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  1. I think "their marketing is awful" has been repeated often enough in this thread - and I agree their marketing is sloppy at times. The Baller Box idea, I think, was basically sound but very badly executed, and they had a mixup - that was rectified right away, over the initial pricing of both the Staff Model and Staff Model Raw balls. They did have one of the very best young social media people in Corey Holloway, but he left for a plumb gig at FootJoy earlier this year. That's not sloppy, but maybe more of a financial reality. So, in the spirit of real info vs. platitudes, what in your opi
  2. Yep, and it takes years to establish it, fewer years to lose it and the more years to change it.
  3. Hey - let's not worry about the thread wondering. Good conversation is good conversation. I'm not sure the vague notion of "better marketing" is going to change much, simply because marketing isn't done in a vacuum - the other guys are doing it non-stop, 24-7 with a buttload more money. When someone with deeper pockets grabs an attribute and a market image, it can take years to change it, and even then only if the market leaders screw up somehow. I would think if Wilson hits 3% in irons share, sells a few more wedges, metal woods, putters and balls in 2021 - while still being profitable
  4. Perceptions are funny things - again, check out Wal Mart's website and you'll see more Callaway boxed sets than Wilson sets. I'm a firm believer in if something sounds fishy, it needs to be poked with a stick and challenged. I used to think - back when I was young and naïve - that all Wilson needed to do was come up with that one "must-have" club, and that would change their fortunes. That notion wound up being a bunch of nonsense - not because Wilson couldn't come up with that "must-have" club, it's that even if they did, most folks would believe that only Callaway or TaylorMade would b
  5. I'd be willing to bet the percentage of people on this or any forum gaming Wilson gear is about the same as the company's overall market share in the industry - a little less than 3% in irons, "other" in drivers and putters and low in balls. I'm not sure that's an indictment of Wilson rather than a reflection of the industry reality. And a business reality is market shares don't shift much in the short term, especially if the market leaders stay consistent. I'm not sure that's an indictment of Wilson products, or the company, for that matter. The golf world is filled with really good products
  6. I tend to agree with you @russtopherb - damned if you do, damned if you don't. The boxed set-Wal Mart stuff is utter nonsense and an eminently lazy take. Yeah, when PepsiCo owned Wilson they did Pepsi things, which is package stuff and sell it. Those boxed sets back in the day were low margin, low cost items that helped with cash flow, but Wilson has moved away from most of that. And hit up Wal Mart's website and you'll find more packaged sets from Callaway than you will from Wilson. To say they're a boxed set company is to simply choose your own reality. Now, the perception is still
  7. It may or may not matter, but the correct price for these is $44.99/dozen. I'm not one to think the only way to sell these in quantity would be to cut the price. If that were, in fact, the case, then Srixon at $39,.99/dozen should be far and away the number one selling ball in golf. It's a really good ball and a lot less expensive than the ProV1. I don't think Wilson would sell much more at a lower price - and for as much as we golfers squawk about price, the fact the ProV is the top selling ball by a lot tells me 8 bucks a dozen isn't a deal killer if that's the ball you want. Ag
  8. Not for nothing, here are some pix of the ball after my last round. Didn't wash it, obviously. This is after the last 3 holes. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Played this ball for my last few rounds before hanging it up for the season. I've had a spin-o-rama driver swing late in the season and not for nothing, I did find more fairways while gaming these. How much of that is me and how much is the ball is open for debate, but I do like the ball. It spins like a Bas***d on the green. And it sure as heck does pick up dirt during normal play. After two holes is was pretty messed up - much like a matte finish ball would be - but it cleans up in the ball washer way better than a matte finish ball does. I'll give Wilson credit - they're trying s
  10. Very cool @Tpoole22 - nice report on what sounds like a fun experience. Was hoping to arrange a fitting with Honma's mobile fitter here in New England this summer, but we never could get on the same page. Maybe we'll have to take a trip down to Reunion, COVID permitting. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Some articles are more fun to write than others, and some companies are more fun to write about than others. This article was fun to write and the company - Penfold Golf - is definitely fun to write about. Reader's Digest Version: Penfold Golf is releasing a special edition 2-glove set to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Seve's first Masters victory back in 1980. The set features two specially designed Penfold GX gloves co-designed by Penfold and by Seve's three kids - Miguel, Carmen and Javier. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these gloves will go to support the Seve Balles
  12. Wow! Thank you everyone - very much appreciate the kindness. Thankfully, it was a pretty minor procedure, although I learned a long time ago it's always minor surgery when it's on someone else!) - a scope to repair a torn meniscus that's been bothering me for about a year and got progressively worse this summer. I asked the doc to stitch in another 15 yards - he said he'd see what he could do. Best part of the experience - they had an Alexa in the operating room and the nurse asked what I wanted to listen to before going under. I asked for some vintage Kinks, so just before they st
  13. Taking a mental health day today - hoping to find my inner Seve at Breakfast Hill Golf Course in Greenland, NH. Love late fall sunshine
  14. We have a winner!!! I will tell you the ball is a really interesting idea that I'm not sure anyone's tried before. The new new woods and irons to replace the D7 look strong. Spoken with many fitters who swear the D7 may have been the most underrated driver over the past two years. We shall see, we shall see....
  15. Heh heh - can you guys keep a secret?
  16. Posted this on Twitter this morning (click here to view) - copied here for discussion purposes: Some interesting stuff to unpack from the @CallawayGolf - @Topgolf "merger." Callaway already owned 14% of TopGolf, and is gaining control by issuing 90 million shares of common stock to Topgolf shareholders.... According to Callaway's press release, that's worth $1.986 BILLION. Callaway is also assuming TopGolf's debt, worth another $555 million, making the whole shebang worth about $2.5 BILLION. TopGolf has 63 locations worldwide with more in the works, and se
  17. Stop it - youse guys are making me blush 'n stuff....
  18. ...and we're live.... https://mygolfspy.com/wilson-staff-model-cb-irons-a-four-year-project/
  19. Waiting for the head shed to hit "publish," but I can address a couple of things. Size wise, spec wise and almost everything else wise - the CB's will be very similar to the V6's. The cavity design, called Tri-Brace Technology, is primarily there to enhance sound and feel - with a side note of additional mass right behind the impact area, although I don't see that as being much of a performance differentiator. the other key difference is the 20 gram tungsten weight in the toe of the 4 through 7 irons to help shift the CG more towards the middle instead of being more heel-biased. Th
  20. Have a set of Edisons - 49-53-57 degrees. Like them very, very much. Great forged feel and they spin like crazy. Terry Koehler touts the fact they have more mass high, which is where we mere mortals tend to miss. He's definitely on to something because that's the same thing Cleveland/Callaway has taken with their CBX-type wedges, and it reflects the changes Cleveland made to the ZipCore line - maybe not as extreme, but the same basic idea. Terry's an interesting dude - people either love him or hate him, and I think he's fine with that. He'll tell you what he thinks and leave it up to y
  21. NEXT Tuesday, boys. NEXT Tuesday....
  22. Tuesday boys. Tuesday....
  23. Yep - that's the Staff Model ball at around 97 compression. The new ball is going to be very interesting to say the least. It's fair to say it's probably something that has never been done in modern times. And it's sure to be a bit, uhhh, polarizing. Now there's a tease for you....
  24. Update -- look for a V6 replacement to be announced fairly soon, with D7 replacements in mid-January. Also something interesting in the ball category by the middle of next month.
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