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  1. As long as you're sinking putts like you think you should...
  2. Have a set of PTx Pros - really like them, and the Ft Worth HI utility irons are very easy to hit, even if they do look like blades. Very anxious to try the Icons.
  3. GolfSpy Barbajo


    What did you get?
  4. I'm okay with Tampa Bay - if he had signed with the Colts it would have been a different story. Seriously, hope he wins another Super Bowl, just not against the Pats. I'm a Stidham man now all the way! I always knew Jarett would make good. May he someday be up there with the greatest #4 in all of history...
  5. Found this on Facebook from my old college buddy Mike O'Meara. If you can't get your arms around this, well... .. If you're in to podcasts (aside from No Putts Given), the Mike O'Meara show is a hoot, but it's not for the easily offended. https://mikeomearashow.com
  6. I think that's where the luck comes from!
  7. I like to joke with my kids that Tom Brady has brought me more joy in my life than any other living human. Sometimes they're not sure I'm joking...and sometimes I'm not so sure. Am sinking into the 5 Stages of Grief this morning. Need a little George to get me through...
  8. Heard this on the radio this morning. Not my favorite from Sir Paul, but thanks to Covid 19, it really struck me as something we could all use more of.... Stay safe out there my friends, and hit 'em long, straight and not too many times...
  9. Absolutely LOVE the title of this thread. Too few to mention, of course, but one this still bugs me is the Callaway X2 Hot 2 Deep - it was a 12 degree mini-driver/pseudo fairway wood. It was a serious weapon off the tee and, under the right circumstances, not unplayable off the deck, although I learned the hard way to not use it if there's a forced carry involved. But, because I had to do it my way, it's now in the hands of some stranger. I hope he loves her as much as I did....
  10. Harry's still Director of Soft Goods testing at MGS - he's not going anywhere. He's also running the Most Wanted Hard Goods testing until a replacement for Sam is hired. The lad is working overtime!!
  11. If you go to his GoFundMe page and donate $100, you'll have a chance to win a trip for two for three rounds at Firestone with Harry and yours truly. He needs 100 people to donate at the $100 level for the raffle to happen - but man, we'd have a hell of a good time.
  12. This might help explain the reasoning behind blade-on-blade look... https://mygolfspy.com/1999-hogan-apex-blades/
  13. Spoke with Honma Marketing VP Brad Holder this morning - he says they will have no comment until Monday, out of respect for Arnie's tournament, Rose and Honma itself. As of right now, they won't be doing any interviews, but there will be a statement. I"m guessing there's a divorce coming...
  14. A little birdie told me something about Hogan utility irons and something news related in the coming weeks...[emoji41][emoji41][emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Has a little ‘99 Spaulding-era Apex in it, doesn’t it? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  16. Just found this on the USGA conforming list. Looks like we have a new blade coming from Ben Hogan called the ICCON. WHaddya think? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  17. Yo gang - The rest of the staff already said everything that needs to be said, but that's never stopped me before Thank you all for making this forum such a great place to call home. Your character, humor and love of the game make all our jobs not only easy but a hell of a lot of fun. I enjoyed my tie as one of the forum directors, and I'll tell you what, the job Rob, STUD, Stroker and MPR are doing is way, WAY beyond anything our group could have ever come up with. You really should see the behind the scenes discussions these guys have - it's truly next level stuff. I've be
  18. Came across these gents on Twitter this morning. Love anything that makes golf fun. It's a game, and games are supposed to be fun, right?
  19. Ben Hogan is adding a couple new bags to its lineup. First is a dual strap Sunday bag, a very simple, 3-pocket bag that weighs less than 3 lbs. It comes in the black/navy color scheme and is priced at $90. Second is a cart/staff hybrid type bag. Hogan calls it a Midsize Staff bag - but it's smaller and lighter (9 lbs) than a typical staff bag, but it's more stylish and decked out than a typical cart bag. It has 11 zippered pockets, full-length dividers and all the other stuff you may or may not need. It's one color way - Hogan white, blue and red, and is priced at $265.
  20. My good friend and paisan Selliano Brambilla is adding a new model to his Mati putter lineup. Meet the Genesa... Genesa specifics: Brass milled face, mid-mallet design 360 gram head, 3-degree loft, 72-degree lie (can be adjusted per your specs) Customizable topline available in black red, pink and turquoise. $269 US, plus shipping. If you were to Google humble craftsman, it would probably lead you to Selliano. We've been online friends for several years and I finally had the chance to meet him at the PGA Show a few years back - the only thing he loves mo
  21. Any man with that much Wilson Staff in his bag is alright in my book! Very sweet!!!
  22. Well, the wife's car needs a new set of tires, so I'd take care of that first. Haven't been to a Sox game at Fenway since the early 90's - it's way past time. We also need a new mattress. After than, I'm open to ideas....
  23. Thanks for the kind words -- it was a fun article to research and write. Glad you liked it... https://mygolfspy.com/the-story-of-an-icon-the-tommy-armour-845s/
  24. I've grown partial to PRG over the past year or so, after writing the blog post on its owner, Stephen Riley. He started the company with his mom, who used to work for Titleist. Most of their stuff is for golf courses, resorts and the like, so if you've ever picked up a head cover at a destination course as a souvenir, chances are it's a PRG. They're starting up their own line called Originals - decent price, styles aren't my cup of tea, but the quality is incredible.
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