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  1. What was the price? Any idea when they'll be on the website? Will you ship? but seriously will you?
  2. I've been checking the website multiple times daily- nothing yet, but that's my only source- no inside info. I wish I could just preorder and get it over with!
  3. Oh for sure- the product cycles and markdowns are steady- I was thinking used market. It does seem like ages since the V6 came out though.
  4. Great- so now that I've set my sights on D7 forged and am waiting "patiently" for prices to come down, there's a V6 replacement coming?! Different categories, I know, but it seems I'm on the fence in many categories...
  5. 2nd swing posts videos exactly like you are describing. Small caveat- their tester is a scratch handicap. Very informative- highly recommend.
  6. Looking for more 'white' type - or silver, or black tie type shafts... But quote me a price on the 190- I might be interested...
  7. If it's not too late and if they're available- try the D7 forged. Really nice.
  8. Too rich for me. Especially when 190's are going for $187 new on Global Golf.
  9. Could you quote me a price? I'm not too interested in the shaft- the "blue" profiles don't seem to suit me, but it's worth a shot.
  10. @chadwzimm i might be- have you got one? Sorry I took so long just figured no one had one...
  11. My 17° super ls is a monster. It does have a "different" feel to it.
  12. I hit the ST180 with a Tensei pro white at a demo day a few years ago. Monster. Still can't find a good one used with this setup...
  13. Gotcha. I was intentionally vague because I was looking for uncorrupted answers. I was/am not necessarily looking for recommendations, more for comparisons. I suppose I could narrow it down a bit to the 60gm class but again as per Jaskanski (please forgive my mild dyslexia) weight classes and stiffness ratings interact with each other and such... Anyways, any and all responses are appreciated- this stuff will all go into the grinder to make the sausage. I have experience with these shafts and several others "like" them and want to see how others' impressions jibe with mine. Hopefully my understanding of these things will grow as a result. @jaskanski @jlukes
  14. I was hoping you'd chime in, Jasanski. Really though any thoughts?
  15. Well, how would you compare them against each other? Any other notables?
  16. I understand your question down to the existential level- there should be answers.
  17. Anybody hear anything? The website lists the weight kit for the putter as "out of stock"... Thoughts?
  18. Ok I would still like to hear anyone's thoughts on the TEE version of the shaft, so if you folks are finished...
  19. I think I read somewhere that the original Top Flite Gamer Tour (or whatever it was called) was a Callaway Hex Chrome with a different cover design- urethane, of course. Anyways it was a great ball at 2 for $35. Anyone know if this is true?
  20. It's definitely beneficial to better players- my point was the worse you are, the more you stand to gain.
  21. Were you using the same shaft? These heads seem to have different weight characteristics- could be affecting your delivery. Stick with what works obviously- most of us would lose a toe for those numbers!
  22. I was pretty bummed about the Mizuno- is it just me or does st200 not have the pop of st190? St180 was great for me btw...
  23. This subject can be frustrating for sure, but think of it this way- fittings, club/putter tech, lessons, etc. are generally going to help the less skilled golfers more, not less. There are exceptions, sure, but while a tour pro can hit any club/combo/swing exceptionally well, the lesser skilled of us use these (fittings, lessons, tech) tools to put together a game and equipment that works for us and our abilities. Much more room for improvement on this end.
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