the aluminium face is beautiful and somewhat hypnotic. I stared at it for a long time I’m not going to lie. The detail is lovely and while it’s not as soft as my White-Hot insert, it definitely isn’t as hard as I was expecting.

    I had a bit of a play with it just hitting some balls on the carpet at home to get a feel for it all. The alignment aid is nice and prominent which I like and the fact the shaft is fairly central allows you a good look at lining the ball up nicely. I can see this being a big plus without being the centre-shaft that puts a few people off. I also deliberately hit some off the toe and heel to see how this would feel/sound/roll and quite impressed that the putter didn’t twist much so looking forward to testing this a bit more and videoing it as gives confidence that the misses will be pretty decent. Unsure as to how much energy may be lost so one to delve into further.

    The weights for me were evenly balanced at each end but will have a bit of a tinker with this I’m sure through my testing especially if I’m finding I’m missing one way more than another etc. The putter comes with a nice looking wrench for adjusting as well as a QR code flyer to instructions on how it all works. I’m sure it’ll be up to personal preference if you like this or would prefer a manual in your hand…
    All in all, it took a fair amount of self-control not to call in sick today to play with it. Hoping to have some time on the course with it this weekend – the main reason I sound unsure is we’ve had massive storms on the East Coast of Australia so most of the local courses (see mine below) are still waterlogged and I’m hoping this all changes in time for me to get out even if only on a putting green.

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    ZackS reacted to sirchunksalot in RUNNER Golf Putters! 2024 Forum Review   
    You're showing an aptitude in biology, that's smart! No breathing, no golf. 
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    ZackS reacted to Northern Monkey in RUNNER Golf Putters! 2024 Forum Review   
    Very true!
    Thanks. Not so sure about the smart bit, more like  Sean’s comment of realising I can only play whilst still being able to breathe 🤣
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    ZackS reacted to sirchunksalot in RUNNER Golf Putters! 2024 Forum Review   
    Happy anniversary, you are a smart man. 
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    ZackS reacted to SDunne in RUNNER Golf Putters! 2024 Forum Review   
    Very sensible decision! As much as I love golf, I can only play while I'm alive so happy wife, happy life and all that!
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    ZackS reacted to Northern Monkey in RUNNER Golf Putters! 2024 Forum Review   
    Nice unboxing post Sean, liked the video 👍
    Glad it’s finally got to you and hope the weather improves so you can get out on the course with it. 
    Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get out with mine today as it’s my wedding anniversary and the boss thought the day would be better spent together rather than on the course testing the Runner. She obviously has no perception as to how important these tests are but I didn’t want to die this young so grudgingly acquiesced 😕
    Thankfully tomorrow is another day and I’ll be back on the course
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    ZackS reacted to SDunne in RUNNER Golf Putters! 2024 Forum Review   
    Hi all - unboxing and first impressions now up in the main post - loving the look of the putter and how it feels. Certainly very different from my current putter and looking to explore this a lot over the next few weeks.
    We've had rubbish weather in NSW where I am and my carpet is good to get some feel for it but definitely hoping that the local courses dry out a bit to get me out onto some grass to test this properly over the weekend. 
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    ZackS reacted to Northern Monkey in RUNNER Golf Putters! 2024 Forum Review   
    So I managed another 18 with the Runner today and once again it performed great

    The highlight was a 30 foot putt on a steep downhill with a strong right to left break. Sank it for birdie 🤩
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    ZackS reacted to SDunne in RUNNER Golf Putters! 2024 Forum Review   
    Love it! Putter has arrived so look out for an update to my post later today with unboxing and initial thoughts - SPOILER - it's stunning... 
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    ZackS reacted to sirchunksalot in RUNNER Golf Putters! 2024 Forum Review   
    @Northern Monkey, thanks for the videos! I was curious how the Runner sounded and it gave me a good Idea. Honestly, I was expecting it to be a bit clickier than what I heard in the video and it doesn't seem like it is offensive sounding as I was thinking it might be. 
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    ZackS reacted to Northern Monkey in RUNNER Golf Putters! 2024 Forum Review   
    @sirchunksalot I’m still getting used to the sound as it is very different to the Odyssey I used previously but I don’t find it offensive. I’m going to do some testing with heel and toe strikes and you can definitely hear the difference so will video them too
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    ZackS reacted to Prodigal Duffer in Edel Array Putters . 2024 Forum Review   
    Another accuracy test today. Pretty interesting results: I was really good with both the Array and the gamer at 3 feet and 9 feet, and stunk it up from 5 feet with both. Array really showed out at 9 feet, making 9 of 10. Felt really good at three feet, too (10 of 10):

    Happily, my stroke is generally better and more consistent, thanks in part to me practicing through this testing. Great side benefit.
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    ZackS reacted to JFore99 in Kids and Golf   
    As others mentioned, letting your kids to have fun while at the range or on course is the most important thing at a young age imo.  My 8yo son always wants to play a round of golf with me.  He enjoys playing the game but also has fun throwing rocks into the pond, catching little fish with his hands and of course driving the cart.  Eating lunch or getting a treat after the round is also a nice way to spend time together, especially when it's just the two of us. 
    I initially struggled with getting too technical or trying to get my son to think more.  It usually ended up with both of us frustrated which is the exact opposite of what  we want.  Nowadays I just ask him simple questions to see if he's ready (i.e. Which way is this putt going to roll?  Are you happy with where you're aiming?).  I've found this gives him a quick pause in the action and allows him to evaluate the result better.  Sometimes I entice him with prizes like Robux for 3 pars or 1 birdie.  It seems to get his desire to score going rather than just hitting a single good shot. 
    All kids are different but if you emphasize having fun and spending quality time together, you can't go wrong.           
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    ZackS reacted to GolfSpy_KFT in Kids and Golf   
    My oldest, who is soon to be 7, loves to come out on the course and go to the range. I don't know the first thing about teaching a golf swing, so when we are out it is purely about having fun. I would say my best advice is that as soon as a range session or round stops being fun/they lose interest/are getting frustrated, allow them to stop playing and just ride along or pack it in and call it a day. I know that isn't so much an option if you're not a member at a course and pay for each individual tee time, but as a member at our course I will do that every time we are out. If we make it through 4 holes and he's not hitting the ball well and getting frustrated or just isn't into it, he can tell me when he's ready to be done and we call it right there. I don't ever want it to be that he feels forced to be out there or is miserable doing so. Other times last year, he made it a full 18 holes a couple times just enjoying being out and taking breaks when he wanted.
    My youngest who is 4 likes to come along as well, but as you'd expect his attention span for it is very small. He will whack a ball and then wander around looking at stuff on the hole. I'll have to pick him up at times and carry him to the green where he pummels putts and eventually lets me move his ball close to the hole so he can tap it in. 
    I think that if they are young and having fun, that is ultimately what will grow their enjoyment of the game and keep them wanting to come back for more. There will be a time and a place to take it seriously, but at the young ages, we high five good shots and high five and laugh about not so good ones.
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    ZackS reacted to Hoyoymac in TPT Golf Shafts - 2024 Forum Review   
    Not sure why the Flight track isn’t showing up for the second video.  Also there is no Apex height.
    The Shot shapes are very similar.  The apex of the shot with the 17 Lo hybrid shaft is 83 feet.  The apex of the shot with the Fujikura Shaft is 75 feet.
    Here are a couple of pictures showing the trajectories of all the shots with both hybrids and and the dispersion.

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    ZackS got a reaction from Al_Mack in New to the Forums, WITB.   
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